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since June 19, 2001


Paternity-Test Misandry

To whom it should concern at http://www.teendrugabuse.us

Your article "Paternity Test: Are You the One?" at <http://www.drug-education-resource.com/teendrugabuse/Paternity.asp >  contains and promotes false information.

According to its title, the article is ostensibly addressed to fathers -- more exactly to men wrongfully being duped into accepting and living-up-to the responsibilities of fatherhood.  That particular concern is conventionally and more precisely called paternity fraud.

Astoundingly, the term "paternity fraud" has not been used even once in your article, although it is the header for the link collection appended to the article.  Yet, even though Fathers for Life contains a large amount of information on paternity fraud of which you are aware, you chose not to display a link to https://fathersforlife.org/ToC_paternity.htm but displayed instead a link to the home page of Fathers for Life -- along with a statement that places Fathers for Life outside of the context of paternity fraud.

The body of your article does not live up to the expectations implied by its title.  Although the very first paragraph should focus on men who are victims of paternity fraud, it appears to express sympathy for promiscuous women who are not sure who the fathers of their children may be, turning what once was thought of as crimes (promiscuity and adultery) into the perception of women as victims.  Thereby you attempt to white-wash abominable behaviour and to convert it into the justification for entitlement to child-support/alimony income for women.

There are more examples of such intellectual dishonesty and disingenuousness in your article.  Take for example the opening sentence in the second paragraph in the article:

Since the beginning of modern technology, paternity test [sic, it should be "testing"] has quite gained popularity since rape cases have escalated to greater height. 
That claim is wrong, for a number of reasons. 

For one thing, the advent of modern technology predates the advent of DNA-testing for paternity by more than a hundred years. 

Another aspect of the issues addressed by your statement is that rape cases per 100,000 cap. have seen virtually no increases over the years (due to the deliberate, feminist-driven obfuscation of that fact, beginning in about the mid-1970s, hard and honest statistics on that are increasingly difficult and almost impossible to come by). 

It is not the number of rapes but the number of *wrongfully-alleged* rapes (correspondingly, the number of wrongful convictions of men) that increased enormously.  That is on account of the influence of people who promote the unsubstantiated and unjustified claim that the annual number of rape cases has risen to astronomical proportions, even if they are only people like you who help to spread feminist-inspired anti-male propaganda by stating nothing more than that "rape cases have escalated to greater height." 

Moreover, rather than the wrongfully-alleged and fictitious increases of the number of rapes, it is the increasing incidence rates of promiscuity and adultery and their consequences that cause DNA-testing for paternity to become not only ever more popular but a necessity.  In view of that, paternity testing must be made not only popular but *mandatory* upon the birth of every child.

The third paragraph in your article seems to provide more equitable treatment of the sexes, but only deceptively so.  It mentions "...women who just don't know who is the father of their baby," and "Paternity test[ing] is also common in situations wherein the man does not accept the truth that he is the natural father of a certain child."

The implication of the last sentence in that paragraph is that men have the duty of accepting the responsibility of fatherhood once they have been fingered as the fathers of specific children.  However, as you should know if you are worth your salt, "the truth" of a given man being correctly fingered as the father of a given child in a contested paternity claim is far from being certain. (See: https://fathersforlife.org/mens_issues/advice_to_men.htm#AABB and http://hispanicprwire.com/news.php?l=in&id=6765&cha=8)

See also the following article.

2006 04 07

Child Support Gold-Diggers

By Carey Roberts, NewsWithViews.com

Carey Roberts writes about paternity fraud, for example:

Consider the paternity scam. Here’s how it works:

Find any dim-witted man to get you pregnant. Then look up the name of some unsuspecting Joe who’s got a steady job – it doesn’t matter that you never met the poor bloke. Put his name on the baby’s birth certificate.

Now cross your fingers and hope the man is out of town when the sheriff delivers the papers. In California, such default judgments account for 70% of paternity decisions, according to a 2003 study by the Urban Institute.

(Full story)

Given that it is well-known that paternity fraud is all-pervasive and that concerns about it are the major reason why paternity testing is not only important but extremely advisable for ascertaining the paternity upon the birth of every child, it is inexcusable that you posted at your website an article about paternity testing whose basic premises are very and perhaps even deliberately misleading.

We will not install a link to your website.  That is because we do not wish to have people associate Fathers for Life with a website that promotes worn-out but nevertheless wrong, harmful, propagandistic and sexist, anti-male views.


Walter Schneider

teendrugabuse@alltopwebsites.com wrote:
Hello Webmaster!

We are mailing you because we found your site through google search and your active links page indicates that you are interested in link exchange. Taking initiative in this direction, we have already put your link at our site. You can view your link at:


We have placed the URL, Title, and suitable description for your site that will surely benefit your online presence. You are free to verify the same. Please let us know about any suggestions or concerns and we will get it done.

We intend to have a reciprocal link at your https://fathersforlife.org/ToC_paternity.htm page also. Please look at our information below for this:

URL = http://www.teendrugabuse.us
Title = Teen Drug Abuse
Description = Providing information for parents to help troubled teens by prevention, intervention and a support network, who has been struggling with drug abuse and or alcohol abuse.

We will be glad to see our link at your site and have you as our links partner. It will be appreciated if you can send us the exact location of our link.

Many Thanks!


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Posted 2006 08 18