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since June 19, 2001


The Deconstruction of Humanity


By Perseus Jones

I bring you news of a catastrophic event – an event unparalleled in human history. This is something so vast that it exceeds the purges of Mao and Stalin, the killing fields of Cambodia, even the genocidal insanities of the Third Reich. The deaths, the casualties and the incarcerations will be of such a magnitude that they will remain uncountable, un-imaginable.

The grief, the pain and human misery that is being released will devastate us and our children so profoundly that the echoes of their screams will never leave our ears. It will lay humanity waste. It is touching the lives of billions, like some prophesied visitation of the angel of death.

This is a truly global event, for we are entering a new global age. It is happening in your country to your people, in your city, town or street. To your friends, neighbours, relatives – and if it hasn't yet already – it may likely happen to you.

Humanity as we have known it since the beginning of time is being destroyed. We are deemed to be obsolete, to be replaced by a new form of 'human' being. We are being re-engineered like dogs, sheep or cattle into a new species, bred for docile domesticity in the pastures of the Brave New World that is being created – now.



Back in the 1930’s Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Labour Party tried to create a "Thousand Year Reich" that was to be the heart of a "Global Co-Prosperity Sphere". As a result, 66 million people died in a world war that witnessed the attempted exterminations of entire races of dissenters and 'undesirables.'

Today at the start of a new millennium, the same mad dream for world domination and global governance is wreaking havoc on human society. The nightmare is real and the undeclared war rages on a new battlefield – the hearts, minds and the homes of the men, women and children that make up our society. Why is it being fought here? Because you cannot destroy a whole human society without destroying its most fundamental unit – the male-female bond.

The event has been well planned. The strategy is simple and deadly, for it uses our own human psychology turned and twisted against us. It has been masterminded by an organisation that must surely rate as the greatest evil genius this world has ever seen. Only such an organisation would allow the criminally insane, the intellectually perverted and the morally debased such power over the lives of us all. This is a coordinated attack on the old ways, the old structures of human society. For there are those who surely mean to destroy such things forever – the nation state, the freely chosen religious belief, the individual race, the individual family and of course, the individual mind. This time, there will be no 'Schindler's list' and nowhere to escape to. There can be no refugees from this holocaust. This time it is not just Europe that is being enslaved – it is the entire planet.



Back in the 1960's it seemed as though a new era of humanity had begun. The western world embraced a new revolution – one that called for tolerance, respect for human rights and concern for the environment. Martin Luther King was not the only citizen of the planet to "have a dream". The lives of ordinary people were being changed dramatically. Computer technology, world wide communications, education and enlightenment on a scale seen never before changed our hopes and aspirations. We looked forward to a world cleansed of war, hatred and bigotry. Surely a worthy dream – but while we were bedazzled by such visions the dream was being deconstructed and reconstructed into a nightmare.

The Marxist lunatics that tried to ferment a revolution of a more violent nature in the closing years of that incredible decade failed on the streets and at the barricades, but they didn't stop dreaming their own perverted dreams. They carried on the fight on a new battlefront – the hearts and minds of the altruistic youth of that generation. Wherever there was a cause they would make it their cause. Wherever there was an issue it would become their issue. Wherever there was a right to be upheld they would would make it their right and they chose the very things that were dearest to the hearts and minds of the young intellectuals of the day.



To destroy a whole society takes a well funded and supplied army, but no army would march to these insane drummers unless it were an army of dupes or slaves. It also takes a brilliant strategy and what better strategy could be utilized than to high jack and pervert the hopes and the dreams of a whole generation? There were three main avenues of attack:
What better army to fight a cause than a group that has the time, the money and leisure to do so? The middle-class western woman of the 60's had all three in abundance – usually supplied by the labour of the "patriarchal oppressor" she was married to. What better way to motivate that army than by convincing them that they were an oppressed minority who had suffered under the yoke of "patriarchy" since the beginning of time? After all, the psychological strategy of "the victim class" worked well for those other Nazis – the ones that wore the crooked cross on their uniforms. This new army took the whole thing to a new level of depravity. Their uniform was their sex – therefore EVERY woman was automatically press-ganged into the army – whether she was a Marxist lesbian lunatic or just a normal mother, daughter or wife.

