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since June 19, 2001


The Head of the Medusa Chapter 9: A light out of darkness; charging the guilty


Fortunately for Perseus, the gods who had watched over him from the moment of his birth came to his aid. Hermes gave him winged sandals and a sickle to help him to slay the Medusa. Athena gave him a polished shield to reflect the image of Medusa so he would not be turned to stone and Hades gave him a helmet that would make him invisible.

It is hard to see how there can be political solutions to the Dark Age. Enlightenment is surely part of the answer, but how does enlightenment shine out in such darkness? Most people can't even see where we are headed let alone the monster that is eating them alive.

What can possibly change this deplorable state of affairs? What, if anything, can be done?

We cannot put back the clock. We cannot lock our daughters up in a tower of bronze like King Acrisius. The prophecy will come true, it is inevitable. Every parent learns that there comes a time when they cannot protect their children any longer and they have to let them go free into the world. Anyone who cannot accept this is selfishly acting on their own behalf – not that of their children. This is one of the strong messages contained within the Medusa myth as well as many others. On a wider human scale, it tells us that humanity cannot remain isolated for its own protection either. We have entered a new stage of human existence. We cannot go back.

The ‘triple development’ could be viewed as the puberty of the human race in a sense. This can be the beginning of an age of incredible opportunity. The future stands before the adolescent – bright, shining and filled with the promise of excitement and unlimited achievement. Who could deny our daughters or our sons this? Any parent who truly loves their children, any individual that loves another individual, knows that love is not a power to constrict and control. Those things are born out of fear. Love is not given to us to wield power. It is given to us to set us free.

The future holds an opportunity for men and women to come together as never before. To truly create the synergy of marriage on a species-wide scale, but this concept has not yet been grasped and tragically, there are those, the dysfunctional, the power crazed and the manipulative who have thrived and multiplied in the confusion. They wish to destroy the golden opportunity that is the rightful heritage of our children and our children’s children. They have ambushed the child on its first adventures into the future. They have stalked it not from the shadows of a dark alleyway, but from the brightly-lit halls of academia. They have beguiled it with their visions of their perverted utopia in our own homes. They have, like twisted perverted and dysfunctional parents, raped its mind, body and soul.

For most of us, the way ahead has not even been visualised. The male of our species is developing at a slower rate than his sister, but as in individuals, this is natural. What is unnatural is that he is being prevented from developing at all. Like the dysfunctional, selfish mother she is, the Mom-god, like King Acrisius and his daughter, will not let her boy go. She does not lock him up in a tower for his perceived protection, but she does mean to keep him or destroy him. She consistently tells him he is not worthy, that he cannot survive without her own devious power. All that he is, is evil and corrupt. He has no right to manhood. This mother will never give her son away. She will keep him forever if she can emasculate him enough so that he will never become the partner and the true equal of any other woman but herself. This mother has not sacrificed her life to have children. She has sacrificed her child to have her life.

Though we can thank God that the feminazis do not have a single human leader like Hitler or Stalin, we must understand that this has not been necessary. The leader and instigator of this terror does not need to have a physical form. She is archetypal and as such is infinitely more powerful. However, if she is recognised as an archetype, perhaps she can be overcome.

It must also be recognised that the monstrous head of feminazism, like that of the Medusa, has many writhing serpents. They are too viscous and powerful to be hacked off one at a time. If we try to do this then others will encircle and crush us with their venomed fangs. Neither can we go boldly, sword of truth in hand, and lop off the head of this beast. To even look upon it is to invite death. How then can it be destroyed? An archetypal demon can only be destroyed by an archetypal strategy and by the use of archetypal weapons. We must look to the past, to the old legends for these weapons and we must face the terrible task before us with courage.

The Medusa of the myth was one of three sisters. She was also seen as part of a trinity in the myths that preceded her Greek incarnation. Today, she can be viewed as part of a new unholy trinity. Her sisters are greed and apathy, but she is the most dangerous. If the vengeful hatred of this cursed and evil monster is combined with the lust for control and power and channelled through the inept and bungling systems that exercise control of our world, then the apathetic and ignorant will offer no resistance. The Medusa lives in human hearts. She inhabits human form. The feminazis are her vehicle and her incarnation. This is the head of the Medusa that must be hacked off.

