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since June 19, 2001


Humanarchy, Chapter 2 - Belief and Fear, Part 3


...continued, from Part 2 of CHAPTER TWO – Belief and Fear


Part Three of CHAPTER TWO – Belief and Fear


Today we are urged to buy a new, global consciousness along with our soap powder and our new automobile – our individual nations are merely old-fashioned divisions that hold us back and we must regard them as just any other obsolete model – something for the scrap yard or the museum. We are members of the global village community. We are being sold a New World ethic for a New World Order – one in which the big multi-national corporation is our sovereign. Yet we refuse to see that we are being conned.

Today, we can communicate instantly in ways that would have seemed magical to our ancestors. The really great thing about modern communications is that they break down isolation – not only physical isolation, but mental and intellectual isolation. Today, the different disciplines of science, medicine and engineering do not operate purely within their own spheres of influence. Today they actually talk to each other. The result has been enormously enriching for every aspect of human knowledge and discovery. Not only that – whole new disciplines have sprung into existence, embracing new viewpoints formed as a result of this cross pollination of fertile minds.

The ether sings with the exchange of information, statistics, discoveries, theories and hypothesis, discussion and analysis. Experiments and studies can be cross-linked, data can be pooled, instantly anywhere, everywhere in the world. Information highways can take you in another direction though. Those of us that drive on them all have to have a vehicle and we have to put gas in the tank, as it were.

This is where the problem of belief arises. The world’s media is owned by a very small number of people – the Internet may belong to everybody at the moment, but the news channels and the news agencies are tightly controlled. Frighteningly, the world’s essential computer components are made by an even smaller number of people – their most widely used operating systems the intellectual property of just one man. Mr. Bill Gates could truly be regarded as a man who has the whole world in his hands, for though he may not be accused of telling us what to think, he may well be accused of telling us how to think it.

There is much to be said in favour of modern journalism. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.

— Oscar Wilde

Back in 1978 the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation were well aware that communications was the key to ‘educating’ the world. They adopted a "Declaration on Fundamental Principles Concerning the Contribution of the Mass Media to Strengthen Peace and International Understanding, to the Promotion of Human Rights and to Countering Racialism, Apartheid and Incitement of War." Worthy aims, we would surely all agree.

The media should contribute to promoting the just cause of peoples struggling for freedom and independence and their right to live in peace and equality without foreign interference.

Many Voices, One World: Towards a new more just and more
efficient world information and communication order.
UNESCO, 1980.

Worthy indeed, especially when you consider that one member of UNESCO International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems was the head of TASS, the official news agency of the Soviet Union. TASS was not, many may remember, an organisation known for promoting the ‘just causes of peoples struggling for freedom and independence and their right to live in peace and equality without foreign interference’. What was even more of a surprise was that though the report was concerned about independent news agency monopolies, such as the Associated Press and Reuters, it had no problem about state controlled news monopolies such as TASS.

The UNESCO Commission recommended the construction of a trans-national political communication system "within the framework of," an International Centre for the Study and Planning of Information and Communication.(51)

The Commission advocated a "New World Information Order" as the prerequisite to a new world economic order. UNESCO now has the authority to regulate the flow of information to "promote" its own agenda, and to filter out and minimise public awareness of conflicting ideas.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) allocated the funding to establish computer network services for Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and academics in Latin America. The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) linked together networks in Brazil, Russia, Canada, Australia, Sweden, England, Nicaragua, Ecuador, South Africa, Ukraine, Mexico, Siovenj, and then entered into a partnership with the Institute for Global Communications (IGC).

Known simply as igc.apc.org, the Institute for Global Communications is a gigantic computer network used by thousands of people in over 94 countries. It has exclusive contracts with several UN agencies to co-ordinate, facilitate, and disseminate information about the various UN conferences. In other words they supply the information highways for their own version of ‘the truth’ to run on.

Here are just some of the UN agencies this supposedly Non-Governmental Organisation has close ties with:

UN Association International Service (UNAIS); UN Centre for Human Rights; UNICEF; UNDP; UN Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW); UNESCO; UNEP; UN Information Centre (UNIC); UN International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD); UN International Emergency Network (UNIENET); UN Non-Government Liaison Service (NGLS); UN Population Fund (UNFPA); UN Secretariat for the Fourth World Conference on Women (UNWCW); UN University (UNU); and UN Volunteers (UNV).

