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Mail to Fathers for Life

Men and the Industrial Revolution

A feminist is irked about the plight of men during the industrial revolution.

Paternity-Test Misandry

A response to a link-exchange request from an organization that presents paternity testing so as to turn promiscuity and adultery into virtues and entitlements for women.

The depopulation crisis is real!

A discussion regarding the world-wide depopulation crisis, its causes, origins and consequences

The depopulation crisis is real in India too

A letter from India

Developmental stages of expunged fathers

Moral decline in Germany after World War I

Irrationality vs. Reason

Many people write to us on account of the website of Fathers for Life.  Some look for help, some wish to obtain information for teaching, some – students – write to obtain help with some study projects they are involved in or for reports they are writing.

In about 1994, when I had constructed the website for Fathers for Life and posted the first few pages, e-mail messages, phone calls and letters started to come in.  Right away I noticed one characteristic that truly surprised me in all of those letters.  They were almost without exception supportive of our efforts (my wife supports and participates in the work I do and elected to be my sounding board and "editor-in-chief").

The quality and quantity of the letters we receive are primary motivators that keep us going with our project to:

  1. Promote the appreciation of families and fathers;

  2. Promote respect and love amongst family members (where there is no respect between family members, no love can grow); and

  3. To identify and expose the ideological forces, and their origins and history, that try their very best to implement the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family.

Erin Pizzey, founder of the first modern women's refuges in the world (1971 – Chiswick, London, England), author of books on the destructive force of radical feminism and anti-family interests, is one of a good number of reputable people that contributed their thoughts to the contents of this website.  The preceding link will lead you to one of her many essays and articles she wrote over the years, this one on the implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family.

My wife encouraged me from early on to keep many of the messages we receive on file.  However, there are also detractors that write about 0.6 percent of the mail we receive, and about two-thirds of those very few out of many thousands of messages sent to us over the years must be categorized as hate-mail or close to it.

We don't mind to receive such messages.  They provide a stark contrast to what we normally receive in the mail.  They encourage us even more to persist and to appreciate the overwhelming majority of the mail that is supportive. 

As time goes by, I will show a few of the messages from both camps in this page and in related pages from now on.  The entries with orange background on this this page will show examples of hate-mail, examples that are representative of that category of mail.  Their outstanding characteristic is that they are empty of logic.  The kind of thinking they illustrate is a better example of the failure of the feminist ideology to create a better society than any of the other ones my wife and I demonstrate in the close to 1,200 web pages of Fathers for Life do.


From: Janna Goldrup jannagoldrup@yahoo.ca
Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2004 11:22 PM
Subject: Fathers for Life

Dear Mr. Schneider,

I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to get linked to your Fathers For Life website as a result of a google search. Wow. You are one of the most sexist and bigoted men that I've come across in my life. But yet you are intelligent enough to put together a website to spread your woman-bashing smut....will wonders never cease? But I'm sure you've heard it all, so I won't waste anymore of your time.


Ms. Janna Goldrup

ps - From the content of your website, I would have sworn you were a card-carrying Republican. But a Canadian!? How embarrassing!

More on Janna Goldrup

The following message contains a request for help. It is by a friend of a man – the man is a father of eight – that has been in jail since January 2004 (since even before he was found guilty) on account of a false rape accusation made by a niece of the man's wife (rarely is someone caught in such a situation as wealthy as Kobe Bryant and can afford to post bail).
   DNA tests cleared the man of the accusation, but the system doesn't care about that or about his large family.  Once it catches a hold of someone, it will grind him up.  The man is from Orange County NY. 
   The man's lawyer advised him to plead guilty.  The man refused, and his lawyer quit – just a few days before the case was to be heard in court.  I don't know where the case stands right now, as I have not received any updates yet.
      If anyone knows of any pointers to ways that prevent the man from being persecuted, his family from being destroyed and his wife's and children's lives from being devastated, please tell F4L about it.  Please, if you can help at all, help out with this and tell us how.


Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 10:56:42 -0700
From: johnjoseph
Reply-To: johnjoseph
Subject: need help

I came across your web page and was hoping you could provide me with any kind of help or know where to go for it.
   Here is our problem: We have a friend who has been in jail since January on rape charges of a minor. The DNA has come back as someone else's.
   They are still holding him and wanting to take it to trial. I know that we are in the US and you in Canada. This man has 8 children and is being accused by his wife's niece. The girl has a history of sexual misconduct.  His family is really suffering mentally and financially. Is there any advice you could give.
   This man was a product of the system with no father and living in orphanages, and he loves his children very much.
Please advise!!

In the US, there are an estimated 520,000 false rape allegations a year — 98.1% of all reported cases.  (Eeva Sodhi, Debunking Domestic Violence Statistics; Rape)

A case involving the suspicion of paternity fraud.


I need your assistance in acquiring information regarding the issue of,

   can a women give birth to twins and the twins belong to two different fathers?.

