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since June 19, 2001


The Head of the Medusa Part 2: Of wars, gender-war and slander, of suffering, victory and honour

Chapter 10: Truth and propaganda, men's and women's rights



Part One of ‘The Head of the Medusa’ used the imagery of the Medusa myth to analyze the crisis we face at the hands of the Feminazi. Part Two will continue to explore the ‘land of perpetual darkness’ through which Perseus’ reincarnations, both male and female, must travel. It will also explore the ‘weapons’ given by the ‘Gods’ to overcome the monster.

Be warned though. This will be an uncomfortable and dangerous journey. Our task is not a pleasant one and yet we must not go into this battle with the desire for revenge. Neither should it be our intention to turn the clocks back to restore the imagined ‘Golden Age’ in the relationship between men and women. There never was one, but there could be. We must think and act like heroes on this quest. We must look into the future with vision - beyond the myth and into an achievable reality; into the light that awaits us beyond this Dark Age. If men and women can take this evolutionary leap together, then we may yet see a Golden Age. If not for us, then at least for our children. It is for them we must fight. It is for them that we must wield the sword.


The Gods had watched over Perseus from the moment of his birth. On accepting King Acrisius’ challenge they came to his aid. Athena gave him a polished shield to reflect the image of the Medusa so he could look upon her and not be turned to stone.

In our own time, the Feminazi has allowed the legend of the Medusa myth a very real reincarnation and relevance. Using Feminazism as a vehicle, Medusa appears in the form of a woman, but she is certainly not representative of the female of the human species. She lurks behind this mask so that we cannot see her true identity. She walks unrecognized among us, using both women and men as tools for destruction. Like an abuser preying on the vulnerable, Medusa has destroyed the vision of generations, tarnished their glory and perverted their image. Just as in the myth, she has made our age a ‘Land of Perpetual Darkness’. She has gazed upon the lives of millions of men, women and children and turned them into stone.

Like Perseus, who cut off the original Medusa’s head, we can only look upon her reflection in the mirror of the myth. What we can see there is the ultimate destruction of humanity. We have been given gifts though, with which we can combat this hideous presence. We have been given a shield, like Perseus held. A shield that is rather a weapon than a defense - a mirror in which we can finally see that which human eyes have until now been unable to gaze upon.

The very medium that allows you to read these words now is our equivalent of Athena’s polished shield. The computer technology that was born out of World War II and the space program spawned the Internet - a system originally designed to survive the envisaged World War III. It was originally assumed that such a war would be fought between the ‘Free World’ and the Soviet Union, but to the delight of all, the wall came down as the Communist Bloc failed to win the arms race. Capitalism and ever-increasing American arms spending bankrupted the ‘People’s Utopia’. The ‘Iron Curtain’ was torn aside by McDonalds and Levi’s as much as the threat of ‘Star Wars’ weaponry. It was communications, not nuclear, conventional or even science fiction weapons that achieved this seemingly impossible feat.

A stand may be made against invasion by an army;

No stand can be made against invasion by an idea.

— Victor Hugo

The Internet we have come to know came in to existence almost by accident. The United States Army created the first network of computer terminals. Significantly, the research was named the Athena Project. While the first few machines were being connected, some smart technician hit on the idea of using the telephone system to provide connections to other installations. So the web grew like the primitive neural network of a new life form. It was designed as a ‘shield’ so that the exchange of information and orders would be assured in the event of a nuclear war. We can use this modern incarnation of Athena’s shield in our fight against the Medusa. In fact, we are using it now.

