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since June 19, 2001


The Head of the Medusa Chapter 4: Slander, vilification, discrimination, persecution, and consumerism


21. And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof;

22. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man.

23. And Adam said, "This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

24. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

25. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

The Old Testament of the Holy Bible,
Genesis Chapter 3 Verses 21-25

The woman's egg, several hundred times bigger than the sperm that fertilises it, carries all the genetic messages the child will ever receive. Women, therefore, are the original, the first sex, and the biological norm from which males are only a deviation.

—Rosalind Miles (Head of the Centre for Women's Studies, Coventry Polytechnic) The Times Higher Educational Supplement, 22 vii. 

[Note: Although it is quite correct that the human egg is several hundred times bigger than the human sperm, it carries only half of the genetical material that the child will receive.  The other half is contributed by the sperm that fertilizes the egg. —ed.]

There are dark angels among us. They present themselves in shining raiment but there is, in their hearts, the blackness of the abyss. Men and women are beginning to recognise the historical parallels between the excesses of feminism and Nazism. The Third Reich expounded the same supremacist theories and identified sub-human races as the causes of the world’s problems. They manufactured ‘scientific’ evidence to prove it. The disenfranchisement of these scapegoat groups, brought about by propaganda, fed on the prejudices and popular misconceptions of the masses was the first step on the road to one of humanity’s darkest places. It was easy for the majority to ignore and even justify this persecution. They endorsed the policies; they voted for the leaders; they accepted the ‘truths’ and they did nothing. They looked forward to a brave new world purged and cleansed of the unpalatable past.

It is now acceptable and popular to blame ‘maleness’ for every negative human trait in a way that would be unthinkable, and actually illegal, if the same were applied to Blacks, Jews, Asians or homosexuals. Even though they should, theoretically enjoy the same human rights, the ‘rules’ do not apply to men. Men have somehow been omitted from the picture. Women are perceived as another vulnerable ‘oppressed social minority’ group even though they make up more than half of the population. Even though they will live longer, be healthier and are far less likely to be victims of violence, disease, imprisonment or addiction. They are also less likely to be murdered either in the home, on the streets or on the battlefield.

Men can be legally discriminated against as they are seen to be unequal, unworthy and unhuman. When any race or group is bombarded, constantly and consciously with the received ‘truth’ that they are a curse on humanity and capable of the most horrific crimes against the people they love, then understandably they begin to believe it to be true. They become incapable of resisting the attacks against them and even participate in their own discrimination, disempowerment and destruction. Today, men are self-destructing, physically, emotionally and genetically, at a phenomenal rate. Of the 30, 484 people who committed suicide in the USA in 1992, 81 % were men. Had the genders been reversed, in this most feminised of countries, there would have been a national outcry and billions of dollars would have been spent to stop the senseless slaughter.

Throughout the western world, the suicide rate for men and most especially young men is soaring. Australian men, like their American counterparts are self-destructing in ever increasing numbers and consequently they enjoy the second highest male suicide rate in the world (after the USA). It is hardly a coincidence since Australia embraced feminism particularly strongly and the pro-feminist media lampooned the original, rugged, male stereotype. The rate of suicide for young men has increased by 50 per cent from 1979-93. In Australia, the youth suicide rate is second only to car accident deaths as the main cause of death but as in the USA this causes little concern to government or the media. After all, these are only men that are dying.

Coupled with the problem of suicide, there has been a significant decline in male fertility and an increase in genital deformity. Some studies blame contamination of the environment by the hormones present in the female contraceptive pill, while others pin the blame on pollution by industry, which is seen as a male activity though consumers are overwhelmingly female. Predictably, there has been little discussion about these worrying developments in the media and precious little research has been undertaken compared with the billions being spent on women’s health programmes. Women have campaigned hard on health issues and have demanded improvements, but men have done very little to promote their own health consciousness. They have been unable to effectively organise to promote their own issues. They have been told from the word go that they must put themselves last, by their own mothers, so they naturally do so.

