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since June 19, 2001


Scottish Press in an Uproar over Government-sponsored Hate Propaganda Directed at Scottish Men and Families

Congratulations to George McAulay from the UK Men's Movement in Scotland.

Hats off to the Scots press, which hasn't yet lost its marbles.

Woe to the Scots taxpayers, whose government is using large sums of taxpayers' money to manufacture the attitudes with which to sow hatred and dissent, to bring about the destruction of families in Scotland.

[Scotland] Daily Mail, Wednesday, March 27, 2002 (page ?)

Executive is ordered to drop claims about 'wife-beating' Scots

By Jonathan Brocklebank

THE Scottish Executive was last night accused of falsely portraying Scots as a nation of wife-beater's as a watchdog rapped its campaign against domestic abuse. Advertisements highlighting violence against women have been criticized for saying one in five women live with the constant threat of abuse.
    The completely unfounded claim, repeated almost daily in newspapers and television advertisements as part of a 4.5million campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence, has infuriated family groups who said the Executive was vilifying not just men but entire families.
    Yesterday the Advertising Standards Authority said it had ordered the Executive to withdraw the 'one in five' claim from the newspaper advertisement after it emerged that the actual figure was nearer one in 20.
    But the Executive last night insisted its figures were accurate and disputed the authority's judgement.
    It also defiantly continued to screen the Behind Closed Doors television advertisement - which repeats the controversial claim - pointing out that the ASA only had authority over Press advertisements.
    The claim is based on The Scottish Crime Survey 2000, conducted in 1999 by Edinburgh firm MVA. which works for the Executive.

Daily Mail, 2002 03 27


Abuse claim that insults a nation

DEFAMATION of a nation: that in what the Scottish Executive's misleading advertising campaign on domestic abuse amounts to. Its Behind Closed Doors advertisements on television and in newspapers claim that 'one woman in five lives with the constant threat of domestic abuse'.
    Yesterday the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ordered the Executive to withdraw that assertion from newspaper advertisements, after it emerged that the nearest figure that could be justified was one woman in 20.
    Since the ASA has no authority over television commercials, the Executive is defiantly continuing to run them, despite the fact that the information they carry is now thoroughly discredited.
    Domestic abuse is a real problem: it exists, it makes life intolerable for a significant number of women [My note: what about men? DV is a 50/50 issue. -WHS] and it must be eliminated. That is beyond dispute. But extravagantly inaccurate statistics are counter-productive.
    Nobody seriously believes that, in every fifth house in their street, a woman is being beaten up. Such claims slander Scots men, patronise women as institutionalised victims and undermine family life. This propaganda campaign comes out of the same anti-family stable as the proposed law against smacking.
    The 'one woman in five' claim even featured in Jack McConnell's keynote speech at the recent Labour Party conference.
    The reality behind this inflated Executive claim, as the ASA adjudication points out, is that 95 women (4 per cent) in a 1999 crime survey reported force or threats by a partner that year. The extrapolation from that statistic to a claim that one Scot in five is a constant wife-beater is indefensible. Yet the Executive is spending 4.5million of taxpayers' money on insulting its own people.
    What impression must these advertisements make on visitors? And how can the Executive talk about a New Scotland, while simultaneously depicting...... [The rest of that line was unintelligible. -WHS]   The survey said that 19 percent of the 1,500 women who responded [My note: So, it was a self-reporting survey, hmm...-WHS]

Under fire: The Executive advertising campaign

had at some point in their lives been the victim of threats or force from a partner. [My note: How many of them spoke the truth? How many of the "partners" were other women? How many of the women were lesbians? -WHS] Using this figure, the Executive's domestic abuse campaign claimed that one in five women was living 'with the constant threat of domestic abuse.
    The same report found that 6 percent of women had been the victim of threats or force from their partner in the previous year. The number of women who had experienced both threats and violence from their partner was 4 percent.
    The ASA adjudication issued yesterday reads: "The survey showed

'A dishonest and
   Sexist campaign'

