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since June 19, 2001

Men's Issues — Main Page

All of the subject areas shown in the sidebar on the left pertain to and include men's issues.  The list shown below contains specifically selected examples.  The list is not exhaustive.  For an exhaustive list of specific instances of men's issues it would be better to make use of the search features available through this website

A complete list of all instances of men's issues covered at this site would contain well in excess of 600 entries.  The entries shown in the following list were selected from the first 100 entries in a search-return for the string "men's issues".

The entries in the list are not shown in any particular order

Index to Health Issues of Interest to Men and to People Who Respect Men and Families.

Some, if not all, of these books should be required reading if ever a pro-male men's issues course comes into existence anywhere in the world. ...

Boys and men die of suicide in far larger numbers than do girls and women, but why worry about that?

Fathers, Fatherhood and Fatherhood Issues. Table of Contents

The page contains a collection of links to articles describing the evolution of feminist group-think at Canadian academe, the resulting consequences and the fate of some individuals who attempted to take corrective action.

Many people are enthused about what the Austrians are doing, and some of what is in the program outline is impressive.  However, there is also considerable reason for concern.  .... Absent universal recognition of the need to eradicate the problem of fatherlessness, there cannot be any or at best only marginal success with the strategy outlined by the Austrian government and interest groups. "Fatherhood Today: Opportunities and Risks in the Process for the Evolution of the Family" – there are risks all right. The risk takers will be men and the risk they are expected to accept is greater than that experienced by playing Russian roulette with every second chamber loaded.
   It is too bad, because although otherwise the opportunities could be great, the rewards for society would be even greater if only there were some respect, enough respect to make heroes out of bums and fathers out of second-class citizens....Full Story

Incredibly, in the face of declining birth rates, escalating divorce rates and epidemic numbers of children who increasingly suffer the consequences of fatherlessness, the federal government of Canada provides $640,000 in funding to "women's" organizations for the express purpose to operate a program that will ferret out, label and eventually prosecute pro-family men, their supporters and their organizations as enemies of feminists?

In other places and other times such state-sponsored purges were launched to eradicate so-called enemies of the state, but never with the express purpose of destroying a country's economic and moral foundation, the wish to form families....(Full Story)

The Feminists' Assessment of Fatherhood, Procreation and other Sexual Roles and Relations. Feminism is like an iceberg. Camille Paglia: ....(Full Story)

Ideologists that pursue destructive ideologies at all and any costs do exist in all sectors of society, but nowhere is that as true as in politics, and nowhere more so than in the politics of sex.

Many people labeled members of the radical feminist (more accurately called redfem) factions of the women's liberation movement with the nickname "feminazi."  It isn't quite right to give them that name.  The ideology of radical feminism (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist feminism) isn't rooted in fascism, it is rooted quite firmly in communist ideology and is in fact transformed communism — communism that evolved into gender-Marxism from within itself, from as far back as the early 1940s.  Therefore, why not call radical feminists femicommies or, better yet, redfems? ....(Full Story)

(See also Matriarchy in USSR — off-site)

Parallels between the methods used in the Nazi's extermination of millions of Jews and those used in the whole-sale destruction of our families in the 21st century

By Walter H. SCHNEIDER, who was born and raised in Nazi Germany

New studies indicate women are first to file for divorce, but that joint custody keeps families together....(Full Story)

Dear Congressman:

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, men have almost a 50% higher death rate from heart disease than women. In 1999, the death rate was 328/100,000 in men; and 221/100,000 in women.
   Logically, we should be offering special programs for men to reduce this gender gap....(Full Story)

Dear All:

Fed Up with bland and boring Media Releases from The Western Isles that say nothing?
   Brighten up a dull day, and read the translation below! ....(Full Story)

Deaths from Heart- and Cardiovascular Diseases. US Heart Disease Fatalities –The Hype and the Truth. The Hype, as per Oprah is one thing; the truth is different....(Full Story)

The site depicts women as saints, healers and madonnas, and men as just men — well, it shows men and boys to be violent and not trustworthy, of course, although women and men engage to equal extents in violence against one another, and even though women commit the vast majority of violence against children in families.
It is hard to overcome hate-propaganda directed against men, especially if it is driven by virtually unlimited taxpayer funding — of which most is provided by men for feminists and women, and of which much is used to fund misandrist (man-hating) propaganda that vilifies men....(Full Story)