Little did those technicians know how vast their brainchild would soon become. They were the ignorant midwives of a techno-biological entity that would revolutionize the human capability to communicate – a cybermind. This network, that originally channeled only the secret whisperings of a few hundred military and scientific personnel, has now become the place of regular intercourse for millions of people throughout the world. Like the dividing and multiplying cells of a new life form, the Internet cybermind is growing in complexity and ability at a phenomenal rate. Its web has encompassed the globe and its relevance and bearing on all humanity is already beyond human comprehension. Its mental capacity is phenomenal and its ability to interact with every aspect of human existence is far beyond our wildest imaginings. Like Athena’s shield, it truly is a gift from the Gods. The military believed that their primitive technological fumblings would help protect them from destruction. They had no concept of the potential of their creation neither did they have any vision of the enemy it would ultimately be used to fight. We can use the Internet in our fight against the Medusa just as Perseus was able to use the polished shield given to him by Athena. With it, we can look upon the face of the monster and we will not be harmed. Elsewhere, we see that our media is controlled. It shows us only the mask in front of the monster’s face. It shows us what the minds of others want us to see. It does not allow us choice or an unbiased view of our world or our society. We can all look at our TV's, listen to our radios, read our newspapers and magazines, but we do not have any say in what material is selected for our consumption. The world’s media is owned and controlled by very few people. They are powerful. They know the value of the media and its potential and they use it as a tool to show us what they want us to see.

We do indeed inhabit a land of perpetual darkness where we cannot see clearly. Only the Internet, our communal ‘cybermind’, can give us clear vision, at least for the time being. Using the Internet, we have the choice to look wherever we wish. However, the UN and factions within our governments are doing their best to change this state of affairs. They know full well that the citizens of the New World State must be kept in the darkness. They seek to gain control of the one vital weapon - the polished shield of Athena - that will enable us both to communicate and to see the monster. They seek to control and manipulate the new mind and vision of humanity.


— Slogan of the Ministry of Truth, ‘1984’, George Orwell

The UN (which actively promotes hatred of all things male and is engaged in the deliberate destruction of the heterosexual family) convened a conference in Geneva to debate Internet Speech Limits. In November 1997 international experts gathered to discuss ways to combat so called ‘hate messages’ on the Internet. Under the guise of fears about racist extremist groups and pornography, the UN seeks to eliminate all forms of politically incorrect speech on the Internet. Some countries have moved towards making Internet service providers responsible for the content they supply. Already men’s and fathers’ rights lists, viewed by the Feminazi as terrorist organizations, have in some cases been censored or even banned. However, free speech may prove more difficult to control on the World Wide Web than in individual nations. The cybermind still has free thought coursing through its synapses. If you look, you will find opinion of every shade on every conceivable issue. You may find some of what you discover uncomfortable or offensive, but what is important is that individuals are allowed to state their cases and present their ideas. Totalitarian regimes may control totally what people say, but they can never control what a free mind may think. You are reading such thoughts now. Here in this place, in the cybermind, you also are free to think your own thoughts.

The Feminazi know that free speech and thought is not an option in the New World State. They have never allowed criticism or dissent within their own movement and they will do everything they can to ensure that all resistance to the new Femutopia is crushed.

The first casualty when war comes is truth.

— Hiram Johnson 1866-1945

When the Berlin wall came down the world seem to enter a new age of freedom and peace. For many, the latent threat of a World War III immediately seemed to evaporate. We did not realize it at the time, but the real World War III, the Gender War, had been well under way for a quarter of a century before the graffitied concrete began to shatter.

All wars have casualties. The vast majority of these are men. All wars are ultimately wars of attrition. It often seems that wars only cease when the numbers of dead finally become politically and socially unacceptable. Only then, does a peace process begin. Throughout history it appears that such senseless sacrifice has always been necessary before people and nations will begin to talk, standing upon mountains of corpses of the slain. If we are to stop a war it would surely make sense to begin the peace process before a single soldier dies, but what if it were deliberate policy that the maximum number of soldiers do die? What if it was both politically and socially acceptable that all men were to be casualties? What if it was culturally desirable also? Is this an unthinkable concept? I think not. I think it is the norm.