The Domestic Violence Industry has come a long way in a very short time. Initially founded to alleviate the suffering in what was a minority of dysfunctional families, its beginnings were just and humble – until the big money came rolling in, that is. Then its original aims were suddenly turned inside out. Instead of supporting families – it became an instrument for destroying them and a haven for every mad, Marxist, radical-lesbian man-hater that ever raised a fist in anger.

Once they had this 'cash cow' firmly by the horns, this bunch of feminazi terrorists took the cemtex out of their handbags and quickly leapt into ‘higher’ education, where the funding and the power to promote male hatred was lavished upon them as if they were the saviour sisters of humanity. The insane man-hating creed of the DV industry became a science of its own, well funded, discussed and debated by high-minded liberal intelligentsia in their ivory towers all over the western world. Feminazism was big business – it meant big salaries, book sales, power politics. ‘Women’s Rights’ became little to do with equality – now SUPREMACY was the way forward. Radical lesbian organisations that claimed to speak for ALL women emerged, like N.O.W..  The female vote became the politicians' Holy Grail. They discovered that women are voters too, even though they are not deemed to have individual minds of their own. From there it was an easy, downhill march into the most influential organisation on Earth – the organisation that is now recognised as the instrument of World Government.



In the fertile, bureaucratic dung heap of the UN this evil empire that claimed to speak for the new oppressed victim class of women, got into bed with the one that was trying to cut world population down to size with its wacky new ‘belief and fear’ system – the Eco-Creed – the new Unholy Trinity – the global warming, environmentalism and over population scam.

The United Nations and feminazism were a marriage made in hell. Well, why not keep all the liars under one roof? At least we know where they are coming from. Meanwhile, the rest of us suckers can forget about the 17,000 scientists who signed the Kyoto petition stating that global warming was a complete and utter fabrication – and we can forget about the fact that women are just as violent as men and that the whole DV industry is just a multi-billion dollar fast-track divorce system that works in cahoots with the international child-support scam to bust up the hetero-sexual family unit. Now that’s really affirmative action on a global scale, sisters!









Radical Lesbianism Rules at the UN     Consider Her Ways

The UN’s widely stated aim of transferring wealth and power to women – supposedly to reduce population – resulted in a FEMALE SUPREMACIST society with special concessions in law and extra human rights for the new openly declared ‘Century of Women’ – how’s that for equality of opportunity?

NOTE: Files are accessible that can be printed out as a posters (Free).



Now the feminazi ‘Thousand Year Reich’ – the New World Order in which population levels are to be reduced to pre-Columbian levels and males will be reduced by 80% if the sisters get their way – has reached out from its power base at the UN into almost every nation on Earth.

This is an army that has marched on hatred, thrived and grown fat on the lies and propaganda of an inhuman creed. This is an army that means to scourge the Earth, to rid the planet forever of all that is decent, all that is truth and all that grows rich in the sacred soil of human integrity.

This is an army of abomination – a curse that means to defile the world with its dysfunctional filth and its moral pestilence. It means to destroy on a scale never before imagined. It has mounted a great offensive – a big push – a blitzkrieg on human trust, societal stability, dignity, justice and above all – love. After this battle the world will never be the same again. An apocalypse is upon us now from which we will never recover. All that decent human beings hold dear is being murdered and all the deviant filth of human depravity is being reconstructed and elevated to the heights of a new world 'civil morality' that promotes and applauds buggery and perversion.

This army has murdered more than 1.5 billion of the unborn. This army has falsely accused and incarcerated thousands of innocent men, destroyed millions of families and devastated the lives of countless children. For this is an army dedicated to the destruction of the natural family. It will not only steal millions of children and destroy our children’s rightful human heritage, it will loot the labour, the wealth and commitment of our natural families. It will work tirelessly to destroy the natural family unit in every way it can, for its aim is to destroy humanity and it is already doing so in it's words, its deeds and its actions.



The big battalions are mobilised, the armies freshly fuelled and briefed. The legions are well armed, well supplied with YOUR money. They have honed their fighting skills effectively, trained constantly, fought their way up by stealing, cheating and lying, taking over the honest cause, perverting the altruistic motive, standing in the shoes of heroes and heroines, appropriating the funds, hi-jacking the organisations, destroying the just visions – replacing them with their own warped windows on the future of our world and human society. Now they sit, licking the jackboots of our multinational masters, at the thrones of global domination.

