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since June 19, 2001


The Toxic Trinity of Humanicide


The last century could be remembered as an age of genocide — millions of men — whole generations were deliberately slaughtered for profit in the two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and countless other conflicts. There were also many millions of civilian casualties resulting, either directly or indirectly from warfare. But the image of human slaughter that most horrifically scarred the 20th Century was surely the mass exterminations — the holocaust, the killing fields of Cambodia, Rwanda, Indonesia and the Balkans. The attempted annihilation of whole races and ethnic groups because they did not fit into a particular place or ideology.

It isn’t new of course. It happened in the 18 and the 19th century — in Tasmania, in South America and in even in the USA. It’s happened throughout human history. Whole peoples wiped out, or culled down to such a degree that they became obsolete and irrelevant to the land they had lived upon for thousands of generations. If we were less than human we might even regard such things as progress in a strictly Darwinian sense — but we are human, aren’t we?

Today we are constantly bombarded with the ‘thought-bite’ that some 6 million Jews perished under the Nazis, yet most of us are oblivious to the fact that 100 million men, women and children perished for the ‘good’ of Communism in the 20th century. It is amazing how little we today even acknowledge the vast human destruction of the past. Out of mind is out of sight — to put the saying another way around.

But those times are gone aren’t they? They certainly have. Genocide is history. It’s old hat — unfashionable. Humanity has progressed beyond such things.


We believe that human beings are not, as a whole, mass murderers, torturers and exterminators. We believe that most human beings are remarkably decent, tolerant and benign. To actually be ‘human’ proves this. For the adjective is the same word as the noun. This is our great strength, but it is also our greatest weakness, for those who do perpetrate such ‘in-humanities’ use our basic humanity to their advantage.

History shows us that there is no more effective method of murdering our fellow human beings in their millions than by cloaking the crime in the raiment of an altruistic cause — in the name of progress. There is no doubt the empires of the past did likewise. There is no doubt the Nazi and Communist regimes were just as guilty of such horrific deviousness. Indeed, we can see this for ourselves, for it is still possible to view movies made in Germany that portray Jews as a plague of rats. It’s also possibly to view western movies made in the USA that portray native Americans through much the same distorted lens. Today, our TV, our advertising and our movies portray some of us human beings in no less a distorted fashion and with exactly the same intent.

But surely not - surely such inhumanities cannot be taking place today, can they?

A distorted view is all that is needed for the inhumanity to don its shining cloak of legitimacy. Then, even if we actually bother to look, we see something that is acceptable and necessary. We even see through that dark, twisted glass what we want to see.

Some may see the true picture though — either by actually being forced beyond that screen, by cruel circumstance, or by pure human insight. Some may possess a sense of human justice and a comprehending of history repeating a pattern again and again, but bigger, more astoundingly horrific on every cycle of the dark tide. Some may see that with each new degree of horror comes a new degree of mass denial and mass cultural blindness.

I am hoping that I can give you such a glimpse here, through the small lens of these hopelessly inadequate words, of what that terrible vision has become in this the 21st Century. It isn’t purely my vision though. It is a vision born in the minds of such people as I have described above — people enlightened by cruel circumstance, who have paid and are still paying a high price for their insight and understanding.


People often wonder how it was that such immense evil could have been allowed to flourish in Nazi Germany. After all, Germany was a highly civilised technological society at the heart of Europe. The German people were not morons or savages. They were no different from you or me. They were men and women with families and hopes and dreams — ordinary human beings. How was it such an ideology rose up, prospered and then proceeded to commit such inhumanities amongst such a civilised people?

I would suggest that it was inevitable. The very fact that the German people were no different from you or me — men and women with hopes and dreams, ordinary human beings — was exactly what allowed it to happen. They were taught to look away of course. Even though they saw the long trains crowded with people being transported to the camps they refused to acknowledge it or to admit to it. After all, those obsolete people were defined as less than human and deep down inside, the mass of the German people must have believed it was a beneficial thing to be rid of them. That was the view of humanity that had been given to them and such a view must surely have saved them from the inconvenience of looking to closely at themselves. Many Germans refused to see until they were themselves were rounded up by the liberating troops and forced to go into the camps and bury the dead. That must have been some moment of revelation and enlightenment.