Cannon fodder - exclusively male

Although wars usually appear to have political and moral causes and these often provide the final flashpoint (e.g. the assassination of Franz Ferdinand or the invasion of Poland) these events would not in themselves lead to protracted World Wars unless other conditions were in place. These factors are most often economic. Arming and supplying wars are undoubtedly one of the most lucrative business ventures known. This is not to say that industrialists themselves cause wars, but wars may well last longer because of such interests. Ultimately, war can have long term economic benefits, at least for the victors. Economics and politics collude in commencing and continuing wars, not necessarily by a conscious conspiracy, but because the same end serves the interests of both parties. However, no war can start without the weapons and the willingness of men to use them and if necessary, lay down their lives to defend their families and their society. In the same way, these mechanisms apply to the current Gender War.

We can view this from another perspective. It is indeed as if there must be human sacrifice to ensure prosperity. The sacrifice is made to the Goddess of prosperity in the form of the State, the Mother Country – represented at the most basic, personal level by the woman. Much as the ‘conspiracy’ that fuels the gender war today. This insane alliance is responsible for allowing an equally insane ideology to spring up and cause yet another catastrophic conflict.

To look at this in more detail, it is useful to explore the analogy of the ‘fire triangle’ that is used to explain combustion. For a fire to start there has to be fuel, oxygen and heat. In terms of the Gender War, fuel can be seen as an economic system based on high levels of consumerism. The ‘oxygen’ to be the natural protection and survival mechanisms that operate between the genders. The ‘heat’ has been applied by the Feminazi movement.

As we explored in Part One, the ‘conspiracy’ operates with the willingness of those who control the economies of the opposing nations to reap the Gender War’s economic rewards. This in turn conspires with the drive for a One World, Feminized State. The economic benefits of any arms race are often a justifiable excuse when it shown that such strategies vastly improve people’s standards of living. What can we say about increased standards of living that are paid for in blood by increased standards of dying? We obviously readily embrace such ‘economics’ still today. We live on a powder keg. So it has also been since 1945. The economics of capitalism have continued where they left off. Instead of tanks and planes they now make cars and vacuum cleaners. Instead of guns and bombs they make stereo systems and microwaves. These items along with all the other benefits of civilization that we work throughout our lives for are produced for our consumption and they are seen as indicators of prosperity. They are now also part of the logistics of Gender War, but they are not the actual weapons. The real weapons are our children. In a world where the concept of individual nations is being neutralized, who could deny that our children are what we will fight hardest for? Who is it who uses the children as weapons most effectively? Who is it that controls the use of these human weapons? Who is it who seizes them again and again? It is women who are the winners in this war and it is men that fall wounded and bleeding from the attack. For a one World State to exist it must take over the role of provider and protector of the human family (now defined as a woman and her children). Legislation already exists within the UN to facilitate this.

It was always then as it is now, overwhelmingly men who have to fall victim to war. Their standards of suffering are never measured though and never set against any standards of living. Whether it be on the battlefield of shot and shell or in the legalized Passchendaele of a divorce court, men are murdered in their thousands. Now as always, the Goddess of prosperity is placated by oceans of blood from the corpses of the ritually slain.

The nation that benefited the most in terms of economic wealth from warfare is ironically the one that is perhaps the most poisoned and enslaved by the Medusa’s dark angels today. The headquarters of the United Nations stands like a colossal headstone on its soil. Just like its ineffectual predecessor, the UN has allowed the insanity to take hold once more. What is worse is the fact that the UN is now the vehicle for it and, as always, in this new undeclared war - the Gender War - it is men and especially young men who are the cannon fodder both in financial terms and in the normally accepted sense. They of course, will also have to defend this insanity, predominantly with American weapons and American lives, from any nation that resists or opposes it. They will pay for it with their blood.

The furtherance of women's rights is a central priority of American foreign policy.

