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since June 19, 2001


Mandatory counselling for parenting after divorce and separation

Alberta Program

From: Hogne
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 5:47 AM
Subject: belgium

i search information fron alberta about obligations courses for parents separeted

je cherche des informations sur une mesure judiciaire qui obligent certains parents ne divorce a suivre des cours


psychologue en belgique


I am sorry that I can't respond to you in French. Just in case that should help, I do write and speak German, fluently.

The mandatory course that divorcing couples must attend consists of two four-hour sessions. The course does nothing more than to familiarize divorcing couples with the consequences of a divorce, mainly with respect to government rules and regulations regarding legal activities, visitation rights, child custody awards, etc.

Not much more detail is accessible at a web page at the website of the Alberta Government.

Some people have claimed that a considerable number of parents decide not to go through with their divorce after they attend the counselling sessions. However, if that claim were true, it would be reflected in a decline in Alberta's divorce rate after the sessions came into effect. The trend in Alberta's escalating divorce rate has not changed.  It is still increasing.

Divorces in Alberta


19981999 2000

Total Divorces:

7,668 7,9318,176

Divorce Rate*:


* Divorce rate by the 30th wedding anniversary per 100 marriages
  Source: Statistic Canada

All the best,

Walter Schneider


Australian Copy-Cat Proposal
Note: It is no surprise that the Australian copy-cat proposal came into existence.  Madame Justice Trussler, the promoter of the Alberta scheme, frequently travels with her husband to Australia to visit relatives there.  While there, she very actively promotes the gospel of feminist jurisprudence.

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Posted 2003 12 14
2004 11 11 (added link to Australian Copy-Cat Proposal)