But, to our shame, the blindness to mass human extermination didn’t end there. Commencing roughly over half way through the last century, a new, improved form of human slaughter appeared. This new manifestation of mass extermination was, for most people, just as impossible to visualise as the colossal brutality of the Spanish in South America, or the, eradication of the entire Tasmanian race to the British Empire, or the land-hungry new "Americans" sweeping across the new world of North America, exterminating the natives as they went. The vast mass of people refused to see the truth then just as the German people did in the 1940’s.

And so today the exterminations are equally out of sight and mind because just as in the past, not only do our masters refuse to own up to the truth of what is happening, we ourselves are in terminal denial.

When People believe absurdities, they commit atrocities.



A new Dark Age has been brought upon us by a toxic Trinity — a corrupt creed, a belief system that has filled the void left by the ebb of Christianity and its attendant system of moral values. Incredible as it may seem, in an age where God is now proclaimed as dead, we instead pay tribute to the goddess Gaia – the Earth goddess of our pagan past.

Environmentalism began to concern us a little more than half way through the 20th century. It was not before time. Clearly, our world was a mess. The industrial age had peaked with W.W. II — for war or fear of war is the very life’s-breath of capitalism. Most of us cannot imagine a more vital and altruistic cause than to save our world and ourselves from slow death by poisoning.

How to stop that senseless cycle of war and prosperity — nation competing against nation? How better to end the slaughter than to promote the vision of one people in one world living in harmony together? Multiculturalism must truly be the only viable future for the human race. For surely, unless we can live together in our "spaceship Earth", we will surely die together and our blue world with us.


Clearly, human society must be re-invented — for our own good. We must create a juster, fairer, cleaner world so that humanity may survive and prosper. Who in their right mind could object to that altruistic aim?

Such vast changes cannot be made easily though. To tear down the old ways and rebuild a new world is bound to make a mess, to cause some disruption. After all, every construction site is a scene of chaos until the shining new edifice rises up out of the mud and the detritus of the building work. Nobody ever made an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

So how to dismantle what already exists? To destroy an out of date model of human society you send in the wrecking crew, the professional destroyers. Enter the Marxist Feminist Deconstruction Company or, as they are known in the business — GENDERCIDE Inc.

First, they go to great lengths to point out the old model’s faults and failings. That naturally justifies their high fee. Then they progressively undermine the foundations, removing one by one the props and supports that have underpinned it for so long. It’s so easy to persuade many of the female tenants of the building that it was badly constructed by a bunch of moronic, insensitive males in the first place. Soon, the obsolete edifice is swaying, crumbling, falling to pieces. Clearly, it must come down. It is a danger to everyone.

And so a new society has been built by those who have absolutely no idea of how to build one — by a company who are experts only at destroying societies. This is a company that refuses to even acknowledge the benefits of the old, tried and tested design and have put their own shoddy condo in its place. We have allowed them to do this through our apathy and worse still — we have paid them handsomely for the privilege. As we stumbled by on our way to work, or to the supermarket, we barely noticed this dark tower rising up, brick by brick. But now it’s indisputably there, completed all but for some minor internal fitting out.

There has been put into place without our consultation, a vast, largely unacknowledged, Cultural Revolution. Its creators have bulldozed the human landscape — and something dark, sinister and inhuman has been raised up. Something that isn’t a machine for living, but a machine for dying — and the residents of this new construction are indeed dying — but that after all is its purpose. Let’s take a look inside:


In the new residential levels, pregnancy — new human life — has been reclassified as a bodily infection, a diseased encumbrance to be flushed away with the sewage. Here a woman's natural role as protector and nurturer has been degraded and downsized to such an extent that motherhood is viewed by many intelligent people as an affliction of the lower classes — a barrier that denies true human development and fulfillment.