This page contains statistics on the life expectancies of the sexes in various countries in the world.
With the exception of seven countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Malawi, Niger, Namibia, Bhutan and Afghanistan), in all other countries listed in Table B women live longer than do men, in some countries by a considerable margin....(Full Story)

Work is a dangerous place for men; in fact work is a dangerous condition of male life....(Full Story)

Thu, 10 Sep 1998 18:40:32 -0600 (MDT)

Thanks to Dave Usher for his reply to the Worcester Telegram article on Ben Zeman.
   For those who missed it, Zeman has been going on "walks" around Massachusetts claiming to be a spokesman for men, while spouting all the absurdities of radical feminist [more accurately called redfem —WHS] propaganda that women are the only victims of domestic violence....(Full Story)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies. UD may offer gay studies minor program — Professor: Students in public policy, law, arts may be interested....(Full Story)

Men have all the power? Any man who believes in that feminist-inspired hoax is in for a rude awakening. The issues of concern in this article relate to unhappiness caused by controlling and violent women in marriages that did not break up. ....(Full Story)

USA Population Figures for the Years 1980 to 1996. US Population Figures – by age and sex over time....(Full Story)

After two decades of persecution in family courts, men are rebelling against marriage....(Full Story)

What is femprop? It is an expression derived from other terms used to describe specific categories of propaganda, the first one of which was "agitprop" (propaganda whose goal is to agitate).  The page contains a discussion of the aspects of political propaganda used to promulgate the feminist ideology, 'men bad - women good'....(Full Story)

Mom and dad jailed for 12 months for protecting their children against the State. Who 'owns' the children? By Roger Eldridge. 2003 11 13....(Full Story)

Feminism and Families — Advice to Men.
   So, you want to have sex, and perhaps you want to be a father, perhaps you even want to be a married father.
   The risk of getting divorced before any of your children turn eighteen is in the order of 50%, but you want to be a father anyway.
   There are a lot of risks involved. You know that. However, do you know all of the risks? Do you know more than one or two of the risks? ....(Full Story)

If we listen to the politicians who are gathering votes for the next elections and you believe them, maybe, but if we look at the reality of the inexorably escalating levels of suicides, vastly more males than females, suicides by thousands of people each year who woke up from the illusion of the "Canadian Dream" and found themselves unable to cope with reality, you are more inclined to think that we have little to be proud of.
   Canada has become a deadly country for men and has been in the process of doing so ever since the end of the second World War. It's just that now we've reached the point where that reality prevents us from dreaming on, although many people still insist that they can and that all of us should dream on with them....(Full Story)

Prostitution involves far more than merely selling sex and getting paid for it.  Hilary Clinton — being one of many feminists that made prostitution their issue with which to gain ever more rights for women at the expense of the gradual abrogation of universal civil rights and liberties, especially those of men — announced a campaign against prostitution. Erin Pizzey, the founder of the modern women's shelter movement, comments, but there is far more to prostitution than meets the eye at first glance....(Full Story)

The government, after having done its best to destroy our families, now attempts to construct a government-run, -controlled and -funded substitute for our families, a super-family, a single one. That'll never work well, but it will use taxpayers' money to attempt doing without love what families did for the pure love and joy of it and without charge.
   The taxpayer is the breadwinner of that new, government-run super-family, and 70 percent of social contributions are paid by men, while women make use of 70 percent of all social benefits paid out. That is the reality of the "freedom" that women's "liberation" brought women: the welfare state. The welfare state is a dysfunctional family, and its head, the government, is the greatest abuser of all....(Full Story)

We were sitting around a coffee table in my house, in Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith in London listening to a bossy woman wearing National Health round glasses and a long Indian skirt. She smelled of incense and too few baths. We were all nursing large gin and tonics which was the staple drink in the Women's Lib. Goldhawk Road weekly meetings....
   ...The most oppressive thing the boys ever did was to leave hair in the wash-basin and they could all cook, iron, sew and clean. The final question was even more confusing. 'Why is the love of a woman for a man, which involves her being the servant to his needs, lauded as 'her' greatest fulfillment?' The answer reduced the room to a puzzled silence. 'Er,' I asked 'are we talking about lesbians?' We were. 'We,' they always use the royal We ............... 'don't like men nor do we like hetero-sexual women. If there is every to be any equality, marriage and the family must be abolished.' We sat there gawking like fish and she smiled a very satisfied smile and glared at me....(Full Story)

