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The Head of the Medusa Chapter 13: Gender war, Gendercide

Gender war, the war to end all wars: a long-lasting peace full of avarice and strife


So Perseus flew north, to the land of perpetual darkness where three sisters known as the Graeae lived. Only they knew the location of the Gorgon’s lair. The countryside had been laid waste. All around there were the petrified forms of the men and animals that had chanced to glimpse her horrific countenance. The Graeae were blind, but they had one eye, which they passed between themselves and used in turn.

Such sacrifice is not merely confined to times of conventional war. We are at war now. It is an undeclared war - a secret assault - under the cover of the darkness that has been imposed on us. We have been blind to this war in many ways, but it is no less devastating. This war now rages constantly, every day, leaving untold numbers of ritually slain that bear witness to the Goddess’s insatiable appetite for male pain and male blood.

The demonization of men by the media, the courts and our governments, the anti-male propaganda, the censorship of information that would illustrate the failures of modern feminism, and the blatant discrimination against men in everyday life. These are the weapons of mass destruction that have been turned against the unaware to destroy them. Logistically, money and resources are overwhelmingly funneled into programs that benefit women. Women have millions spent on preventative health measures, checks and screening programs even though men die on average 7-8 years earlier. Women benefit from Affirmative Action programs, yet no such efforts are made to include equal numbers of men where they are underrepresented, as in administration, education, nursing, social work and child care. Even at the supermarket checkout, he is a rare species, though you’ll probably find him in the parking lot collecting the trolleys or sweeping up the garbage.

The only resources targeted for men are aimed to promote and enforce legislation to prosecute them and to build more jails to imprison them. The numbers of men imprisoned are infinitely larger than women yet somehow this is deemed an illustration of how bad men are – not how badly they have been raised by their mothers or how poorly they have been educated by predominantly female teachers in a feminized education system. The ‘welfare’ systems that operate are little more than money laundering factories that steal the wealth of men and pass it to the State to pay for huge bureaucracies, predominantly staffed by women, that exist to ensure that the maximum number of men are destroyed and imprisoned.

There have been massive job losses for men in the traditional industries that create the real wealth of our economies and a massive proliferation in ‘jobs for the girls’ in the sectors of industry that use up the diminishing amount of wealth being created. This in itself is an indicator of how society is being destroyed. Women are seen to be ‘safer’, cleaner, more trustworthy, caring and more acceptable both on the telephone and in person than the ‘evil’ male. It was perfectly OK for men to crawl on their bellies in the bowels of the earth or smelt the ore that provided the very fuel of our economies, but now, in the western world at least, even that dubious privilege is being denied them. They are viewed as redundant, useless, morons - parasites on their hard working wives. Clearly, these are indeed women who are blind and the single eye that is passed between them sees only from a Feminazi perspective.

There is a tide in the affairs of women, which taken at the flood, leads God knows where.


Men are fit only to work in the "killing professions", exposing themselves to toxic substances, dangerous practices and high risk occupations such as, mining, the steel industry, deep sea fishing, farming, oil field work, construction and maintenance, the police, fire service and of course, the military. In those rare cases where women are present in these professions - where they have ‘courageously stormed the bastions of male supremacy’ - they are invariably exempted from hazardous duty. In the armed forces, men are forced to serve, while women have the option, with the knowledge that when the killing starts, they will be able to fallback and let the men, as always, do the dirty work and the dying. Women demand and government legislation ensures that they get equal pay for what is clearly very unequal work. The laws of our lands do not apply equally to all citizens, contrary to what we are constantly being told. Men are held to far higher standards than women are and they have far lower standards of protection – if at all.

No other group in society would be treated in this way. If they were, there would be outrage and the streets would fill with banner waving protestors. Yet what do men do? Nothing. Like the Kapos in the concentration camps, they turn the prison key, they ignore the inhumanity and the injustice and they themselves become instruments of the Gendercide. It is the red robed male judge, sitting beneath the blind statue of ‘justice’ that condemns men and pardons women. It is the serpent tongued media man pushing his sponsor’s tacky consumer ware to his female audience who denigrates and lampoons his brothers and is chivalrous to his sisters. It is the silver toupeed male politician, keen to woo the female block vote that passes the laws and sycophantically kow-tows to the feminazi fatwah. Men such as these kiss the orifice of evil, they spout with the tongues of serpents, their mouths filled with the excrement of the beast.

What kind of men are these? Are these of the same species that pulled longbows at Agincourt? Did men of their ilk stand at Valley Forge or Bull Run, charge machine guns at Gallipoli or on the Somme, wrench their planes off the deck of the ‘Hornet’ to bomb Tokyo or raise a flag of freedom over Mt. Suribachi? What would the millions of men who fought throughout history say about the men who have allowed their sacrifice to be dishonored and their names to be despoiled?

I was not angry since I came to France,

Until this instant. Take a trumpet, herald;

Ride thou unto the horsemen on yon hill.

If they will fight with us, bid them come down,

Or void the field: they do offend our sight.

Henry V - Act IV sc. vii

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