— U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright January 1998

The UN spends millions of dollars and has countless organizations working tirelessly to improve the lives of women throughout the world. Legislation is passed and acted on by governments without any thought for the lives and well being of the other half of the human species. They have ignored our dual humanity and they have deliberately divided us. It is men who have to pay for the plethora of programs benefiting women - from contraception and abortion on demand to payment for ‘unremunerated work’, like cooking and child care. Men of course are not to have their lives improved. Men are not to be remunerated for supporting their wives, childcare, building, plumbing, decorating, repairs and maintaining their family’s homes, from which they can be ousted on the mere word of their wives under the new UN inspired domestic violence legislation. They are to be penalized for being male. Only women, in the Feminazi eyes of the UN have the human right to live their lives free from violence and oppression – a right now enshrined in international law. Only women have the right to education and health. Only women have the right to decide the quality of their own lives and that of ‘their’ children. Men have only one right and that is to pay for it all – with their labor, their wealth and their lives. Human rights are indeed women’s rights and the personal is indeed political. Under the relentless goading of the Feminazi, the UN World State has drawn up a contract with the world’s women. This contract is a marriage certificate.

You made a contract with the world's women, and that has to be enforced.
And how does it get enforced? By politics, by political action.

— Bella Abzug, head of the tax-funded Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), 
UN Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995.

The war that is being waged against mankind is gearing up for its most bitter phase. The United Nations, the organization set up to put an end to war, has been invaded and conquered from within by an evil army. The vast sums of taxpayers' money put there by our governments have been pillaged. The Western world with its hold over the whole world’s economies has already begun the systematic rape of the Third World. Under the guise of beneficial investments and humanitarian aid programs, the dark angels have set about the subjugation of the rest of humanity. The cultures that oppose it - the Moslem and Islamic nations - will be attacked both economically and from within. Their women will be targeted and recruited to bring about the destruction of their societies. Already the Medusa’s man hating minions are campaigning hard on female circumcision and the rights of oppressed Third World women and ‘women of color’ to health care and abortion. Their strategy has never failed yet. Even if these nations put their young men on to the battlefield there will be an added dimension to the strategy. Killing a few million more evil patriarchs on both sides will be an added bonus, and they will of course, be blamed for their own destruction. Men are both evil and expendable. This is the dawning of the Century of Women after all.

Patriarchy requires violence or the subliminal threat of violence in order to maintain itself... The most dangerous situation for a woman is not an unknown man in the street or even the enemy in wartime, but a husband or lover in the isolation of their home.

— Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem

Even China, with the largest single population on Earth, cannot remain immune. China has never been reluctant to exercise control over its citizens when it comes to birth control. Is it any wonder that the Beijing World Conference for women that brought forth the ‘Platform for Action’ was held there - in the very city where the tanks suppressed the upsurge of freedom? Every nation can be divided and conquered as many already have - by gender war. Pit woman against man and it will fall. It is the perfect strategy. It knows no national boundaries, no allegiances. Every combatant has his or her ‘uniform’ from birth. It is a contest to the death and those that fuel the war know what the result will be. They know who has the real power in human society.

I feel that 'man-hating' is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.

— Robin Morgan

To bring about total domination and to set in place the Feminazi Femutopian dream, there remains but one obstacle. Opposition to the new order planned for the new millennium – the Century of Women - must be destroyed. The planned Femutopia, a world free from war, hunger, poverty, disease, overpopulation and discrimination, must also be free from men. Their own teachings tell us that men are the root cause of all these evils. For the time being though, men still have their uses. We know from history that a sub-human species will be used in such a way. They can die in their millions working in appalling conditions and from poor health. They can be conscripted and killed on the battlefield. They can be imprisoned, tortured and raped. They can slave for the wealth that is required to bring the Femutopian dream into reality. No one at the UN gives a damn. After all, men have been sacrificed to the Goddess for millennia. It is, after all, what they have always been bred for, so why should things be any different now? This is an age of progress. The dawning of the new millennium – the 21st century – the Century of Women.

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