This is a delicate situation, my brother's wife gave birth to fraternal twins, boy and girl. During the time of conception she was having an affair with his friend. She gave birth to the twins, these babies are completely different, the boy looks exactly like my brother but the baby girl looks exactly like my brothers friend who she is living with now but was having an affair at the time. Would you be able to send me any information regarding the unprecedented law case or findings on this subject?..your assistance will be greatly appreciated. If nothing else, a website where we can educate ourselves.

Thank you for your response,



My response:

Hello [Auntie],

Yes, it is possible for a woman to give birth to fraternal twins that have two different fathers. I have no statistics that indicate how likely that is the case with fraternal twins, but it is likely statistically significant, although not as likely as that a single child is not the biological offspring of an alleged father. The American Association of Blood Banks, based on a total of more than 310,000 paternity tests for the last year on which they reported, established that of all those tests in 30 percent of the cases the test results disproved paternity of the alleged fathers.

Only when twins are identical twins is it certain that they have a single father, and even then the question is who the father truly is.

In many localities a paternity test is a prerequisite to contesting paternity. Unfortunately, virtually without exception, the principles of estoppel ("a legal bar to alleging or denying a fact because of one's own previous actions or words to the contrary", such as when paternity was voluntarily assumed -- "in loco parentis") and the "presumption of lawful paternity" (through which paternity is assigned, not necessarily to someone willingly assuming it) come into the picture.  That means that any child born into a marriage is presumed to be the child of the husband of the wife that gave birth to the child, simply through the fact that he is her husband.

Fraud is a crime. Theoretically, paternity fraud is a crime. In reality, paternity fraud is rarely, almost never, punished and almost without exception brings large monetary rewards to the perpetrator of that crime.

It is very, very difficult, as well as extremely expensive and aggravating, to escape the presumption of lawful paternity. The laws on that vary little from location to location, state to state, country to country, but details do differ. It would serve little purpose to give you details that may not be helpful in your brother's situation. However, there is a good deal of information relating to your concerns. Try google.com and the search string <twins "contested paternity"> (excluding the leading and trailing chevrons). You can expand the size of the search-return list by removing the quotation marks in the search string.

It is likely that you read my comments and the information I collected on assumed paternity. One condition seems to be of help (but only rarely) in absolving a falsely fingered father from the responsibilities that have been imposed on him, that is that he may be able to raise successful objections within a period of no more than three to six months after a child that is not his has been born.

Conception due to marital infidelity occurs on average with a probability of about 20 percent even in supposedly stable and monogamous marriages. Unfortunately, many fathers are blind to the possibility of marital infidelity. Love (or fear) makes blind. Others may not find out about having been falsely fingered until long after the far-from-customary grace period for raising successful objections expired. It is customary for falsely alleged fathers to find out about having been fingered when their paycheques are being garnished to extract child support from them. In some cases the alleged fathers don't even know or ever had any contact with the woman making the false claim.

I hope that your brother will be able to get to the truth in his case. His first priority must be to have a paternity test done (and to have it done by two independent laboratories, to be sure). Without a DNA test that disproves his paternity he will get exactly nowhere.

For the sake of your brother, I hope that the results show that he is the father of both children. Under the circumstances it would be devastating for him to be forced to pay child support for one or both children that he did not father. Don't assume that the boy is your brother's son. Prove it by means of a DNA test. For the sake of the children involved, I hope that they get to know who their real father is....


Walter Schneider

And "Auntie" wrote back:

Thank you!

your prompt response it's greatly appreciated and I will follow your advise.
I am thankful of the resources you are providing for fathers as for the most part men tend to be blind to this and many other possibilities.

Thank you again!



Sure enough, "for the most part men tend to be blind to this and many other possibilities."  Here is a message by one of those blind men.

22/11/2004 15:52 PM


I am a law student at the University of British Columbia. Recently we were studying the Ewanchuk case, and curious about McClung's decision and the controversy surrounding it, I went searching on the internet and found your site. In particular I came across this response at https://fathersforlife.org/articles/gunter/]dube1.htm.

One paragraph drew my attention:

For feminists, sex must be as black and white as contract law and probably as much fun. The male (the term "man" isn't clinical enough to express the mindset involved) must have in his possession a signed consent form from the female before proceeding in a respectful and fully protected manner, in a place and at a time of prior mutual consent. [The paragraph was not indented in the original. —WHS]

The paragraph is particularly glaring considering the measured tone of the rest of the article. I am curious to what extent you believe what you wrote, and what possible reason you could have for writing it. Is it your belief that seeking protection against sexual assualt [sic] is actually leading to a sexual police state?

Thank you for your time,

Thomas Wong

I should have saved myself the trouble of responding to that.  Nevertheless, I wrote:

You are asking me about something that was written by Lorne Gunter, the author of the article you read.  It would be better if you were to address your question directly to him.

Nevertheless, what you are asking about has been addressed extensively at the website of Fathers for Life.

Before I answer your question as to how I feel about the question you asked, namely that, "Is it your belief that seeking protection against sexual assualt [sic] is actually leading to a sexual police state?", I would suggest that you consider the context of the political evolution of the circumstances that led Lorne Gunter to state what he did state.

