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Who sponsors Fathers for Life?

Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 5:02 PM
Subject: Global Warming


My name is [omitted]. I am currently doing a paper on Global Warming and found your site very helpful. I was wondering if you could provide me information on who is sponsoring and funding this study on Global Warming. Thank you for your time.


Undergrad @ University of Toronto

----- Response -----
To: [omitted]
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 10:00 PM
Subject: RE: Global Warming

Hello [Omitted],

I am not sure which study on global warming you are referring to.

The work I have done is not a study. It could be looked at more as a bibliography, or better, a summary of the contents of some papers and articles on global warming. The work that I am doing for the global warming pages at Fathers for Life is not being and has never been sponsored by anyone other than through the efforts my wife and I make to assemble and update the information.

We are both retired and are not, nor ever were, affiliated with any pro- or anti-global-warming-hype or -climate-alarmist organizations, nor any other organization. Our efforts are motivated by nothing more than our concerns as taxpayers and citizens that are being ripped off in the name of the global-warming-religion.

If you have any concerns about specific papers or study reports that the global-warming pages at Fathers for Life [the global-warming pages are now on a stand-alone website for the Bruderheim REA] point to, please try to contact the authors of the respective documents for clarification.

I don't wish to sound too angry with all of these comments. Any anger that you may read into my comments is not directed at you but only at the people ripping us off.

I am glad that you found the pages helpful, and I will help you in any way I can if you should need pointers to specific sources of information for your work.

All the best,

Walter Schneider

Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 9:36 PM
Subject: Re: Global Warming

Hi Mr. Schneider,

Thank you very much for your detailed and very helpful response. This information you have provided in itself has provided me a great deal of information. My request for information was not meant to point a finger or to associate these works with a particular organization.

As I am sure you know, the internet is a very risky place to get information. Often, professors prefer that we don't even use the internet as a source, but when we do we have to make sure that we get it from reliable sources, and analyze the sources with a critical perspective. Hence, we must provide background information on the sites we use as references. Your example will play in very nicely in my paper, in showing that it is not just money hungry firms who are pro-global warming, but also concerned citizens who are looking out for tax payers. I appreciate your time.

If I could trouble you some more, do you mind providing me perhaps a link, or some information about Fathers For Life and who they are. I couldn't find this information on their website and had this in mind when I had emailed you originally. It seems as though they have no capitalist interest, which I am hoping you can confirm for me. I am hoping to use this example as an organization who is anti-Global Warming and has no bias towards capitalist interests. Once again I thank you very much.

And, I understand that the anger is not towards me, but instead at the people taking a ride on the Global Warming band wagon. I can certainly understand how you feel.


Hello [Omitted],

Fathers for Life began as an effort to make note-taking easy via HTML. First I started taking notes just for my own use, then, when I could afford it, I started a website, first on free web space, then, when I came to be able to afford it, on a larger and more disciplined basis via a dedicated domain name. I just thought that it would serve a good purpose to share with others the notes I take.

The site is being used by students, teachers, lecturers, researchers, writers, journalists, authors and legislators, besides being used by many members of the general public. It has a reputation for credibility and honesty and receives between 1,800 and more than 2,300 visitors each day. [Update 2007 12 21: By the year 2007, the average number of visitors per day to Fathers for Life had increased to 5,300]

The main focus of the website is to educate people about the implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family.

A secondary focus is to provide help to people in need with divorce- and separation-related complications. I network with pro-family and pro-father social researchers and activists throughout the world. Much of the material I post to Fathers for Life is being sent to me by them.

In addition, I operate a couple of mailing lists, one for the general public and another one for journalists, writers and legislators. Subscription to the lists is free, but the lists are simply mailing lists, not discussion forums. The subscribers respect that, because they know how time-consuming all of this is for me.

Just as I am willing to answer queries such as yours, I answer many more queries relating to people in need of help with a variety of family difficulties, ranging from child access denial to suicidal intentions. On account of the networking I do, I am usually able to direct people in need of help to someone close to where they live that is willing to help them. My wife's role in all of this (she is not computer literate) is to function as editor and promoter.

That's about it. I hope it helps, but, other than my wife's and my efforts, and some informal and sometimes more formal contributions of material from supporters, Fathers for Life is a voluntary family effort by a couple of old fogies.

There are basically three different methods by which to navigate the site.

  1. The site-specific search engine accessible on almost every page (or alternatively, a site-specific search using an Internet search engine -- but then not necessarily all instances of keywords may be found);
  2. The table of contents, which gives a broad overview of the topics covered at the site;
  3. The more detailed index pages that provide greater details and abstracts of the subjects listed in them.

It is not possible to maintain a detailed subject index. That would require more work than I can muster, but the site-specific search engine serves quite nicely in place of one, and the indexing for the search engine is always current.

Most pages are extensively cross-linked to pages and often to specific places on them that show background information for a specific topic under discussion.

In general, all of the pages and the subjects they cover relate somehow to families and their fate, some more and some less.

Don't attempt to read all of the pages at the site. There are more than a thousand documents to read. Try to think of the site as a medium-sized encyclopedia on family issues and use it as such.

The reason why I set up the global-warming pages and the other pages for the Bruderheim REA is on account of me being a director for the Bruderheim Rural Electrification Association [Update 2007 12 21: No longer.   As of Jan. 2007 the Bruderheim REA amalgamated with Battle River REA], a not-for-profit co-operative. The space for the REA pages and the work to set them up is being donated by me.

The space and work required for Fathers for Life is being paid for out of my retirement income.  That income is not large and at times qualifies me to receive tax credits, but our demands on it are so small that the income provides more than enough security for both of us. The people that receive our help are generally flat-broke and unable to provide financial support that I don't need to begin with. I believe that I received a total of about $17.75 in financial contributions over the years since 1988 that I have been involved with my activism.

All the best,


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Posted 2003 12 14
2007 12 21 (re-formated page and made minor edits)