World development is not merely an economic process, [it] involves a profound transformation of the entire economic and social structure . . . not only the idea of economic betterment, but also of greater human dignity, security, justice and equity . . . . The Commission realises that mankind has to develop a concept of a 'single community' to develop a global order.

The UNESCO Commission report, entitled North-South: A Program for Survival

The report says that the choice is either development or destruction either "a just and humane society" or a move towards [the world's] own destruction. In other words – heaven or hell.

So we have a system that actually selects the information that is channelled to and from our educational institutions, directly affecting the attitudes of millions of ‘educated ‘ people. Even the news broadcasts that we see every night on our TV screens disseminate only such information that is compatible within certain parameters that are deemed suitable for our consumption.

We cannot deny that some worthy aims and intentions have been stated – but if this is the case, why censor anything at all? Surely we know what’s right and what’s wrong don’t we? Or, is this a case of a belief and fear system being high-jacked for some other, more sinister purpose? We can tell what is the truth and what is a lie can’t we? We don’t need to be told what to believe, do we? Like global warming, the environmental holocaust and the population explosion?

As we have clearly seen in the example of the Unholy Trinity of lies that is being shoved down our throats, we are being browbeaten with the new sulphur and brimstone enviro-gospels, the tenets of a secular non-religion – the Eco-Creed that is supposed to somehow unite us all in it’s lack of belief.

The new belief system is this:
  • Our world is being destroyed by global warming, environmental destruction and over population – this is the Unholy Trinity – the Eco-Creed.

  • Since the three aspects of the destruction were caused by males, only the female of the human species can be trusted with the future peace and health of the planet.

  • The female has been given superior human rights in what amounts to a marriage with the World State and the ownership of children has passed to the world state with the female as custodian.

Does this sound incredible? Is this some bizarre plot from a science fiction movie or an Isaac Asimov novel? No, this is the ‘truth’ at the turn of the 21st century.

We have been so dazzled by the promises of some New Age pied piper that has conned us into believing that he can get rid of the rats and clean up the city that we have failed to see who the rats really are. Now it is too late – we have given the rats our money and we have been duped into giving away our own children. Yes, the rats have been running the city all along.

It’s incredible isn’t it? We supposedly live in a free capitalist, consumerist democracy, where we are constantly exhorted to buy more consumer goods and adopt transient modes of living yet we are consistently being told to tighten our belts, recycle and reduce our consumption of the Earth’s resources. We can have a new car, a new home, a new ‘partner’, even a new ‘gender’ or ‘sexual orientation’. Everything is disposable – even an unborn child, yet at the same time we must get rid of our gas guzzling automobiles, become lesbians or homosexuals and we must bicycle go down to the nearest Planned Parenthood facility and get sterilised or aborted.

The contradictions we are faced with frazzle the mind. We are asked to believe the unbelievable, to accept the unacceptable, to embrace the lies of advertising as our gospels, false science and biased and politically ‘engineered’ statistics as true facts. Black is now white and white is now black.

Can we really believe in their vision of a New World Order – a single community – a "just and humane society"? Can we trust our lives upon this ‘over populated’ planet – a herd of almost 6 billion people to drovers like these? Isn’t it incredible? We are a herd that moves with our noses to the ground and we can’t even recognise the smell of our own bullshit.


Picture this scene; it could be in any European town at any time from the Middle Ages up until the Industrial revolution, it could even be in the mid west of America at any time up until W.W. II. Somewhere like Kansas, for instance?

A brightly painted horse-drawn wagon rolls into town. Its occupants are nomads, gypsies, hustlers, even prostitutes. Outcasts from the normal social structures of human society, these people are parasites, ticks on the backs of the herd and they get by and make a buck any way they can. They are excluded from the friendly, mutually beneficial structures of the trades and guilds that sustain the economies of the farmers and the settlers, but they have learned a few tricks in their wanderings and they know how to put on a good show. They have to – their survival depends on it.