The two comments shown here relate to a 2001 12 03 article by Suzanne Fields, The last rites for chivalry.  A letter written in response to Suzanne Fields states:
    You are quite right in considering that sentiments which in the past promoted special rights for women are archaic relics. Women that wanted to be equal in all respects to men were quite right to abrogate some of those ancient customs. However, the world is somewhat poorer on account of women's liberation. On the surface it seems that women lost out with the hand they dealt to themselves. Looking a little deeper, we all lost because we are being cheated out of civilities that once made it a little easier to live with one another....(Full Story)

In a letter to the BBC, George McAuley writes:

Men are held in contempt by politicians and academe, but especially by the media, which holds that anything that discombobulates men is good. “If” asks “what would happen if men became biologically surplus to requirements”. To get an idea of how nasty this idea is ask yourself “ Why not a programme asking if Blacks, Jews, homosexuals or women are surplus to requirements?” We all know the answer, don't we?

Exterminating men is a long-cherished dream of the nutty lesbian separatist arm of the Feminist movement, a Feminazi Final Solution to the “men problem”.[1] The irony of it is that it is only the balls and brains of men that made possible a society of such comfort, leisure and safety that imbecile notions like this are being allowed house-room....(Full Story)

Fathers in families, not families without fathers. For that, fathers must be quite clear on their goals as to what fathers are and how the public perceives them to live up to that image....(Full Story)

"The sins of our fathers".  The Victorian Age was a period that feminists consider to have been the height of men's oppression of women.  Were the men working in the factories and on constructing the railroads of the world during that period truly so bad that today's men need to be forced to atone for their great-, and great-great-grandfathers' sins against womanhood? ...(Full Story)

For some time now I suggested that femicommies, rather than radfems or feminazis, would be a fitting term to describe radical feminists (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminists) the currently ruling faction with virtually absolute control of political power. See also Radical Feminism in Feminism? You want feminism? Which brand would you like?).
   It makes me happy to see that Dr. Charles E. Corry produced a much more practical term with a definitive ring to it: redfems....(Full Story)

"[Radical feminism] . . .has robbed females of their femininity, and has taken away the potential joy of motherhood:
   "Many mid-career women blame the movement for not knowing and for emphasizing the wrong issues. The ERA and lesbian rights.... The bitterest complaints come from the growing ranks of women who have reached 40 and find themselves childless, having put their careers first. Is it fair that 90% of male executives 40 and under are fathers but only 35% of their female counterparts have children? 'Our generation was the human sacrifice,' says Elizabeth Mehren, 42, a feature writer for the Los Angeles Times. 'We believed the rhetoric. We could control our biological destiny.... Nonprofessional women, poor women, minority women feel their needs and values have been largely ignored by the organized women's movement, which grew out of white, middle-class women's discontent.... Ask a women under the age of 30 if she is a feminist, and chances are she will shoot back a decisive, and perhaps even a derisive, no."
...(Full Story)

Neo Nazis and other overt hate groups are amateurs. THE HATE MONGERS explains how some elements of the women's movement use lies and hate to make big money for themselves, and how they harm our culture and our economy.


Just recently a 'battered woman,' for that is how she saw herself, came to me for help. Her lover, who lived apart from her and her children, had beaten her up badly and she was forced to go to the hospital. He then took her back to her own house and stayed with her in order to look after her while her wounds healed.
   'You are not a battered woman,' I said with a sigh. I define a battered woman as a woman who is a genuine victim of her partner's violence. 'You are a violence-prone woman, a victim of your own need for violence.' I sighed because those two sentences uttered twenty-five years ago in my early work at Chiswick caused me to be hated and despised. I became the nation's conscience. I dared to say publicly that women can be as violent as men and that women were a great deal more psychologically violent than men. In this woman's case we have a great deal of work to do and he needs to find himself a good therapist....(Full Story)

