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Frequently asked questions

1) Who is Perseus?

Perseus is not one person. He is a personification of the many contributors involved in producing THE HEAD OF THE MEDUSA. This work was not undertaken for financial gain or political opportunity. Neither is it the work of any particular religious faith or organization. We put this work together because we care deeply about what is happening and fear for the future of our children and our children's children. We would ask only that you read these words and form your own opinions, based upon your own experiences and those of people you know.

2) Is THE HEAD OF THE MEDUSA available in hard copy? Is it copyrighted? 

We’ve not had a hard copy version of The Head of the Medusa printed. We have made the book freely available on the Internet because this is the only free medium of communication left. We live in an age where only deconstructed ‘truth’ is allowed. We live in an age where the mass media is owned by a very small number of people with strong interests in promoting only one view - the NEW WORLD ORDER view. Therefore, you are privileged to be freely reading this work. Already, you are being prevented from thinking free thoughts. Soon, you will never be able to think or read free words ever again. We hold the copyright on the work. Any reprinting (for resale purposes) is expressly prohibited, and violations will be vigorously prosecuted. 

3) Do you honestly think there will be mass exterminations of men during the next century? 

Frankly, we feel it is inevitable if the present anti-male policies that are being adopted by the UN and our governments continue. At first we thought that such extermination was an impossibility, that no civilised society would allow such insanity to triumph. But there are those in powerful positions who advocate such a holocaust.
   Certainly high profile feminists like Germaine Greer openly advocate it in the media with complete impunity. It’s clear that the first stage – the cultural and political climate - is already in place, as are the legal formulae and techno-biological expertise.
   Already, large numbers of males are being purged from their families and their homes. The industrial penal system is well established and growing. It is almost exclusively a system the incarcerated males.
   Death rates, and suicide rates are being allowed to increase for males and a wide range of legislation is effectively removing male wealth, power and influence. We believe the public is indeed being prepared for ‘voluntary’ male sterilisation. Thousands of men are already being imprisoned for what amount to political crimes i.e. they have been convicted purely because they are male. Male fertility is declining and with it the male birthrate.
   If any other group in human society was subjected to such treatment there would be riots on the streets - but no - these are only males - less than human by UN definition.

4) What other books on this issue would you recommend?

PART ONE of our latest work - HUMANARCHY. The Internet is a good place to search for background information. Search for items concerning The New World Order, Global Governance and off course, pro- natural family and men’s rights organisations.  A large bibliography is available, listing related works, reviews, articles and studies. It will give you a good start for finding information that will support your studies.

As far as we are aware, no other books deal with this subject on the same scale – you are privileged to be reading the first warnings of Gendercide. However, there are plenty of Feminazi texts that advocate it, either blatantly or in more covert form. The promotion of FEMALE SUPREMACY is of course perfectly acceptable. We would suggest that you adopt a mindset that allows you to explore the ‘hidden agenda within gender’ and to look at the feminist policy that has already been accepted. Be warned, though, this can be a terrifying experience and you will ask yourself if what you are reading is possible. Let us assure you that throughout the researching of The Head Of The Medusa we asked ourselves the same question constantly. We tried to prove to that we might be wrong. Employ the same mechanism in your own exploration. If you can convince yourself that all is well, then you have at least had the freedom of thought to have asked the question and satisfied yourself on this matter.

There has also been a blanket ban on any text that would alert the population to the true nature of what is afflicting our society. Many books have been banned, even those written by feminists who don’t toe the party line. Witness Erin Pizzey’s ‘Prone To Violence’ published 1982. It dared to suggest that some women are violent and even seek out violent relationships. The author received death threats and was eventually made homeless and bankrupt. Her book was suppressed to such an extent that a recent worldwide search found only 13 copies of ‘Prone to Violence’ in all the worlds’ libraries. Even the most mildly anti-feminist books don’t get to the hard copy stage in the present climate. Bookshops won’t stock anything anti-fem and there has been a substantial take over of the publishing industry by Feminazi sympathisers. Remember that women are the overwhelming consumers in our society. There are thousands of feminist bookshops, but to my knowledge not one masculinist (non-gay) shop exists on the entire planet.

The same censorship operates with environmental issues. Even though global warming is categorically disproved, the media promotes it widely. Our children are taught it as fact in our schools.

5) How could a conspiracy, such as you outline, operate in a world where individuals have such broad access to information?

The ‘conspiracy’ I outline should not be viewed as a deliberate plan formulated by a group of devious individuals. It is rather an opportunist, self supporting and mutually enforcing system which has, to a large extent, been manipulated by factions that benefit from it, each for their own ends but with a common result. That is not to say that it isn't deliberate. The strategy has rather been adapted to suit the trends and tides of manipulated public opinion. That is why it is so successful.

It is also relevant to note that the education system was the first institution of the establishment to fall to the Medusa’s onslaught. In many ways, Feminazism and the ECO-CREED has replaced Christianity as the all-pervasive ethic on which legal processes and government legislation is based. The new dogma has filled the vacuum that the decline of Christianity has left. Whole generations have grown up believing the Feminazi credo and have become teachers of the dogma. The media has been disfigured in much the same way. Most of us base our warped view on what the TV, newspapers, magazines and radio tell us. However, it is in the interests of the few big business people who actually control these sources of information to espouse the ‘party line’. The Internet is probably the best place to find the truth.

6) How can I opt out of this thing?

You can’t. You can take to the back woods with a shotgun or emigrate to China but it will only be a matter of time before this thing affects the whole planet and time is running out. The UN has declared the new Millennium the ‘Century of Women.’ They are not kidding.

7) What can be done to change this state of affairs?

YOU can help change this state of affairs by educating yourself and your fellows to what is happening. EDUCATE, INFORM, MOBILISE, ACT.

Read widely and with an open mind. The enemy’s words and plans are freely available all around you. Seek out like minded individuals and organisations. Gain knowledge and insight at every opportunity. The future of your children depends on your ability to recognise and differentiate between truth and lies. Inform others of what is happening. Fight the insanity in the most effective way you can; even if it is only by lobbying your politicians; even if it is only by insisting on equal treatment for your son as well as your daughter at school.

Act in whatever way you can. Find your niche and use your expertise. Campaign in your own way. Avoid groups that constantly argue and fragment. Ask about their achievements and unity. Avoid fanatics, religious bigots and those with personal agendas for power. Don’t waste your time or energy on anything or anyone that is not interested in the real truth. The feminazi movement itself is colossal, directed from within the United Nations organisation and funded by YOUR taxes. The enviromental and human rights movements are large, popular and well funded, but the NATURAL FAMILY movement is growing stronger day by day.

What kind of world do you want for your children?

What kind of children do you want for your world?




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Humanarchy – The book about globalization

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