It’s true to say that men, and the women who stand with them, have until recently been, incapable of fighting back. Even now their numbers are small. They find themselves faced with a task they neither wanted nor are equipped for. They cannot form a hunting party to hunt those they are incapable of hunting and they cannot paint their faces and form a war party to attack those they can never attack. They have been unable to see their enemy. They have been unable to even visualise the monster that is engineering their destruction. It is, as one man said, "As though we are a group of blind men groping different parts of the same elephant, trying to come up with a valid description." But there is a ‘polished shield’ in which we can look at the monster. Through the medium of the Internet, the last free medium of global communication, men are beginning to interact in a non-competitive way. Their attempts have been feeble at first and limited to a sharing of their sense of grief, injustice and pain, but the shape of the monster is beginning to become clear. The full picture is emerging. Like an eggshell cracking open, slowly, in fits and starts, we are breaking out of our isolation, and we are reporting what we know to those around us. What gives us the greatest cause for hope is that increasingly there are women who are becoming allies in the struggle.

There are weapons that can be used, but we must recognise our enemy and we must learn how to use them selectively for our enemy is often hidden behind a mask. The enemy of mankind is certainly not womankind. Real women must stand beside us in true equality. Men and women must fight this war together. If we do not, then the war is lost. The Medusa has driven this rift between us. Her aim is to destroy the family. The one man, one woman unit is the basic unit of society and the Medusa knows that splitting this unit is the most effective way to destroy society.

We may not be too late though. There is still time. If we have the courage and the foresight to look backwards then we may be able to do something to avert catastrophe. The philosopher Hegel said, "All we learn from history is that men never learn from history." Perhaps, as we seem incapable from learning these lessons from the past we should look beyond the past. To the time that is beyond history and beyond time itself.


Part two of "The Head of the Medusa" looks in detail at the weapons that can be used and discovers the modern counterparts of the gifts of Athena and Hermes. We will go, as Perseus did, and see how those gifts can cut off the head of the monster that turns to stone, but first there must be an indictment issued. This must be a justifiable execution, not another murder. It must not be a vengeful act, for vengeance does not belong to humanity or to individuals. The charges must be laid squarely at the feet of those responsible. Let there be no mistaking the seriousness of their nature and the determination with which the sickle will be wielded. Let there be no question of the identity or the evil nature of the archetypal monster whose head must fall.

Now, the Earth’s capacity to sustain human life is in jeopardy.

Now, the science of genetics has made it possible to select the gender of a child on the basis of personal preference.

Now, the definition of the human family is a woman and her children.

Now, the male gender is being disenfranchised and legally defined as less than human by international law.

Now, the role, purpose and function of the genders are becoming neutralised.

Now, the roles of the genders are being culturally eroded.

Now, the necessity of gender within the species will no longer be required when that species loses the will and the reason to reproduce.

The purpose of human beings is therefore no longer to reproduce.

Humanity is in effect, self-enforcing its own destruction.

Humanity as it existed before the triple development (before we could view our world from beyond its confines, before the creation of artificial intelligence and before the control of reproduction) is now obsolete. Together the Medusa has conspired with those that ineffectually rule and with those that have the financial control to solve the problems of our world by the murder of hundreds of millions of the unborn and by the destruction of the heterosexual family - the basic unit of human society. Legislation is in place to ensure that children will become the property of the World State. The heterosexual man has been deemed an abomination. He has been falsely accused as the cause of all humanity’s ills. He is regarded now as both unnecessary and unproductive in the new order. He is already denied his human rights. He is already denied a voice and he is already being systematically disempowered and destroyed. If action is not taken, he will be eliminated from the face of the Earth.

Humanity is experiencing the opening phase of mass Gendercide.

Homicide: The deliberate killing of a person.

Genocide: The deliberate killing of a people or a nation.

Gendercide: The deliberate killing of a gender.

Standing accused are:

  • Those who have promoted and profited by injustice and hatred.
  • Those who have denigrated, denied and destroyed love between men, women and children.
  • Those who have conspired to deny the future rights of the unborn.
  • Those who have conspired to destroy the lives and opportunities of millions.
  • Those who have stolen the children, the homes and hard earned emotional and financial investments of millions.
  • Those who have lied and perverted the truth and used the sufferings of men, women and children to obtain advantage and to promote and impose evil ideologies on humanity.
  • Those who have taken the wealth and the trust of millions and claimed to be defenders of the global environment.
  • Those who have blindly ignored the truth and the reality of the crimes being committed in their name and have remained silent and have done nothing.

These people are charged, in the name of all humanity, with the crime of Gendercide.






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Posted 2000 04 19
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