There are better alternatives to coercive child-support enforcement programs that drive men to kill themselves by the thousands each year and make orphans out of children.  Call them bankruptcy and suicide prevention if you wish.  In their "Message to Policymakers" (Divorce: Shattering The myths"), Braver and O'Connell state that there

...is a remedy that is virtually cost-free to society that appears to make fathers *want* to pay, *voluntarily*. Coercion, punishment, garnishment are normally not needed at all. Just as important, if not more so, not only do we get paying fathers, we get fathers who visit often and who become positive forces in their children's lives.  Coercive policies, on the contrary, have been completely unable to get this kind of involvement of fathers, even when authorities have been successful in collecting financial support. (Ibid. p. 197)

(Full Story)

Canadian Senator Anne C. Cools addressed a Washington audience of 2,000 public policy and community activists today [May 27, 2002], calling for shared parenting and criticizing family courts and "radical feminist extremism" for destroying fatherhood....(Full Story)

The greatest danger to civilization is not overpopulation; that is due to increasing life expectancies.  No, the greatest dangers facing civilization are the rapidly growing demographic sector of the elderly, declining birth rates that cause countries like Japan, Germany and Italy to experience population losses in the order of 30 percent and more with every successive generation, and the escalating unwillingness of people to have children and to raise these children in whole, permanent families. All developed countries now have birth rates that are below replacement levels.
   Curiously, men, making more than two-thirds of the social contributions that are increasingly being depleted by the quickly growing population sector of the elderly comprise only a very small fraction of the elderly that get to enjoy in their old age the fruits of men's labour...(Full Story) (See also Parents' rights a demographic issue, by COLIN P.A. JONES, Special to The Japan Times, Tuesday, July 18, 2006)

Feminism? You want feminism? Which brand would you like?
   The boundaries between the various faction of feminism fluctuate, waver and shimmer, and more factions come into existence constantly.  At last count, there are (including about 30 different kind of lesbianism) at the very least in the order of about 70 different factions of feminism.  Of course, not all of them matter very much.  However, collectively they all do.  Virtually none of them have the welfare of boys and men at heart....(Full Story)

"There is a growing feeling that the loss of family can now be measured directly in poor achievement at school, unemployment, bankruptcy, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide [of men]." ....(Full Story)

I have an unusual question as it pertains not to "Men's Rights" per se but to the violation of the rights of a woman in much the same manner....I realize that his is usually a men's issue, but the system can be just as unjust for women. Are there any resources for combating this process that would address the injustice of the system itself regardless of gender?....(Full Story)

At the bottom-end of the list of social ranks are the tramps.  Nine out of ten of them are men.  There are good reasons why that is.  George Orwell, writing in Down and Out in Paris and London a moving and fascinating account of his experiences as a tramp, explains what those reasons are and that men that are tramps have virtually no-one helping them.  That is not so for women that chose to be or became tramps through no fault of their own.  George Orwell explained the reasons for that as well.
   The reasons provided by George Orwell have today become official government policy, just as they had been for quite a while already in the former USSR and some of its successors....(Full Story)

Experts finally realize that male children have unique educational and social needs » by RICK HIEBERT
   The accepted wisdom in modem western culture is that girls face a variety of problems growing up because of society's patriarchal and sexist nature. Last month in Toronto, however, teachers, psychologists and youth workers from across Canada gathered to discuss a crisis in boyhood—problems, some say, exacerbated by ignorance and feminist bias....(Full Story)

A Fathers Day Letter (AD 2000). Opelika-Auburn News Tuesday, June 20, 2000 Opinion, Page 4A. A Prayer for Children and Families....(Full Story)

That is the end of the index of articles and commentaries relating to men's issues.  We will try our best to structure the index so that it will become more user-friendly as time goes by.  For now, please keep in mind that there are about 600 or more articles that address men's issues at Fathers for Life.  Virtually all of them can be found by means of the search facilities available at this website.  Those will provide you with a large list of search returns, depending on what you ask for. 

The search engines available on the Internet will enable you to narrow your search results down to focus on specific areas of interest in association with men's issues.  The drawback of that approach is that the search engines do not index their catalogues every time a new article is being posted, so that you may miss out on some of the latest articles.

There is a way around that.  You can find the hottest current news items commented on by Fathers for Life at our blog.  If you wish to be informed about almost every article posted, commented on and forwarded, subscribe to our mailing list.

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