They park their wagon in the town square and the people gather around for a glimpse of something new, something different – exciting even – something out of the ordinary hum-drum grind of their daily lives.

Music plays, a beautiful dark-haired woman begins to dance. The crowd is mesmerised. The hucksters deal the cards or play the shell game. Then the preacher appears, he begins to rant about hellfire and damnation. He knows how to work the crowd with his visions of heaven and hell. The townsfolk are simple, honest God-fearing people. They know and they trust each other – they believe what they are told. They do not lie or cheat their neighbours and they expect that others will do unto them likewise. They believe the hellfire words of the preacher – after all – he claims he is a man of God.

Then comes the sales pitch. It might be rot-gut booze, snake oil hair-restorer, or some magic elixir that will cure everything from piles to cancer. With luck, the hustlers will con enough people out of enough of their hard-earned money before the truth dawns on anyone. And with more luck, by the time anybody wises up they will be gone – fast and silent at the dead of night, leaving the people they fleeced either too embarrassed, or too busy to come after them. The hustlers mostly get away with it. Rarely do the townsfolk get the chance to administer the tar and feathers, or ride them out of town on a rail. Crime of this nature does, by and large, pay – enough at least for the hustlers to make some kind of living.

We imagine that the hustlers with their painted wagons are gone now, consigned to history, or to an affectionate cameo appearance in the Wizard of Oz. Folks are smarter than that today aren’t they? We don’t buy the words of hellfire priests or con-men anymore. We are not bedazzled by the gypsy dancer or the slippery paste-boards of the card sharps. We know which cup covers the shell, don’t we?

I’ll let you in on a little secret – the hustlers are still here, but they don’t travel in painted wagons. They ride the shimmering airwaves and beam into our lives through the medium of the telescreen. They push their snake oil on the tube these days, not in the town square. The preacher rants from the couch of a talk show studio, or he is the silver haired anchor man on the news desk – and we sit, spellbound, mesmerised, under the spell of the Wizard of Oz (a fake old man behind a machine_ and the Wicked Witch of the West (radical lesbianism rampant at the United Nations) – just as before. It’s a twister, Aunt Em – and it’s long way home to Kansas, Toto.

The people who claim to be our leaders are nothing but liars, con-artists and thieves. The organisations that are the instruments of their policies are nothing more than propaganda machines that spread their lies. Furthermore, they go to extreme lengths to ensure that we do not get any other perspective on this whole thing, other than the one they want us to see. Incredibly, we are already firmly in the clutches a totalitarian world state. The herd has been driven towards it, unknowing, uncomplaining, nose to the ground, chomping the grass of the range. You don’t believe it? Read on.

The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.

— H. L. Mencken


So where does our insatiable craving for belief and fear come from? Why is that we allow ourselves to be constantly – and so easily – crushed between heaven and hell, Utopia and Armageddon? Put simply, it’s in our genes.

There are only two concrete realities to our existence. We are born and we will die. Ultimately, all else in between is subject to the winds of fate and fortune, the fall of the cards. We may have some control over our individual destiny, but when you come right down to it we have no control whatsoever over when we come into this world and when we leave it – unless we choose suicide that is. We exist and we die – therefore we are – and we are not – end of story. That is a pretty worrying state of affairs if we stop to think about it – and you can guarantee that at sometime in our lives we will stop and think about it – whether we want to or not – something will happen to make us stop and think about it. An illness, an accident, a divorce or a redundancy – or just the fact that we suddenly realise to our horror that there are more miles and years behind us than there are likely to be in front of us.

When we are young we are convinced of our immortality – even though we know full well we are one day going to die. It is the one inevitable certainty. No one has ever lived forever, yet we march forward, deluded into life, fresh and full of energy and we do not give our inevitable deaths a second thought. It can only be assumed that there must be, hardwired into our brains, a genetic propensity to embrace life. If this were not so then the reality of our existence in this vale of tears would probably persuade most of us not to bother.