Here also, the institution of the natural family, which women have traditionally managed and ordered, is now regarded by both the intelligentsia and the masses as a prison in which every imaginable atrocity is perpetrated. In this new Utopia the human family is regarded as a hot bed of violence, oppression and dysfunction and every available strategy and means are being employed to eradicate it.

Within these walls, the female of the human species has not been empowered and raised up by her "liberation" though. On the contrary, her feminine strengths, gifts and qualities have been portrayed as weak, bad and obsolete. Woman is actually being culturally modified into the new man — or non-man. ‘She’ will work, pay taxes and run the whole of human society — she will even fight and die for it when the time comes. ‘She’ — nomen — will inherit the earth.

And what of old-man? He is also obsolete and is granted no tenancy here. He is an unhealthy, dangerous anachronism who has few uses apart from supplying hard labour. He is now to be cast out into the streets, imprisoned in his millions. His fertility and his life expectancy is being progressively eroded. He is denied justice and human rights. He is disenfranchised at every level. He is, according the UN definition of what it is to be human in this 21st century — less than human. Even his biological role is redundant. He is incarcerated behind the barbed wire coils of junk science and socio-political media hogwash in a cultural extermination camp.

Homo sapiens have no place here in the new living space — HE is history — already culturally extinct. The future is female — or, to be accurate, nomale. We are already in the dawning era of a one sex, one culture, one World State. God help us all — this isn’t a new luxury apartment block in the neighbourhood — it is a high-tech abattoir!


Human society and human beings themselves have been deconstructed. The very meaning of what humanity is has been changed before our eyes. We have not seen it happen and we have not understood. But then how could we? We have always been just as blind, as history shows us again and again and again. No wonder we refuse to accept the reality of what is happening now. We have always been unable to see beyond the lies of our masters. But then they are such good lies and so well told. But isn't that really a pathetic excuse? Isn't that the very same excuse made by the German people in 1945?

The truth is that every dysfunctional ideology would die within a few seconds of its first words being uttered if it were not for the following factors:

  1. Someone is gullible and stupid enough to listen.
  2. Someone realises that there is money and/or power to make out of it.
  3. Those that rule us realise it is a damn good way to exploit the human herd.

An "ism" is a vehicle for power and profit — all the way up the scale from the feminazi in the Student Union up to the multi-national conglomerate, or arms trust.

The Trinity of Humanicide — the destruction of the existing form of the human race — is formed by combining three such isms and let’s be honest, didn’t they all sound good when we first heard them? Let's rip off the shining raiment and see what lies underneath.

  • Environmentalism — the war between people and the planet.
  • Multiculturalism — the war between the world and its component nations.
  • Feminism — the war between the two component human genders.

Unmasked, we can see these three imposters for what they are. They are not a Trinity to bring us together at all. They are three weird sisters met to tear us apart and create disharmony and destruction.

Here we have a witches brew, an all encompassing global 'ethic' that is the most powerful mechanism for human destruction in the history of the world. Anyone who cannot see, or understand this — and that is the vast majority of us — must believe that the three components of this spell are basically benign, altruistic aims. But, we have been fooled into biting into a poisoned apple. That is the true heart of this terrible human catastrophe.

In our lack of vision and understanding, we have ourselves become components in the most toxic and most powerful force for evil that has ever been unleashed in the history of human existence.

In failing to see the sum of the trinity of isms as the Trinity of Humanicide we have become willing converts, enforcing our own self-destruction. We have all become mass murderers and in our blindness we have consigned humanity to oblivion.

We can only hope that enlightenment may come soon, for the day will surely come when we too will be rounded up and forced to bury the dead. May God have mercy upon us all on that great day of Revelation.

Every major horror of history was committed in the name of an altruistic motive. Has any act of selfishness ever equalled the carnage perpetrated by disciples of altruism?

-Ayan Rand


Illustrated version of The Head of the Medusa

Humanarchy — The book about globalization

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Posted 2000 12 16
2006 10 31 (reformated)