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since June 19, 2001


Deaths from Cancer

Note: The figures shown in the graph reflect fatalities from cancer (neoplasms).  They are derived from data shown for the groups: ICD 140 to 239.9 at the CDC website.
   The relatively small and declining numbers of deaths for men aged 65 and over reflect the fact that by that age relatively few men are left alive who are still capable of dying.  That fact becomes a little clearer in the following chart.  As can be seen, beginning in the age group 65 - 74, even though relatively few men are still alive at that age, they then die from cancer at rates that are roughly twice as high as those for women of the same age. 

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Posted 2000 09 21
2001 01 26 (added link to information on prostate problems)
2007 12 14 (reformated)