Our Xanthos – our life wish – is the strongest motivation we have. It has been know for human beings to overcome the most horrific injuries and diseases when the will to live is strong. Conversely, a lack of xanthos will kill an otherwise perfectly healthy human in no time at all. The psychological factor in health is well known and documented. As to where this magic ingredient is located in the human mind or body, what causes it to flow or wane, why it is strong is some and practically non-existent in others – these are the questions that have haunted us since time began. These questions have also given rise to constructed belief systems that have endeavoured to answer them.

It is perhaps no surprise that we have always looked beyond ourselves for this magical elixir of life, this cosmic yet human spirit. At various times throughout history individuals have been successful in embodying these intangible truths into their own constructed versions of what they see as the ultimate truth. As we have seen, these systems have provided the opportunity for many millions of people to express their own spirituality through them – but they have always been adapted and used as extremely effective methods of social control.

Perhaps religion was once seen as a variant of that unknown mystical urge that caused the herds to begin their migrations, the secret whisperings of the natural world that were somehow intuitively understood by the animals and birds. We as the parasitic species were obliged to travel with them – our survival depended on that inevitability. To move forward was to live – to stop moving was to die. We were from way back hunters and gatherers, moving to the rhythms of the migrating animals and the seasons. But there came a time in the evolution of human race when we did stop moving. We found another way to live – a way that did not depend on the ever moving parasitic bondage of the herd. We discovered agriculture.

The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.

— Winston Churchill


It is believed that modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) came originally from Southern Africa around 100,000 years ago. Fully modem human beings arrived in China and Southeast Asia around 40,000 years ago. At about this time the first humans reached Japan and, the continent formed by the linked landmass of New Guinea and Australia. It is believed that the American continent became inhabited by people crossing the Bering Straight, which was at that time dry land as vast quantities of seawater were frozen in the polar ice caps at the heights of Ice Age glaciations. This theory is much more open to debate though and various suggestions have been put forward for the earliest migrations, ranging from as much as 40,000 to as recently as 15,000 years ago.


The last Ice Age came to an end around 10,000 years ago and the Earth underwent a series of slow, but dramatic changes which had far-reaching effects on human communities. Global temperatures rose and the ice-sheets that had covered almost a quarter of the world’s land surface melted, allowing plants and animals to spread to areas which had previously been too cold for them. Deserts regions shrank as water which had been previously frozen in the ice-sheets fell as rain. Global environmental changes of such magnitudes are clearly not caused purely by too many automobiles and rampant consumerism. In fact, volcanic eruptions – natural cataclysmic events – have periodically wrought considerable environmental devastation and dramatically affected the Earth’s climate.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors roamed widely into newly available environments, exploiting the varied and abundant animal and plant resources. They developed more sophisticated hunting equipment and techniques, the use of bows and arrows, traps and snares. More sophisticated hunting equipment, such as bows and arrows, traps and snares, led to smaller game being hunted. Greater knowledge of their surroundings allowed them to manipulate wild plants and animals for their own advantage. Forests could be cleared by burning to encourage the growth of seed and berry producing plants, while the migrating herds could be followed from winter to summer, killing the superficial males for meat and skins while leaving the reproductive capability of the herds intact. This practice was the beginning of domestic animal husbandry – a process that was to have consequences far beyond the basic requirement for food and clothing.

The change from a hunter gatherer society to one which relied on the domestication of animals and the cultivation of plants happened independently in widely distant parts of the world but at roughly the same time. In the Middle East by around 8000 BC, and in China and in Central America by around 6000 BC.

In each of these places different plants was cultivated: wheat, barley and pulses in the Middle East, rice and millet in south-east Asia and maize, beans and potatoes in the Americas. Animal husbandry also developed to provide a handy source of high-quality protein, especially in Europe and the Middle East, where cattle, sheep, goats and pigs were reared. The discovery of agriculture was the most revolutionary step in the development of the human race. Though few of us are farmers these days, the way we have developed, the way that we are now, the way that human society is constructed – is directly attributable to the discovery of farming.

The reasons for the relatively sudden emergence of farming in widely different parts of the world were no doubt varied and complex, but perhaps the most profound change was the fact that our ancestors no longer had to keep moving and follow the herds. The new idea of farming spread inexorably, assimilating or destroying the life styles of hunters and gatherers. Farmers are people who stay put. They are not driven by the seasons, but they are still subject to them and in many ways they are far more vulnerable.

