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since June 19, 2001


The Head of the Medusa Chapter 5: Perversion, propaganda and damnation


Danae’s horrible prison became lush and fertile countryside, almost as wonderful as the Elysian Fields themselves, but one day Acrisius saw light coming out of the small window of the tower. He ordered his men to tear down the walls. He walked into the tower and saw Danae with a baby on her lap. Smiling at her father, she said, "I have named him Perseus." Acrisius was furious, but he could not kill his own daughter and grandson so he shut Danae and baby Perseus up in a large chest and had them cast out to sea.

Men and women fall in love. They re-produce. In an ideal world they support each other and their offspring. This is the very foundation of human society. This is what has brought us down through the millennia. This is what drives us forward into the future. It is not an ideal world though and relationships between human beings are often fragile, vulnerable and likely to fail. This cannot be avoided. This is also human nature. We are far from perfect, but in this our ‘enlightened’ age there are those who are hell bent on destroying all heterosexual marriage. They zealously promote their alternatives and campaign powerfully and effectively to engineer its destruction. They will stop at nothing to sow seeds of discontent among the vulnerable. They have their morals, their ethics, their values (or lack of them) enshrined in our laws. They mean to destroy our families and they are filled with joy when the latest figures are released cataloguing the failure of the system that has sustained us for so long. Yet, they themselves take no credit for the destruction of the nuclear family. Who do they blame for this destruction? Men, of course. The violent, evil patriarch is responsible.

In a patriarchal society all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.

— Catherine MacKinnon. Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales From The Strange World of Women's Studies

The metaphorical cattle trucks are already rolling. The books are burning. An insane creed is being stuffed into the heads of our young people. Hate and bitterness is the doctrine that is being taught to the young, the emotionally deficient and the politically nave. Who are these dark angels that are hell bent on destroying our lives? Where do they come from?

Revolutions are not instigated by the working classes or the oppressed. They are too poor and too busy just getting by. The upper classes don’t want change – they want things to stay just as they are and for them, by and large, things do. It is the middle classes that ferment revolution and cause changes in society. This is not to say that every member of the middle classes is engineering social destruction, that would be as stupid a concept as the one that claims all men are violent and all women are innocents. But, this is where the impetus comes from. This is the stratum of society where the dark angels and their sympathisers thrive. They have the time, the money, the education and the resources and though they always claim to be acting for the oppressed masses, it is they who benefit the most. Feminism, though it has reached into the lives of many women from all the socio-economic classes, is exclusively the property of the middle class.
  1. Economic production is the main determinant of the nature of society.
  2. The dominant economic class always controls the State in its own interests.
  3. With economic development new classes emerge and struggle with the old to win control of the State.

    — Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

The Feminazi version of history tells us that men oppressed women. The truth is that working class men and women were equally oppressed by the middle and upper classes. This is true in Europe from the days of serfdom through the industrial revolution and up to the present day. It’s true that women had a hard, often brutal existence, but so did men. Anyone who thinks working fourteen hours a day at hard physical labour in a mine, a foundry or as a farm worker is freedom should try it sometime and wake up to reality. Men and women were forced to slave for their families in order to survive. Education, health and social care was almost non-existent. Such reforms that did come were made by altruistic, predominantly upper class men and women for the benefit of women and children. Working class men were almost without exception, the very last to enjoy any benefits from those reforms. When revolutions did occur things pretty soon settled back into the old class structures once more. Most strikingly, the Russian Revolution used the working class as a tool for an ideology that was the invention of middle class intellectuals. Communism found its niche in the turmoil born out of the breakdown of the Tsarist State. The Russian Revolution went hand in hand with a consumer boom of sorts. The consumers were the vast armies locked in the prolonged and very profitable stalemate of World War I. War is very profitable for the captains of capitalism. It is the ultimate economic force. The retail price is paid by the millions of men, women and children who suffer from its effects. It should be noted though, that it is overwhelmingly men, and especially young men that pay with their lives as the war cemeteries of Europe, with their white crosses, row on row, mutely testify.

In the twenties another ideology reared its head. Led by a former corporal in the defeated German army with an ex fighter pilot, an economics student and a failed writer as his immediate henchmen, this new creed emphasised the racial superiority and biological unity of its followers. It tapped into the archetypal imagery and symbolism of the past and moulded its own version of history. In Nazi Germany, the crooked cross and the twisted racial theories backed by ‘scientific evidence’, coupled with feelings of oppression, justified the eradication of the impure sub-human races. It socially engineered the need for conquest.

The myth of female innocence - SS wardresses are forced by liberating soldiers to bury their female victims in a mass grave at the Belsen concentration camp.

Eventually SCUM will take over the air waves - radio and TV networks - by forcibly relieving of their jobs all radio and TV employees who would impede SCUM's entry into the broadcasting studios.

SCUM will couple-bust - barge into mixed (male-female) couples, wherever they are, and bust them up.

SCUM will kill all men who are not in the Men's Auxiliary of SCUM. Men in the Men's Auxiliary are those men who are working diligently to eliminate themselves, men who, regardless of their motives, do good, men who are playing ball with SCUM...