one in five women had experienced domestic abuse during their life, not that they lived with the constant threat of abuse.
    'The survey stated that only 95 respondents said that they had had force used against them or had been threatened by a partner in 1999 and that its findings had to be interpreted with care.
    'The authority considered they had not proved that one in five women in Scotland lived with the constant threat of domestic abuse and asked the advertisers to change the claim.'
    While the Executive has undertaken to drop the 'one in five' claim from the newspaper advertisement, the television commercial continued to be screened yesterday.
    An Executive spokesman said the advertisement had been approved by the Independent Television Commission.
    She said the TV advertisement which uses the Charlie Rich song Behind Closed Doors as its theme tune, will be changed shortly, to concentrate on the public's response to the Executive's domestic abuse website. The 'one in five' claim will be dropped at that point. [My note: Why not drop it right now and demand that the harpies responsible for the scam give taxpayers their money back?   Isn't there any accountability in the Scottish Government Administration? -WHS]
    Yesterday Robert Whelan, director of Family and Youth Concern, said: 'Government bodies are driven by the agendas of the people on them and anti-family politics in some areas of the government are very strong.
    'It has become a political football used against men and disguises the very real issue of domestic abuse.'
    George McAulay, of the UK Men's Movement, accused the Executive of conducting a 'dishonest, sexist and anti-male campaign'. He said that domestic abuse affected women and men and should be dealt with on a 'gender-neutral' basis.
    The survey showed that while 19 per cent of women had experienced threats or force from a partner at some time in their lives, 8 per cent of men made the same claim.
    Tory social justice spokesman Lindsay McIntosh said: 'My preference would be to see an amendment in the newspaper and the television campaign. It's still important to raise awareness of the issue.'
    An Executive spokesman said: 'One in five women has experienced domestic abuse. These are the figures and the ruling does not affect the integrity of the campaign.'

Comment - Page 12

My Note (F4L):

In other words: "I've got my mind made up. Don't confuse me with facts.   Besides, the people will pay."
    It may help you to get a hold of undeniably reliable and realistic statistics on the incidence rates, and let nobody tell you that Scots are more violent than Canadians.

  1. Statistics Canada pub.: "Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile 2000" Cat. no. 85-224
        It showed that in 1999, women perpetrated 53 percent and men 47 percent of partner abuse.
        That means that violence by women is on the rise, because the average figures for being victimized by a partner for the five-year interval ending in 1999 were: Women: 8%; Men: 7%
        See also the related article in The Report Newsmagazine, April 1, 2002, p. 26, "FAMILY STRIFE, The violent wife – An Ottawa couple goes public to focus attention on spousal violence against men."

  2. Donna Laframboise reported (in "Princess at the Window", p. 199) about the scam by which Marion Boyd (former attorney General of Ontario, and she never finished her law studies. -WHS] launched in late 1991 an $858,000 government-sponsored ad campaign directed at vilifying Canadian men that featured the slogan: "WIFE ASSAULT; IT IS A CRIME. THERE'S NO EXCUSE."
        "Marion Boyd used alarming statistics in her hype: According to the minister:

Research shows that one in five men living with a woman admits to using violence against her. [Could that be the source of the 'one in five' fiction? -WHS]  This violence takes many forms, including slapping, throwing objects at her, beating her up, threatening her with a knife or gun and even using weapons against her.

Some people admitted to doing things that fell into more than one category, but when the dust finally settled it was determined that 17.8 percent of the men and 23.3 percent of the women among the 1,530 people surveyed admitted to behaving in a "violent" manner toward their spouses. (Full story)

The most horrible aspect of Marion Boyd's scam was, as reported from Ontario, that the material she handed out to the Ontario legislators consisted of Xerox copies of various tables in the study by Lupri and Brinkerhoff. The tables contained information on both sexes, but the Xerox copies that Marion Boyd distributed had been made so that the figures pertaining to assaults on men and husbands had been blotted out.
    That was more than ten years ago. How much longer before this terrible hate crime against a visible minority will be corrected?
    Instead, the scam expanded into a wave of anti-male propaganda that by now engulfs all of Canada and reached its current apex of Ontario Bill 117.

  • Chaos in the courts to become a principle of the justice system of Ontario (Sen. Cools on Bill 117)

  • Standing Committee on Justice and Social Policy, presentations by Ms Cynthia Wasser and by Mr. Walter Fox

  • Injuries Due to Violence Against Women's an Insignificant Fraction of Hospital Emergency Room Visits

For every woman seeking help for injuries inflicted on her, there were three men who sought help for comparable reasons.

    According to the Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Report, South Fraser Health Region, women's visits to emergency departments due to injuries purposely inflicted by others comprise an almost insignificant fraction of total emergency department visits.   Men made 359 and women 117 visits for such reasons, out of a total of 10,509 visits to emergency departments in four hospitals over an interval of three months in 2001.
   They told me that they will attempt to determine the proportion of the injuries due to DV, but that as of now it appears to be difficult to come up with answers. It's not really so surprising. If there are so few injured women, and if even far fewer of them are inured in DV incidents, why bother giving the virtually non-existent problem undue attention?
   What is truly surprising is that in regard to DV, an issue that is of such overwhelming concern and receives billions of dollars to combat it, (hundred of millions per year in Canada), the militant feminists that manufacture concern don't exert a bit of pressure to have the statistics tracked accurately, so that we don't have to rely on self-serving, propagandistic advocacy research and politically-biased editorializing.
   In the absence of anything better, the one-in-three ratio is a good rule of thumb; if statistics in the US are anything to go by. Reality is most likely somewhat less serious than that.

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  • DVStats.org a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

    This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.

    The primary purpose of the site is to shift public perceptions of such violence away from political ideology, and instead toward objectively verifiable scientific research.
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Posted 2002 03 31