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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Letter to Toronto's Mayor Lastman

Outrage: The Toronto Police Services Board's vote to retain permanent arrest records

Bruderheim, July 4, 2002

Dear Mayor Lastman,

The Toronto Police Services Board's vote to permanently retain arrest records - even for people never charged and for cases in which charges were dismissed or didn't result in convictions - is an outrage. It demonstrates a blatant disregard for the human rights of the citizens of your city and of all Canadians. The measure contemplated is worthy only of the worst totalitarian regimes in human history. The members of the Police Services Board who voted for this measure need to be recalled and dismissed from their positions, immediately!
   In 1936 I was born into a totalitarian state such as you are permitting to be created. My family and I came to Canada in the hope to escape any possibility of seeing history repeat itself for us, not to move from one totalitarian police state to another that seems in danger of becoming worse than the one we had wanted to remove ourselves from as far as possible.
   Tens of thousands of Canadian men gave their lives to defeat such a system as you are calling to life in Canada now. If you and the Toronto Police Services Board have no respect for the human rights of the living citizens of Toronto - now or in the future - please, do have at least respect for the Canadian men and those from Toronto who made the ultimate sacrifice in preserving the freedom of our nation and the human rights of its citizens.
   The measure you are intent on implementing is gender-profiling of the worst sort. It will affect predominantly men, the very men whom you wish to depend upon to defend the freedom of our nation when that becomes necessary.
   Don't be surprised if, instead of having them willing to sacrifice their lives again, Canadian men will welcome Canada's enemies with open arms in the hope to be liberated from the totalitarian state that you and the Police Services Board are in the process of bringing into existence.

Is there nothing sacred anymore in our once great nation, not even the memory and the honour of our dead or the liberty of its living? Please do not make a mockery of what our nation once stood for, a Canada strong and free.

Respectfully, and with deep sorrow and fear,

Walter H. Schneider

Box 62, Bruderheim, Alberta, T0B 0S0
Tel: (780) 796-2306

Who falls asleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship.

— Otto Gritschneder, when asked why he wanted to publicize
the system of terror in German military justice under the Nazis,
under which 50,000 men were charged with desertion and more
than 20,000 executed.

Cc: Canadian citizens and media organizations

White RoseThe White Rose
Thoughts are Free

Posted 2002 07 04