The few remaining men can exist out their puny days dropped out on drugs or strutting around in drag or passively watching the high-powered female in action, fulfilling themselves as spectators, vicarious livers or breeding in the cow pastures with the toadies, or they can go off to the nearest friendly neighbourhood suicide centre where they will be quietly, quickly, and painlessly gassed to death.

— The SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto, Valerie Solanis 1967-68

Today, the Feminazi social engineers have conquered. The war is lost. What’s worse is that most men have never even realised a war was being waged. Surely, never in the history of the world was such a war fought – a war where the vanquished paid and legislated for their own destruction. That such blindness and apathy exists illustrates how successful the conquest has been and the genius of the victors but what fate awaits the losers? What will the victorious do with the stunned, demoralised, de-humanised masses who have no place in the Femutopia? Will they be found a ‘place in the sun’ by the ‘enlightened’ new order – or will those that have oppressed, raped, murdered and subjugated the gentle givers of life be punished and made to compensate and atone for their crimes? And what then, after the prisons and the streets are full of the dispossessed and alienated? What use can be made of these who are less than human? Will they stuff mattresses with our hair, make lampshades from our skin or powder our bones and sprinkle us like fertiliser on the land?

You bet they will. The way things are going we will even pay for and build the death factories with our own hands. We have dug our own graves and we kneel before them waiting, dumbly for the bullet in the back that will topple us into them.

The liberal left that champions feminazism so vehemently, ignores the fact that communism - that other atheist ideology so beloved of the liberal middle classes is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 100,000,000 people since the Russian Revolution of 1917. Clearly the creation of Utopia requires a few sacrifices, but what do the lives of 100,000,000 people matter? What will the lives of a 100,000,000 people or more, matter now – especially if those people are considered less than human?

Feminazism’s soldiers are deeply rooted among the ‘tenured elite’ and almost exclusively drawn from the ranks of white middle class highly educated women.

Feminazis certainly do not represent the vast majority of women though they claim to champion the rights and views of the oppressed female masses. In reality, they are merely serving and promoting their own interests for they are clearly the ones benefiting the most. They have made sure of that. The changes in family law that they have campaigned for has provided thousands of jobs for feminists in law, social services, universities, government and administration. Whole new industries have been created in the areas of childcare, child abuse, and domestic violence. Huge ‘women’s charities’ employ legions of activists. Public and charity money is diverted in its billions to perpetuate these ‘worthy’ activities. The creation of Equal Opportunities and Affirmative Action programs run by armies of educated, female middle-class, bureaucrats supply more jobs for the sisters. The ‘reforms’ in criminal law supposedly designed to empower and protect women have succeeded in destroying the family and imprisoning large numbers of working class men, many of them husbands, fathers and sons of the ethnic minority women the feminazis are so keen to champion. The husbands or ‘partners’ of these women, those that have not been purged from their lives in favour of lesbianism – the ultimate expression of Feminazism - are also highly educated middle class types. They naturally sympathise with and support Feminazism. Their own survival depends on its success.

The middle classes don’t actually produce anything. They do not get their hands dirty hacking the ore from the ground and neither do they produce the steel or harvest the grain. They live on the backs of the real producers of wealth like parasites and they invented the bureaucracies, the social services and the ‘Nanny State’ for themselves. They modelled it on their own values and experiences and they imposed their own belief systems on the people manipulated by it and trapped within it. The middle classes must to be seen to be whiter than white. They can’t possibly be guilty of violence or the abuse of children or the elderly. They are the doctors, the solicitors and barristers, the psychologists and the teachers, yet in truth they can be the worst offenders. Their dysfunctional behaviour takes place in secret. It is by nature covert. Their violence is more likely to be psychological, though it can be just as physical as in the poorest communities but it will not be exposed. The difference is that they are educated and should, in theory, at least know better. This makes their dysfunction all the more dangerous for the rest of us for they have control over our lives. They can take our children into care if we offend their sensibilities and values. They can imprison us. They can render us homeless. They can tell us whatever they like. They are the governors and the university professors, the scientists and policy makers. The middle classes are the journalists, the producers and the TV people. They publish and write the books, the magazines and the newspaper columns, they produce the ‘soaps’. They can tell us what to think, how to vote and who is guilty. Do they lie to us? You bet they do.

When you lie, tell only big lies.

— Adolf Hitler

This is where the dark angels lurk among us. They support their own positions. They have clearly promoted and extolled the virtues of homosexuality and lesbianism in the same way as they have denigrated heterosexuality. Love between human beings, whatever their gender, is not wrong. The problem arises when what is perceived as love becomes a statement of power, especially political power. This can only be destructive as anyone in an unequal power based relationship, whatever their sexual orientation, knows only too well. When it becomes a substitute or a ‘safer alternative’ to love, it negates and destroys itself. When it denies the legitimacy and validity of genuine love it is obscene and an affront to all decent human beings.

This is the acceptable face of the monster. It is the face that turns to stone.

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