They have twisted our laws, corrupted our governments and infiltrated our systems of law and justice. They deconstructed our language and re-wrote our literature, burned our books and silenced any opposition or criticism with their Inquisitions. They have refashioned our morals, redefined the truth, mutilated our social care systems and defiled our churches and sacred institutions. They have turned education into subjugation, free thought into heresy and elevated hypocrisy and sexual perversion into doctrines of sainthood. They have bludgeoned our youth into submission, with their false belief systems and their promotion of a selfish conformism that masquerades as altruism. They trampled our nations' pride into the dirt, proclaimed our forbears' achievements to be instruments of oppression and re-hashed our histories into fanatical travesties of farce-fiction and now they are going to rule the new world.

And we have let them do it. We have all allowed this terror to come to pass – by our complacency, our indifference and our ignorance. We have failed to recognise the Trojan Horse that has grown fat, bursting with concealed enemies among us. We have paraded our gullibility under banners of lassitude. We have made pathetic excuses for our impotency within the whimperings of our complacency. We have neglected to speak out against radical extremism under the shabby cloak of the professed tolerance that covers our apathy. We have relegated our security to psychopaths. We have given up our responsibilities to mercenaries and traitors and when courageous witnesses have cried out their wisdom in the wilderness, begging us to take warning, we have denounced them as bigots and fools.

And now we and our children will suffer. We have paid for this – our own destruction with our own taxes. The creation of our own wealth is funding our own extermination. Now we have no rights, because we have given them up to every selfish crank and disaffected whiner. Now we have no safe guards because we have given them up to those who wish to destroy us. Now there is no due process, no democracy, no truth. There is no jury, no court of appeal. The guilty and the victim stand proclaimed before the 'crime' is even committed. Merely to ‘be’ is to be guilty. Merely to exist is to be denied existence. Merely to protest is to be damned. No evidence or testimony, no appeal or clemency. The nightmare vision of George Orwell has come to be because good men and women did nothing and now there are no rules but the tirades of hatred that emanate from the foul mouths of lying whores, snake-oil media men and the corrupt politicians that service them. While good men and women sat mesmerised by the ball game and the soap opera, Lucifer and his dark angels have taken dominion over the Earth.



Billions of dollars have funded a world army of hate mongers and propagated their lying creed. It has grown strong in the excrement of a throw-away generation. Their daily bread is to insinuate their hatred into our lives, manipulate our emotions, prey on our human failings and our weaknesses, destroy the trust, pervert the love, drive the wedge, point the finger, stomp on the face of sanity, common sense and decency. They spout their gospels from the porn-peddling pulpits of the TV stations – giving us this day our daily poison, forgive them not their trespasses, for we are going to wipe them from the face of the Earth; the family that oppresses as all families oppress; the father that abuses as all fathers abuse; the man that batters as all men batter; the man that rapes as all men rape; the woman that bleeds as all women bleed under the cursed yoke of the earth-poisoning patriarchy.



They are working now, in your city hall, your government and in the International insane asylum of the United Nations Organisation, well funded with your dollars and they mean to lift that yoke, ‘liberate’ the victim woman and take her under the wing of their sinister sisterhood, release the child from the chains of the family, break forever the power of the patriarchy and set the child free into their brave New World State of ‘justice’, ‘equality’ and ‘opportunity’. They mean to take your property, your home, breed your children and grandchildren like cattle, and those that they allow to live will graze the genetically modified pastures of a world reconstructed. There will be no nations, no cultures, no democracy, no votes or voices save those that order your grandchildren how to live and tell them when to die. There will be no more humanity – there will be merely a tolerable number of reconstructed, genetically modified, multicultural, bi-sexual consumer cattle fattened on the products of their own faeces.

And you my friend – my father, my brother, my son – you whose forbears died to make it so, will be consigned to the Gulags and the prisons, the dark streets and the ghettos. The forgotten places where you will be left to rot, cast out and damned – in the name of the Goddess Gaia – creator of all things – sacred mother of all life. For the future is female – the power and the glory is hers – deconstructed, reconstructed – for ever and ever – without men.


Illustrated version of The Head of the Medusa

Humanarchy – The book about globalization

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Posted 2000 04 18
2000 04 19 (Format changes and installation of link to posters)
2000 04 21 (installed link to Sovereignty International)
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