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since June 19, 2001


Woman charged with raping boy after giving birth to his son

Date:  Thu, 15 Oct 1998 00:05:53 -0400 (EDT)
From:  "Nicholas J. Kovats" <cn650@freenet.toronto.on.ca>

Woman charged with raping boy after giving birth to his son

   PALMYRA, Pa. (AP) -- A 33-year-old woman who bore a child from her 13-year-old foster son has been charged with having sex with the boy more than 100 times since he was seven years old.

Esther Boyle, who was arraigned Tuesday, confessed the relationship to a doctor whom she was seeing because she had stopped having her periods, authorities said.

According to an affidavit, she believed she was going through menopause.

When her doctor told her she was pregnant, Boyle was reluctant to reveal the father, but eventually admitted that it was a 13-year-old boy, according to court papers. The doctor and a social worker reported the incident to Lebanon County Children and Youth Services, who notified police.

About three weeks later, Ms. Boyle gave birth to a baby boy.  Officials say blood tests confirmed that the child is the teenager's son.

Authorities would not say who is now taking care of the two-month-old    infant.

Boyle was charged last week with one count each of rape, statutory rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault, corruption of minors and two counts of endangering the welfare of children, according to Lebanon County detectives.

Her lawyer, William Sturm, had no comment this morning. She waived her right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday before District Justice Lee Lehman and was released on $25,000 bail. She is now in a psychiatric facility in Lewisburg, Lehman said. [What about the boy?]

Detectives said Boyle admitted to police that she began "a sexual relationship" with her foster child about two months after the boy was placed in her care.

The boy was "very detailed as to what had occurred sexually with Esther Boyle," according to affidavits in the case.

The boy was adopted by another family in July 1994, but the pair continued to have sexual intercourse and oral sex during visits at her home from last November to this April, court documents said.

The boy was placed in Boyle's care through the Philadelphia-based Children's Choice, a private child-care agency that has placed 526 children in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut.

In April, another Children's Choice foster mother was arrested in Bear, Del., for beating five-year-old twins in her care with an electrical cord and spoon.

Agency founder Carolyn Eberwein said all foster care applicants go through an extensive screening process that includes a "child abuse clearance and a state police criminal" background check.

After children are placed in a foster home, follow up visits vary, she said but are done, "based on the intensity of the need of the child."

As so often before, even in cases of child murder perpetrated by women, all sorts of excuses are found to absolve the women.  When all else fails, there is always counselling and therapy for her, "to help her get over the trauma of having committed an atrocious crime." Most often she'll get the chance to escape incarceration by attending her counselling sessions on weekends.

What about the victim of the crime?  This article doesn't mention what will be done to undo the damage done to the boy.  It is very likely that he'll become a violent rapist or at least a sexual molester of girls within the very next few years, unless he receives treatment — if that indeed isn't already too late now (See: The Invisible Boy, scroll down to Table 4).  Nor does it mention how many others of the children in the woman's care wound up being raped by her -- if anyone is even looking, which isn't too likely.  The abuse of the boy was only discovered because his victimizer got pregnant by him!

What will add injury to the boy's troubles is that most likely he'll have to pay child support for the child he fathered.


Additional links:

The prevalence of sexual abuse of children by women.

The detrimental impact that government-parenting has on children.

Seizing children — a tactic for the destruction of the family and to attain state-control of the population

Throughout history, rampant child apprehensions and state-ownership of children went hand-in-hand with totalitarian regimes and tyrannies.

  • Antiquity — The apprehension of children – boys – in antiquity

  • 20th Century — Evolution of the Hitler Youth

...in a series of coldly and shrewdly calculated moves, radical extremists usurped the youth movement that was very much splintered along political and religious ideological lines and consolidated it into a unified and rigorously controlled sector of the German population.  The slogan that motivated the Nazi leaders was an adaptation of a slogan attributed to Napoleon "Who controls the youths controls the future!"  (Wer die Jugend hat, hat die Zukunft), although its origins go back to Socrates (whom Plato, in Republic, has offer this advice to philosopher kings: "Take all the children from their parents and rid the city of adults."), and, as the history of Ancient Greece shows with respect to Sparta, even farther back in antiquity.

"President Obama is committed to helping states develop seamless, comprehensive, and coordinated 'Zero to Five' systems to improve developmental outcomes and early learning for all children....it will be the goal of this Administration to ensure that every child has access to a complete and competitive education -- from the day they are born to the day they begin a career."

(Fact Sheet: Expanding the Promise of Education in America, Mar 10, 2009
see also:
Remarks of President Barack Obama
As Prepared for Delivery Address to Joint Session of Congress, Tuesday, February 24th, 2009)

First they came for the fathers, then for the mothers, and now for   both parents in intact families.  In the end all children will be in the care, custody and control of the State.

An epidemic of state-sponsored kidnapping feeds a tyrannical system hungry for revenues.  Child Protective Services and Children's Aid Societies systematically and increasingly often rob children from their parents.  Kafkaesque chicaneries that the targeted families find impossible to comply with are the tools used to keep the revenues rolling in.  Many families don't survive the ordeals that they are being subjected to by any given CPS or CAS.  (Full Story)

See also:

  • DVStats.org a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

    This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.

    The primary purpose of the site is to shift public perceptions of such violence away from political ideology, and instead toward objectively verifiable scientific research.
  • Feminism For Male College Students A Short Guide to the Truth, by Angry Harry (Off-Site)

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