The life of a farmer is considerably harder than that of a hunter-gatherer, so it cannot have been taken up by communities simply because it represented an easy method of getting food. The one major advantage that primitive agriculture had over a way of life based on hunting and gathering is that it is capable of supporting more human beings per unit of land. So, it’s probable that population growth among the hunters in certain areas resulted in a shortage of wild animals and perhaps plants, leading to attempts at conservation of the depleted stocks by intervention and closer control, leading to the domestication of selected species of both plants and animals.

The new way of life had its advantages, but you cannot change your ways overnight. For untold thousands of years that moving spirit had driven people, surely it must have tugged hard at those early settlers. When the cold hardship of winter was approaching, it must have evoked that ancient terrible inbuilt fear that to stay put was death. They were surely aware that they going against the flow of nature, like a plant trying to put down roots in a flowing stream. The new way meant that they were they were at the mercy of nature more than ever before.

The ever moving hunter gatherer had the forest and the herd as a 'larder' and the catch from a successful hunting expedition was shared and consumed more or less immediately. It had to be – they could only take with them that which they could carry. They could not afford to rear many children – their numbers were regulated by the natural availability of food. But, the farming economy, with its harvest at fixed times in the year, needed permanent villages with storage facilities to keep food and animal feed over the winter months – until the sun returned again and life would begin to grow again, but that also meant that their numbers could grow. Surplus food could feed extra mouths and extra hands could work the land.

The hunters tended to focus their ritual practices on the fertility of the plants and animals that sustained them, whereas the farmers must have found it easier to make a connection between bountiful harvests and the power of the sun. This in turn must have fostered an interest in astronomy and the prediction and timing of equinoxes and solstices. The sun and the circle of the seasons were the ultimate embodiment of the life and death cycle – the ‘heaven and hell’ over them. If the spring was late it could mean destruction. If the rains came too early the crop could be drowned, too late and it may wither and die. The accurate marking of the seasons and reliable predictions that would enable the farmers to sow and reap on time was a vital preoccupation. Beyond that, the appeasement and placation of the forces of nature was of prime importance. Luck, fortune, and the favour of the deities that ruled the universe were essential. Without it you were literally dead meat.

The farmers looked, as always to the natural world for reassurance and guidance. Life is always produced by the female of all species. It was therefore inconceivable that they would regard the Earth from which their crops sprung as anything but a mother and that the powerful spirit of nature was anything but female. So it was that the all powerful deity that humanity has worshipped and sacrificed to for at least the last 10,000 years was not a God, but a Goddess.


The Triple Goddess

The Goddess that our ancestors worshiped was known by many different names throughout the world, but she invariable took on the triple persona that was associated with human female – the three aspects of woman – birth, procreation and death. As goddess of the Underworld she was concerned with death. As Goddess of the Earth she was concerned with the three seasons of spring, summer and winter: she animated trees and plants and ruled all living creatures. As goddess of the Sky she was the moon in her three phases; new moon, full moon and waning moon. She was a personification of primitive woman – woman the creatress and the destructress. As the new moon or spring she was girl; as full moon or summer she was woman; as old moon or winter she was hag.

This natural linkage between the human female and the all powerful Goddess has been deeply entrenched in the human psyche for at least 10,000 years. Christianity, the major belief system that has formed our modern world has influenced us for a mere two thousand years – but even this is something of a misconception because Christianity was not so different from the old Goddess religion. In fact, it has so many similarities that it’s little wonder that it sat so easily on top of the old ways wherever it was introduced. The Christian story is so filled with direct comparisons with the rites and rituals of the Goddess worshipping peoples of Europe that in a sense, it carried on being exactly the same system of belief and fear that has kept everybody in line for the last 10,000 years – that same belief system that is being promoted today as the triple faceted secular humanistic Eco-Creed of the New World Order.

