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since June 19, 2001


Japan joins community of nations devastated by family violence laws


Bill drafted to prevent domestic violence 

Yomiuri Shimbun 

A draft bill designed to protect women from domestic violence, which a suprapartisan group of House of Councillors' members is planning to submit to the next ordinary Diet session, proposes a restraining-order system to prevent perpetrators of the violence from approaching their victims, according to sources. 

It also calls for the use of prefectural government counseling centers to shelter victims of domestic violence, the sources said. 

The draft bill, which was drawn up by a team of Diet members headed by Liberal Democratic Party member Chieko Noono, is aimed at preventing domestic violence against women and protecting the victims. 

"Spouses" as defined in the draft bill would include partners in de facto relationships with the women in addition to husbands from legally recognized marriages. 

On receiving complaints from victims, courts would prohibit offenders from acting in a violent or abusive manner toward the victims, contacting them face-to-face, by telephone or any other means, or from approaching them for a period of up to six months. 

If necessary, the restraining order could be extended for an additional six months, according to the draft bill. 

The team is currently deliberating whether violators of the law should be imprisoned or fined. 

Counseling centers for women, which the group would like to play a central role in preventing domestic violence, would be able to provide the medical and psychological assistance needed to restore the mental and physical health of domestic-violence victims and provide them with temporary shelter. 

Copyright 2000 The Yomiuri Shimbun 

Already women in Japan have the lion's share of "power" in Japanese families, but when this law comes into effect, women's power will grow insurmountably excessive, and men will have few rights left.  Japanese men will acquire the status of second-class citizens, equal in rank to that of Koreans at the height of the discrimination against Koreans — and even that only if Japanese men are extremely lucky.  More likely Japanese men will become the Eta of the third millennium.

Domestic violence laws, often also called family violence laws or — as already insinuated in the article by The Yomiuri Shimbum — family violence prevention or domestic violence prevention laws, will do extremely little to prevent any family violence.

Family violence is a result of the actions by people who are driven to the edge, often people who are quite literally insane.  No law will prevent people from being or becoming insane nor prevent people from being driven to the edge.

The experience in the Western developed nations has been that domestic violence laws are the cause of violence, particularly violence by men against themselves.  Domestic violence laws appear to be a major cause of the large and rising epidemic of suicides in the western developed nations — suicides by men who are being persecuted through biased application of family laws following often overblown or false allegations of domestic violence, men who killed themselves because they were driven to the extremes of total despair.

For the sake of the Japanese family and all that Japanese hold holy in their society and traditions, it can only be hoped that Japan doesn't follow the path of domestic violence laws to its destruction.

Domestic violence laws had their origin in the early 1970s in the Western nations.  As Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first modern women's refuge in the world tells us, domestic violence issues in combination with women's shelters are an extremely effective and destructive tool that brought great social devastation to Western nations:

Any nation with only a trace of sanity will not go down that road of social evolution.  It is a road into chaos.  Family violence laws are a tool used by radical extremist feminist political activists to realize the primary goal of Marx and Engels, the planned destruction of the family.

Feminism is communism in drag.

May God have mercy on Japan

See also Parents' rights a demographic issue, by COLIN P.A. JONES, Special to The Japan Times, Tuesday, July 18, 2006

See also:

  • DVStats.org a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

    This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.
  • Video on violent women

Posted 2000 12 14
2002 09 29 (corrected some links)