That, too, is covered extensively at the website of Fathers for Life, and I suggest that you look up two articles I wrote as introductions especially to people seeking answers to questions such as yours.  Check:



For more of  the general context into which the issues discussed in those two articles fall, have a look at and follow some of the links at the history section of Fathers for Life: 


Let me ask you about the reaction of the woman in the Ewanchuck case.  Would a more appropriate reaction (far less troublesome, far cheaper to society, and formerly -- before we became subjected as far as we did to political correctness -- routinely employed) by the women in his camper not have been to avoid going into his camper, or, once there and being accosted, to slap his face and walk out long before things got as far as they did?

What was the woman after?



As I said, I should have spared myself the effort.  Here is what he was really after:

I don't think I will read those articles. Everything I need to know about what you believe is contained in the final statements of your e-mail. Clearly you believe that the woman somehow indicated something by going into the trailer, and therefore "got what she deserved" or something to that effect.  It is amazing how easily you manage to frame issues as "feminist" without even bothering to understand what you mean. I also love that you use both Christianity and religion in general as a shield for your ideas. Your smugness in the face of other people's suffering is, quite frankly, astounding.

You undoubtedly believe what you write, and I am certain that many others believe as you do. A cursory view of your linked sites confirms this. And I doubt that anything I write here will dissuade you from your strong views. I can only hope then that the future will find a way for people to live in harmony within a just and equitable legal system.

One final note: The moral outrage of the writer on sexual harassment, and how it has affected men, was hilarious. Easily the funniest thing I've read all year. Those poor men, unable to make the clumsiest of passes...priceless.


Thomas Wong
UBC Faculty of Law

And my response to that was:


I am not surprised, but it never ceases to amaze me how easily some people jump from their preconceptions to conclusions.

Aside from the fact that you posed your initial question to the wrong individual, why did you bother to ask the question to begin with?  You obviously had your mind already made up, and no amount of facts will confuse you.  It's too bad for your prospective clients.  Your opposition will rip you apart.  It's a tough world out there.  Are you sure you've got what it takes?  I work with and have met many successful lawyers, but judging from what you expressed in your two messages, you don't come even close to measuring up to what it takes to become successful.

A standard debating tactic by feminists is to make ad-hominem attacks when their side doesn't have a logical leg to stand on.  You probably don't understand why I say that.  After all, you refuse to see your question in the context in which it must be considered; the outline and framework of which, by the way, you specified yourself.  Your blinkered vision will not permit you to be able to see your last message and the mindset that produced both of your messages for what they are.

As I said, none of that surprises me.  You are being educated at a university that is a hotbed of radical feminism, a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist feminism.  (Do you know how many different, often warring, brands and factions of feminism there are?)  Radical feminism is the enemy of logic.  Its apostles call logic "linear thinking" and hold it to be a construct of the big bad patriarchy.  Its proponents promote that feelings are so much warmer, so fuzzy and cuddly, so much better than cold reality. [I linked "factions of feminism" in that paragraph after sending the message.  After all, it wouldn't do to overtax the poor man, seeing that he doesn't like to read all that much. —WHS]

Don't worry too much about any of that.  It is all just a phase that you will grow out of.  Someone once said that anyone who hasn't become a conservative by the time he is in his mid-forties is a liberal that never smartened up.  By that time you will without a doubt have acquired the necessary extent of logic (some people are given to call that "experience", others call it "wisdom").

All the best with your studies, and don't let them indoctrinate you too much.  That could be dangerous to your health, but be careful.  Feminism is on the way out.  Don't invest too much in it.  You'll lose it all.  Hold some of your intellect in reserve.  You'll need it when common sense comes back into vogue; and, provided you live a healthy life style, you'll probably live long enough to see that happen.  You want to be prepared for that.

In the meantime, have a nice ride on my tax dollars.  I hope for your sake that you have the stamina and acquire the brains necessary to last the course.


It is too bad that the poor man will have to go through the school of hard knocks once he comes out of his ivory tower; and quite a few knocks he will experience.  Too bad, too, that he doesn't wish to educate himself.  If he would do more than to merely dismiss reading anything that doesn't fit his pink lenses based on the identity of the websites the links he doesn't like lead to, he would come across analyses such as the following one, and what could possibly be of greater interest to his intended career than to read it.  Mind you, it is dangerous to one's wellbeing to promote anything that one's feminist lecturers deem to be heretical.  However, one way or another, he will learn the lessons life has to teach to him.  He will learn them later if not now.

Feminist Jurisprudence: Equal Rights Or Neo-Paternalism?
by Michael Weiss and Cathy Young
Cato Policy Analysis No. 256, June 19, 1996

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Posted 2004 09 02
2004 09 03 (to add message #2 and a link to details about Janna Goldrup)
2004 09 14 (added information relating to a request for help with the consequences of the suspicion of paternity fraud)
2004 11 23 (added messages by a male feminist)