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since June 19, 2001


Table of Contents — Karin Jaeckel, Author

Karin Jäckel, Ph.D.

Author of books on the family

Table of Contents

About the author, by the author

Note: All of Karin Jäckel's books are in German.  All that is shown here and at the identified links are translations from the German originals.   The references to Karin Jäckel's books shown here cover only a small fraction of the author's work.  All in all, Karin Jäckel produced close to 70, mostly non-fiction books.

Some of her books:

A father doesn't give up : The story of a used man

(German, 2001, Rowohlt, 318 pp., pb., ISBN 3 499 60692 5; DM 19.90)

Translated from the back cover of the book:

We find ourselves in a great social disruption.  The traditional role distribution of the sexes is dissolving. The security of providing for the needs of life is no longer tied to the man as the family provider.  Women are their own men.  However, as always in times of disruption, insecurity prevails.  The old path is covered in rubble, the new one not yet secured.  And there is much of value that's lost along the way.  That's more and more often fathers.  George is one of them.
   In a bedeviled war of the roses, he fights for years for a living, true fatherhood.  Tormented by child-welfare offices, who see the well-being of the child solely with the mother and advise the father to have his grief over the child "counseled-away."  Abased and and exploited by lawyers compelled by feminist ideology, who try to establish  rights without obligations for the mother.  Declared superfluous by incompetent experts.  Financially ruined, professionally worn out, but steadfast in his love for his daughter.  She is to have two homes, one with the mother, one with him.  That is what he wants for her, because he knows, his daughter wants that, too.
   The book tells that story quite vividly.

Review and excerpts

Germany devours its children — Families today: exploited and burned out

Book review at "Buchinsel -- Lesen im Netz"
 (Book Island -- Reading on the Net, English text)

Translated Excerpts:

The Wife at his Side: 'Mere' Housewives in the Looking-glass of Feminism

Translated Excerpt:

The Beginnings of the Women's Movement

The Secondhand Man: Loved no longer and pillaged — Fathers after separation

Translated Excerpts

"Don't tell anyone who your father is"

The lot of children fathered by priests : Reports – Questions – Testimonies

1998, Bastei-Lübbe-Taschenbuch, Band 60456; pb., 287 pp.,
ISBN 3-404-60456-3; DM 14.90

Translated from the back cover:

The celibacy, an extensively contested doctrine of the Catholic Church for her priests, is increasingly and publicly being discussed.  Karin Jäckel shows in this book the impact that this edict has on those affected by it.
   The problems are not only born by those that love one another, the priest and 'his' wife, but also by the children that are the issue of this union.
   To be the offspring of a Catholic priest means to be denied, secreted or to be looked at askance and to constantly live in fear to let the truth slip out.  The book covers biblical, dogmatic and moral aspects, just as it treats questions as to what attracts women to priests and why some priests consider the celibacy to be coercive.
   In total, 136 affected women, men and children are being given voice in letters, reports and transcripts of interviews.  The Church is mostly not being accused directly, because the miscomprehension of the contradiction between human love and the attitude of the Church speaks for itself.

Abandoned? : Why women cast off their children

Sep. 1999, Bastei-Lübbe-Taschenbuch, Band 60462, pb, 348 pp.,
ISBN 3-404-60462-8; DM 14.90

Translated from the back cover:

There are women that give their children away right after birth, because the are the result of a rape or they can't picture that they'll be able to cope with the responsibility to raise a child without a father.  Other mothers suffer from a pregnancy-psychosis and are unable to construct emotional ties to their child.   Then, too, there are frequently girls, who are almost children themselves and much too young to accept responsibilities for their own lives, that bring children into the world.
   Should these mothers, who prefer to be separated from their children, be judged and ostracized?  And how should one judge a woman who would let her well-to-do man have custody rather than to live with her child in poor circumstances?
   Karin Jäckel pursued the question of what motivates women to voluntarily give up their children.  She allows mothers to speak out, those who rejected their children, but also those who love their children too much to keep them to themselves.

My child belongs to me, too : Handbook for fathers after separation

1999, Campus Verlag GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, soft cover, 267 pp.,
ISBN 3-593--36277-5,

Translated from the back cover:

Your marriage breaks, the separation from your wife is unavoidable.  Not only your common children will have to adjust to the new situation, but you as a father will have to face numerous problems — from personal to judicial ones.

This handbook will provide you with much practical information that will help you to find your way through your situation.  In addition to other topics, it informs you about,

  • What you have to watch out for when divorce approaches,

  • How you, as a father, can after separation still have a good relationship with your children,

  • How you can recover your inner balance in spite of a relationship in crisis,

  • What kind of help is available to assist you in disputes with the Child-Welfare Office, experts and lawyers,

  • How fathers and mothers can, in spite of their broken love-relationship, still support one another and after their separation, too, remain cooperative, joint, mutual parents.


Divorce and Separation in Germany: Causes and Consequences
Endeavour of Explanation

Presentation by Karin Jäckel, Dr. Phil.
Washington, D.C., June 7-9, 2001, at the
Parental Abduction Conference
organized by P.A.R.E.N.T. International, at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Hunger for Justice in Berlin — Letter from Karin Jäckel to ZDF (Central German Broadcasting Corporation)

Happy Valentine, letter-to-the-editor of the Washington Post, Feb. 10, 2002

Karin Jäckel's Website (German Language)

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