In fact, an essential part of the process of Global Governance – the creation of a One World Super-State is the negation and eventual abolition of ALL the world’s major religions. These have always been viewed as divisive and destructive by those who wish to ultimately control us all. For this reason the creation of new secular un-belief along with the merging of the world’s major religious beliefs and an assimilation into the new Eco-Creed has been underway for some time. Ultimately, this is nothing more than a return to the Goddess – the ancient all encompassing, deeply rooted fundamental belief system of humanity. Just as Christianity was once successfully merged with the pagan beliefs of 10,000 years of pre-history the exact reversal is now taking place. We are returning once more to Gaia – whether we choose to believe in her or not, the pagan Earth Goddess is now the official deity we must worship.

Church approves new prayer to God the mother

GOD will be described as a mother in a prayer overwhelmingly approved by the Church of England General Synod yesterday, as bishops vehemently denied that they were victims of modern feminist fashions. Supporters of the prayer claimed that God had been described in feminine language from the times of the Old Testament Prophets, in the time of Jesus in the New Testament, and during the Middle Ages.

The Times, Britain, November 19 1999
Bishops deny feminist influence, reports Dominic Kennedy


The Gaia hypothesis was introduced by the well known scientist James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis (formerly, wife of popular scientist, author and TV personality Carl Sagan). The concept is an ancient one, yet seems custom made for the politically correct New Eco-Age. The Goddess Gaia pre-dates the Christian era and even Greek mythology, from which the name was taken. The idea is rooted in ancient cultures and, until Lovelock popularised the name, she belonged firmly in our prehistoric past and was thought of as a pagan goddess.

On October 4, 1993, at the Mount Gilead Baptist Church in Washington DC, The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) announced a $5 million program, "to underscore the connection between addressing issues of poverty and the environment."

The NRPE is a formal agreement among four of the USA’s largest religious organisations: The U.S. Catholic Conference, National Council of Churches of Christ, Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life and the Evangelical Environmental Network. The NRPE has been busy mailing "education and action kits" to 67,300 religious congregations representing some 100 million church-goers.

The objective is no less than the transformation of social order into a global society organised around the central belief that the Earth itself is the giver of life, and that all the world's religions are evolving into a state of enlightenment that recognises Gaia as the true source of life and spirituality. The goddess, not God is the only relevant object of worship.

...how people of faith engage the environmental crisis will have much to do with the future well-being of the planet, and in all likelihood, with the future of religious life as well.

— Paul Gorman, Executive Director of the NRPE.

But, we cannot even be sure that there is an environmental crisis. Are the 17,000 scientists that signed the Kyoto petition all raving nuts – or should we at least take on board the fact that they might actually know what they are talking about?

We are not to get the benefit of any debate on the matter, for officially, the matter has already been decided. The conversion of the western world’s major religions is already far advanced, utilising the commonly held belief that our world is in danger from the Unholy Trinity of Global warming, Environmental destruction and over population.

As belief systems go the Eco-Creed is actually more than a little light on hard evidence, but that could be said for almost every belief system that has ever existed. It’s the hype that gets the people’s attention, not the facts. Can you imagine anyone in medieval Europe, for example, pointing out the fact that it is actually impossible to rise from the dead? It would have been the quickest way to find out the truth at first hand!

What we are really talking about here are ‘faiths’. It’s one thing to have faith in Christ, Buddha or Mohammed – but do we really have faith in manipulated Eco-Creed that emanates from the crazies that reside in the UN? Can we in this modern technological age believe the hype and ignore the warnings of 7000 scientific experts? It seems that by and large we do. Clearly, if you throw enough bullshit at the herd most of it will stick.

It’s clear that many people in the western world who are raised under the influence of the Judeo-Christian tradition, would be likely to resist any attempt to convert them to outright paganism. So, rather than go to all the trouble of telling millions of believers that they have to stop believing in one faith and start believing in another, the UN seeks to convert Christians their new pagan religion by subterfuge. It is now UN policy to modify behaviour of individuals to conform to the tenets of their religion while calling the result of the transformation the emergence of a new "earth ethic."

Our Global Neighbourhood, the official report of the UN-funded Commission on Global Governance, refers to this new "earth ethic," as a "global civic ethic" to guide action within the "global neighbourhood."

People have to see with new eyes and understand with new minds before they can truly turn to new ways of living. That's why global values must be the cornerstone of global governance.

