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since June 19, 2001


Educating for the Gynarchia


It's so "normal" now that most of us just accept it, but like so many things that have changed over the last thirty years or so, we have been preoccupied with adapting and getting on with our lives. Understandably, we have failed to notice the real significance of what is happening around us. Please, I beg you - take the time to look. In our schools and throughout our whole society, our children are being educated to live in a world without men.

Does this statement alarm you? If it does then I would suggest the alarm comes from a deep-seated unease about even making such a seemingly impossible statement, not in any fear that it may be true - and that in itself illustrates something profoundly disturbing. As we enter the "Century of Women" so loudly proclaimed by the United Nations, men and male influence are increasingly becoming viewed as obsolete, negative and even dangerous.

Our schools are increasingly becoming feminised institutions and so, naturally, do their methods of teaching our children. Our colleges and universities perhaps even more so, for here too male teachers and lecturers are declining and those that survive, do so by tugging their forelocks to the twisted feminist ideology that pervades every strata of modern society. Even so, by the time our children get into higher education, the worst damage has already been done and the message rammed home to every child - male and female: Women educate, care for and own children - while men are absent outcasts, selfish, dysfunctional and brutal - the cause of centuries of war, environmental destruction, violence, inequality and oppression.


The education systems of the western nations are being rapidly purged of men. Here in the UK the number of men coming into teaching is falling rapidly, particularly in our primary schools. Many primary schools have long been "ethnically cleansed" of all males. Given that an increasing number of children are growing up in 'families' purged of male influence, many children are growing up in a world without any experience of men apart from the moronic and violent stereotypes portrayed in the media. These are the lessons our children are constantly learning.

Low pay and status are usually trumpeted for the decline in male teachers, but this is feminist hogwash. There are millions of self-employed men - plumbers, construction workers, road menders and farmers - men who do the vital everyday, dirty, unpleasant, physically demanding work we all benefit from. They often work far longer hours and for far less money. No one in their right mind would possibly assert that a miner or a steelworker, an exhaust fitter or labourer enjoyed higher status than a teacher.

The truth is that any man in his right mind knows that working with children is to put his head onto the chopping block. A man working in education knows that he must constantly watch his back and assess his female colleagues as potential attackers and accusers. If he should touch a child, say the wrong words, be alone in a room with a woman or a child then he can leave himself open to a false accusation, or a vindictive hidden report, filed in secret, waiting to be used against him.

Teaching and caring is seen as a woman's job which men dare to enter at their peril. Strange, when we are constantly bombarded with claims that women are underrepresented in this and that industry. Strange when millions of pounds are paid out almost daily in discrimination and harassment claims to women that they still seem reluctant to fill those dirty, physically demanding and dangerous jobs that men are forced into doing. Stranger still that the myths of violent men, paedophiles, alcoholism and abuse are increasingly promulgated to deter men from any involvement in childcare or education.


In any other area of modern life, our governments would be screaming for "affirmative action" and enforcing strict quotas, but not here. Indeed, even the teaching unions are far more concerned with the lack of black teachers, section 28, the perceived oppression of gays and issues concerning their predominantly female membership. This from organisations that continually spout the mantra of equal opportunities.

As for the educational press, a glance at the content of newspapers like the Times Educational Supplement will reveal a blatant pro-feminist anti-male agenda, sugar coated with environmental and multicultural images that pander to its predominantly female readers. Yet, research published by the Education Statistics Agency in January found that men training to be primary school teachers are twice as likely to drop out of their postgraduate courses than women are. The climate is so anti-male that around 15 per cent of men leave before completing their training.

Strangely, the caring, campaigning, equal-opportunitied TES is deafeningly silent on the matter. In 1996, Anthea Millett, then chief executive of the Teacher Training Agency, said that male teachers would vanish from our primary schools by the year 2010. Yet, absolutely nothing is being done to address the gross misrepresentation of men in our schools and in our society in general. Some equality of opportunity.

Our Government and the media still loudly trumpet false statistics on domestic violence brewed by the hate mongering harpies of the
radical feminist movement and spare no expense when it comes to bombarding us with homosexual evangelism. Strange indeed that it is perfectly acceptable for homosexuals to teach our children, yet men are not permitted to cuddle or touch a child in our schools.

Any assertion of a normal heterosexual outlook in our society is instantly branded as the right wing thought crime of 'homophobia'. Gays or lesbians may adopt, foster and will soon be able to 'marry', yet straight marriage is penalised in a tax system that encourages single parenthood. Divorce is a multi-million pound industry in which women are regularly granted easy access to legal aid funds from which men are excluded.

Men who are the victims of unfaithful women are overwhelmingly targeted and harassed for child support, stripped of their homes and their wages by legalised robbery and branded as criminals, rapists, stalkers and abusers and even jailed without evidence or due process. This is hardly surprising when we have a court welfare system that blatantly proclaims a policy of freeing women from the chains of patriarchal oppression. It's not surprising when there are barristers and solicitors with political agendas eager to fight for the Marxist radical lesbian cause.

The law might be said to be gender neutral, but in fact, justice is a blind female monolith that is far from being impartial. Our legal systems condemn and incarcerate men out of hand, yet go to bizarre and extraordinary lengths to cover up, excuse and absolve female crime and abuse against children.