Men find it hard to believe that a woman can lie to them, so they naturally start to believe the worst about themselves. Every woman has, in a sense, her own support group, but every man stands alone. Apathy is probably the biggest threat to the male of the species, but this is not apathy born of sloth. Men are working harder and longer than they have ever done. They are suffering now more than they have ever done but it’s not just that they don’t have the time or the will to organise. They don’t know how. Consequently, they are dying – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Men can run international organisations and businesses. They can build cities, clear jungles, and mine the depths of the earth. They can even construct machines that will send men to other planets, but they find it almost impossible to reach out to another man. They seem almost totally incapable of supporting each other. They can produce things, they can achieve goals and victories but they cannot share them. They cannot share their joy or their pain. To do so would make them weak in each other’s eyes. Men have been bred to compete, not to co-operate and in this mind-set every man sees his brother’s achievements as a threat and a challenge. Men are scared of each other in a way that women are not. It’s not their fault. Their mothers have trained them that way for countless generations and you can’t change millions of years of breeding overnight.

To make matters worse men are being systematically deprived of their natural roles as fathers. They are getting less opportunity to pass on to their sons and their daughters the positive aspects of manhood. Many thousands of children are now brought up in an all female environment. They are also educated in one. They are bombarded with ‘facts’ that to be a man is bad. Boys soon become ashamed of their maleness and this breeds even more dysfunctional behaviour to reinforce the Feminazi version of the truth.

Men are expendable. The world of a young man today is less permanent than it ever was. Families and jobs, once seen as constants in our society and essential in defining a man’s very identity and existence do not last. His role is obsolete. Even when he does become a father, he has no rights over the child. The mother, however, has the absolute right to determine its survival or its termination. The denial of these things, seen by Feminazis themselves as inalienable human rights, has made men into non-men.

There has been the emergence of various sub-groups of the post-feminist ‘non-man’. On one extreme there are the ‘New Warrior’ types who try, often embarrassingly, to recapture their pre-historic selves. It must be said, however, that venturing back into maleness through ritual has its benefits for the understanding and identity of all men. At the other end of the spectrum, there are the pro-feminists, usually middle class men who work in an ‘Equal Opportunities’ environment. Often educated through a pro-feminist education system, the ‘pro-fem man’ seems to be despised by both men and feminists alike. Ordinary women do not accept or understand him. He accepts his responsibility for the oppression of women and his evil nature with almost masochistic joy. He spends his life in a frenzied programme of feminising himself and everyone else he comes into contact with. Consequently, he wins the respect of no one - least of all himself.

In the middle ground there are the ‘legions of the lost’ who fit conveniently into the Feminazi view that is portrayed by the media with a zealousness that would have been the envy of Dr. Goebbels. The new Nazis would have us believe that all men fall into this category. The Feminazi would have us believe that all males spend their youths becoming addicted to alcohol, violence and drugs and that they will inevitably become Neanderthals who copulate indiscriminately. All men are also seen as shiftless, unfaithful, irresponsible and emotionally deficient sub-humans. They will kill, rape and steal at the drop of a hat. They are the violators of innocent children.

In reality, these are indeed the damned. The young men are lost and ill educated. They have long been neglected in favour of young women. Girls are outperforming boys because they are benefiting from a female biased education system, increasingly dominated by women. Many universities openly discriminate against men by allowing wider goalposts for women to pass through. Much of the content of what young people are taught is anti-male and pro-female. There is an absence of positive male role models and it has become unfashionable to extol the virtues and achievements of men throughout history. Conversely, any contribution made by women is now applauded no matter how small or obscure. Young men have nothing to aspire and seeing themselves as having no stake in society, is it any wonder many of them reject it?

Men have already lost a great deal of involvement with their families since the industrial revolution. Since bringing home the bacon has meant that fathers have been largely absent from the lives of their sons and daughters, each successive generation has a dwindling amount of fathering knowledge and experience to pass on. The proliferation of single parent families, step families and dysfunctional families has only bred more of the same, each time though, the rot is deeper. The cancer is harder to cure.

If young men see themselves as a disposable generation, then older men see themselves as violated and dispossessed. They have been robbed of their pride. They have been dispossessed of the acknowledgement of their manhood. ‘Pride’ is now a celebration of non-men. They have been robbed of their roles; their children and their homes and they have been robbed of the opportunity and the voice to express their grief and their deep pain. The media gives men a constant stream of violent, muscle-bound, testosteroned cretins as their new role models. The scientists, doctors, inventors and discoverers are applauded if they are female and the new heroines are strong, righteous and feisty, quick to deliver a boot to the groin of the male oppressor.

Our culture is depicting sex as rape so that men and women will become interested in it.

Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth (p. 138)

Then, there are the ‘Mr. Average’ types, crippled by overwork and stress. They try desperately to be good husbands and fathers. Unemployment and divorce are the spectres that haunt them on a day to day basis. While mothers are applauded for ‘holding down a career and a family’, men are castigated for neglecting their roles and are finding it impossible to be good fathers. They simply do not have the time. What is worse is that men are entirely unsupported and suffer in isolation. Many men now grow up without even knowing their fathers. Those that do, often have unsatisfactory or negative relationships with them. The very knowledge, the masculine identity of manhood, is not being passed on to the next generation. The heavy demands of work and family life and their inability to devote time to their personal lives had led to chronic health problems, and high suicide rates. Men have much higher mortality rates than women for all main causes of death. Their levels of heart disease, alcoholism and obesity are higher. Most male health problems are caused by stress and this is not helped by men’s attitudes to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Women take far more care of themselves and this is seen as positive yet, they often regard men who do the same as selfish and vain.

Though men today accept that relationships don't always last forever, most accept that parenthood does. What they can't accept and what they are so stunned by when they divorce, is that the State actively supports and encourages the breakdown of families, actively discriminating against men before, during and after marriage. It then proceeds to rob them of vast sums of their money to pay for the privilege of not being able to be involved in the lives of their own children. A ‘no-fault’ system punishes the innocent.

Any society that seeks to alienate, exclude and stigmatise any group of people in this way is in effect, pursuing a policy of genocide. The historical parallels are evident. Humiliate, denigrate and exterminate. People often wonder why so many seemed to go to their deaths offering little resistance. What they fail to understand is that by the time many were herded into the cattle trucks, they were already destroyed.

We are already entering another Dark Age. During the duration of the 600 years of the Spanish Inquisition, an average of 100 people a year were being persecuted for their beliefs or lack of conformity. In North America alone, we now manage to persecute over 3 million men a year with allegations of abuse. Over one million of them are brought to trial. If we were to measure the absence of the light of reason in any age by the degree to which members of society are being persecuted, then our era is already the darkest in the history of mankind.

The State supports feminist ideology because feminists have power (i.e. the money and political clout) to enforce their ideologies. Any consumer-based economy has to follow the interests of feminism for it is women above all who are the consumers. They will buy anything - especially from another woman. Today, the Avon Lady tours the Amazon jungle pushing her tawdry wares to the women from the last remaining Garden of Eden. Women willingly bought the concept of feminism; it came along at the right time and in the right place. Nations that had their economies inflated by war production, turned to the production of consumer goods. The women who had worked in the factories while the men were fighting the World War against Germany and Japan were a ready-made army of consumerists ripe for exploitation. When the dark angels came and told them of their rights and their past oppression, when they promised them ‘liberation’ and a new order, they eagerly bought the concept. Many men opened their chequebooks and paid for it. They still do. Most of the money that men earn ends up being spent on their families - not themselves. The rest goes into tax revenue that pays for the State itself to exist. Enter the divorce industry – adept at relocating the money, property and future income of that man to the woman where it can be more easily appropriated. Better still, make her independent and responsible for her own and her children’s standard of living and she’ll pay taxes too. Pay for her ‘further education’ and she’ll increase her earnings and give the State more. Even if she remains on welfare benefit, she’ll perpetuate the system, breed more children so that child support agencies can extort money from men. The richer you are, the more wealth is likely to remain your own. The poorer you are the more money passes through you and back to the treasury. It's as simple as this - divide and rule. If you destroy the family, then the State (i.e. the multi national companies that actually run it as a business) has absolute control. Every divided family has to buy two of everything, the pink pound (or dollar) buys more transient consumer crap and men are a tax resource that can be squeezed for every last drop of blood and money without fighting back. It is pure economics that drives this insanity. The possibility of war between nations on a large scale is remote now that global finances are controlled multi-nationally. Ultimately, wars happen for economic reasons. The war between men and women is proving the most profitable and the most destructive in the history of the human race. The company store, like the arms manufacturers in any war, never loses.

The family is a brilliantly successful self-supporting, socio-economic unit - so why doesn’t the state support it? Put simply, families don’t spend money like single people do and social economics can only benefit human beings not commercial enterprises and financial institutions. As in all wars, the huge commercial and financial institutions will not pick up the bill for the destruction of the family and society (they are ultimately one and the same). Men, women and children are paying for it personally, in priceless human collateral with the destruction of their lives, their freedom and true rights, their futures and their opportunities.

The economics of capitalism have conspired with the dark angels. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement; one could even call it a marriage.

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