The Commission on Global Governance believes that the world is now ready to accept:

"a set of core values that can unite people of all cultural, political, religious, or philosophical backgrounds. They all derive in one way or another from the principle, which is in accord with religious teachings around the world..."

This perception of the earth as a "sacred" community of life is the core value which, when fully appreciated by us humans, will allow us all to embrace the draconian restrictions proposed by the UN in the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Climate Change, and in other international agreements. Draconian measure they will be, because ‘the Earth’ will come first – human beings just one of the ‘sacred community of life’.

Now our children are being taught from an early age that the earth is the sacred giver of life, that all life forms are of equal value and that people who reject that premise are immoral, or unethical or downright evil. Their vision of the Earth will be substantially different from the vision that evolved through the Judeo-Christian tradition – or any other tradition for that matter. Christianity as well as the other world faiths are actually identified as the bad guys most responsible for the destruction of the planet.

Societies dominated by Islam, and especially by Christianity, have gone farthest in setting humans apart from nature and in embracing a value system that has converted the world into a warehouse of commodities for human enjoyment. In the process, not only has nature lost its sacred qualities; conversion to Christianity has meant an abandonment of an affinity with the natural world for many forest dwellers, peasants, fishers all over the world. These people followed their own religious traditions which included setting apart between 10 and 30 percent of the landscape as sacred groves and ponds. Most of these people were drawn into the larger market economy and converted to Christianity by the late 1950s. On so converting to a religious belief system that rejects assignment of sacred qualities to elements of nature, they began to cut down the sacred groves to bring the land under cultivation, as well as to market rattan and timber."

Global Biodiversity Assessment, page 839 of a 1140 document.

The strategy is to infiltrate Christian churches and Jewish synagogues and enlist their support to enact laws and regulations to ostensibly "protect the environment," but which will actually modify the behaviour of individuals to conform to the Eco-Creed belief system. Behaviour modification is the goal, not just for Christians and Jews, but for the entire human race. In his book, Al Gore tells us how:

I have come to believe that we must take bold and unequivocal action: we must make the rescue of the environment the central organising principle for civilisation. Adopting a central organising principle one agreed to voluntarily means embarking on an all-out effort to use every policy and program, every law and institution, every treaty and alliance, every tactic and strategy, every plan and course of action to use, in short, every means to halt the destruction of the environment and to preserve and nurture our ecological system.

  — Al Gore, ‘Earth in the Balance’

Al Gore's is the darling of the New Agers and the Environmental Movement. These new disciples of the Eco-Creed naively believe his passionate plea to reorganise civilisation around the principle of "environmental protection" is going to save our world, ensure that we live in peace and harmony in solar powered tipis, with carefully integrated and politically correct quotas of lesbians, gays and indigenous peoples.

Though Al Gore may suggest that the transformation of our society should be voluntarily agreed to, he has already advanced regulations, laws, and international agreements to force behaviour modification, often without prior knowledge by the individuals affected, and certainly without their voluntary agreement. In fact Gore has maximised the influence of his position as a Senator, and as Vice President, to implement the tenets of biocentric paganism through domestic policy. But it is the international community and particularly the sprawling United Nations system, that has generated the policies that are now being implemented around the world.

And so our lives are being dramatically changed and our governments are ratifying treaties implemented without democratic process, putting long term strategies into action against the warnings of the majority of scientific evidence and opinion. Public policy has been formulated and is being implemented in response to an alleged threat, even though in reality, there is little or no scientific evidence to support that threat.

Does this sound a little familiar? Could it be argued that, as in the past, we are being sold a new belief system that seems to be basically altruistic on the surface, but is in fact just another method of social control?

Can we believe that the subversion of the world’s long established major religious faiths is basically altruistic?

Can we believe that the replacement of God and the return to Gaia – a Goddess from our pre-historic past is a step forward for humanity?

The possibility of a future true morality is contained not in the fear of God, but in the still unknown meanings of the old, grim Goddess who represented fear itself. She is the one we most need to understand: not the pretty Virgin; not the fecund Mother; but the wise, wilful, wolfish Crone.

— Barbara Walker, The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom and Power

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