Traditional male industries that supported whole families and allowed mothers to nurture children are now extinct. It is common now for women to be the primary wage earners in a family. Male jobs as a whole are rapidly declining. Even in the boardroom and in management women are the new men. The car showroom or the building society is far more likely to be the domain of the sharp, shoulder-padded, feisty saleswoman - who is naturally trusted more than the salesman - especially as consumers are overwhelmingly female

The jobs and positions that were once held by mature men as an indication of trust, reliability and integrity now favour the grimacing lip-glossed faces of power dressed career females. After all, a woman never lies or cheats, as any judge will tell you. Men are being driven to the margins, the dirty dangerous jobs lacking in status and reward. He's still there on the building site, digging sewers, high above erecting office blocks and hauling away our rubbish, but he's disappearing from the jobs that require a respectable face for the public. Go to any supermarket and it is rare to find a male even on the checkouts - though not as rare as finding a female collecting trolleys in the rain swept car park.


Our children, both male and female have been learning these messages for a long time now and not surprisingly, most of them believe what they have been told to be true. This brainwashing is understandably disastrous for the self-esteem and self-image of boys, but for girls too it is the foundation of a lifetime of alienation from men that manifests itself in hostility and even out-and-out warfare. Indeed, the media happily complies with teaching gender warfare. Sex, courtship, career progress, relationships and marriage are actually portrayed as warfare between the sexes - not unity, but entrenched hostility, not harmony, but selfishness and greed, not love, but deviousness, manipulation and power play.

The 'equal rights' demanded by feminists of the 60's have spawned generations of females that arrogantly demand everything - whether they have earned or deserved it or not. Feminist inspired legislation has given every female a weapon that seeks not to empower women but to engender an attitude of supremacism. Our governments and our bureaucracies are infested with quangos, and organisations that benefit women only. Health care spending on women is still colossal compared to that spent on men and research on women's diseases outstrips those of men at every level. The United Nations itself is riddled with women's departments and organisations but has none for men. No one in their right mind could ever call this state of affairs equality. So what exactly is happening and why?


A world 'cleansed' of men is not just the stuff of warped female science fiction writers - it is serious political thought. Feminist authors and academics in the US as well as Britain openly advocate the culling of the male population by as much as 80%. This, incredibly, is regarded as an environmental necessity for "human" life to continue in harmony with the planet.

A whole new
pseudo-religious system of ethics has been constructed around the worship of the Earth goddess Gaia - the modern incarnation of the ancient pagan deity that required male human sacrifice - and clearly still does. This horrific ideology is not just the property of a few feminazi fanatics either. It is serious political action incorporated into global policy. International treaties that have been agreed and ratified by our governments promote the "empowerment" of women and outline the tax-funded strategies that are already being implemented to transfer wealth, power and total environmental control to women.

It is noteworthy however that such strategies do not emanate from any altruistic if misinformed concern for the future of our planet. These lunatic policies have been crafted, implemented and copiously funded by major international business cartels - in particular the oil and pharmaceutical industries.

Few activists who support Eco-friendly lifestyles, feminism and multiculturalism realise that the very organisations and ideals they zealously promote are the creations of multi-national business giants that do not give a damn about people or the planet - except to the degree that both can continue to be manipulated and exploited. Central to their plans for our future is the total control of our education systems and the hearts and minds of our children.

Teaching and teachers themselves have consequently come in for major social re-engineering to satisfy these sinister aims. Teachers are now increasingly being deliberately subjected to intolerable burdens of bureaucracy, government interference and control in every aspect of their work. Insane as it seems, there is a reason for this. Thousands of decent teachers both male and female are being forced to leave the profession because they no longer feel they can adequately do what they trained for - to teach children. But then that is exactly the point. Teaching - in the old sense of the word - is the last thing that our multi-national masters want to happen to our children.

The rise in behavioural disorders among children is rapidly increasing, yet the strategies available to discipline unruly children are almost non-existent. Consequently, the teaching profession will soon exclusively consist of females of low calibre and ability who are capable of nothing but the willingness to jump through the bureaucratic hoops and carry out yet more of the destructive policies and indoctrination that is deliberately designed to destroy our society. Soon, such teachers will be little more than warders, containing our children for the entire working day, so that all mothers can become full time taxpayers.


Back in Victorian schools, boys and girls were educated and even played separately. At the end of poor people's lives, the dreaded Workhouse heartlessly separated long married couples, yet today men and women have been torn apart more destructively perhaps than at any time in our history. And it's called liberation, equality and empowerment. In that division, there is no empowerment or equality for either sex. This is not the foundation of a new golden age for humanity. It is the beginning of a new thousand year Reich in which a new master race will flourish and the unfit for living will be murdered in their billions.

Our children will let this happen without protest and without guilt or shame because they have taught to value nothing - least of all male human life. In thirty years time there will be few people left who grew to adolescence before the so-called sexual revolution. There will be few who will have learned that men and women are the two different but compatible components vital for the nurturing and education of healthy, functional, well balanced children - vital in turn for a healthy, functional, well-balanced society.

The new Gynarchia will have truly come of age - it will be a fully-fledged, empowered adult, independent it its own right to breed by the science of genetics the sexless, Godless, multicultural super child in the sexless, Godless, multicultural super state of the New World Order. None of this will matter to me personally, for I will have lived my life by then and as much as I love this world, I shall be glad to leave it. I fear for those mutant, emotionally sterile children though. They may have been bred and educated to inhabit their brave new Gynarchia, but truly, I do not envy them their world without love.



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Posted 2000 12 27
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