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since June 19, 2001


The Head of the Medusa Overview


First published on the Internet almost two years ago, 'The Head of the Medusa' was produced as a result of thousands of contributions from men and women all over the world with the hope that we might all see with a clearer vision the problems that are facing human society, the reasons why those problems have arisen and the consequences for every man woman and child on this planet.

Until now, these problems have been largely viewed as individual issues, but we can now see, thanks to the mirror of the Internet, that there is a common cause at work here with a sinister aim.

Perseus was a Greek hero who cut off the head of a monstrous snake-haired woman who was turning everyone who gazed upon her face into stone. Today, at the end of the 20th century, the Medusa is very much alive and her gaze has indeed turned our society into a wasteland. Radical Feminazism is her modern incarnation and she thrives because of western government’s compliance with her evil creed.

The Environmental Crisis and World Population

For most of the time human beings have been around on the Earth the population was stable – that is, births and deaths were more or less in balance, but after the invention of agriculture around ten thousand years ago, the world’s population began to increase rapidly. Right now there are about 6 billion of us and the population now doubles every forty years. No possible increase in food supply can cope with this. Put simply, there are around 240,000 more people being born each day over those that are dying each day. Coupled with this, we have the threats of global warming, ozone depletion and world-wide pollution of the environment. That's what we are being told at least – and our governments would never lie to us – would they?

So what can be done? We are constantly being told that there are just too many of us. Unless the population explosion is slowed down we are headed for catastrophe, even if global warming and toxic emissions can be reduced. But don't panic – yet – there is an answer. Thanks to sterilization and abortion programmes, many countries – the USA, Russia and China for example, have reached, or will soon reach, Zero Population Growth. Good news – but, we are told, even if a fraction of humanity still continues to reproduce at its current rates the situation is essentially the same – the world's population will increase overall at an alarming rate – even if many nations are ZPG. Time to panic again? No, not yet. You see, there is a well-known correlation between poverty and high birth rates. In almost all countries – whether they be capitalist, communist, Catholic, Muslim, eastern or western, population growth slows down or stops when grinding poverty disappears. This is called Demographic Transition. This is why helping countries to become self sufficient is not just decent – its vital. So, one of the central issues in the world population crisis is poverty. But, there are exceptions to this. Some wealthy nations still have high birth rates – but in them, contraceptives are sparsely available and women lack any real political power.

See where we are headed? In forty years time, if the doubling stays constant, there will be 12 billion of us, in a hundred and twenty years 48 billion. There is no way the Earth can support that many. Clearly, dealing with the problem now will be far cheaper and much more humane than in the future. So, we have a United Nations drive to bring about world-wide demographic transition and stop the increase by eliminating poverty with widely available, safe and effective birth control and by transfering real political power – executive, legislative, judicial, military and in the institutions influencing public opinion – to women.

Many people, would agree that given the (alleged) global crisis that looms over us this makes sense – but hang on there just a minute – doesn't giving power to one half of humanity (female) mean that the other half (male) loses power?

Well, what do you think the UN has being doing for the last fifty years? Stopping wars or something? Read on, suckers.

The One World Super State.

"The New World Order." Remember that phrase being bandied around during Gulf Crisis by US President George Bush and the media after the U. S. led, UN victory over Iraq? It's been around for a lot longer – the real meaning of the term has been known for decades by a group of elite bankers and industrialists. It's the code for a one-world government, a scheme to financially control the world. 'Globalisation' is the media's softer term in use today. As we all now know, we are headed for a one world, global village. It's essential they tell us to save space ship Earth from destruction – and they wouldn't lie to us – would they?

You may have heard that some people – widely known as "Conspiracy nuts" think that the New World Order is a bad thing. We are told that these people actually believe that the NWO will be some kind of world concentration camp in which individual freedom will be destroyed, private ownership will be abolished and there will be mass exterminations and incarcerations. Well, obviously, these people are all right-wing, racist, white supremacists who just hate queers and want to shoot their guns off every sunday after church aren't they?

It’s important to note however, that NWO is actually an ‘equal opportunity’ racket. In fact, both left and right wing suspicions about NWO are quite rational. The people behind NWO are an organisation of powerful industrialists, bankers, academics and politicians. For three quarters of a century they've been the real power behind the governments of Britain and America. They are 'The Establishment’ – the real un-elected rulers of the western world.

Through vastly influential organisations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-lateral Commission, they brew the policies of tomorrow today and put their own people in positions of power. It's a big business cabal that helps the elite – the super rich and the royals "rule the world" by running it as a big, big business. No nations means no barriers to trade. No nations mean a levelling of wages (downward of course). But hey – it must be worth a little discomfort if we can avert the environmental crisis. It must be worth sacrificing a little of our freedom and standard of living if we can solve the world's problem – and hey – these people have our best interests at heart after all. They would never lie to us – would they?

Well, big business means to solve the world's problems in it's own way – without conscience, without mercy and for a profit and unless we know about it, there is precious little any of us can do about it. You see, we have been suckered by the biggest con trick in the history of the world. You me – everybody. You don't think so?

The truth of the matter is – that population levels are stabilising and all serious predictions not subject to NWO propaganda forecast a decline in world population.

The truth of the matter is – that 17,000 scientists signed the Kyoto petition saying that there is no such thing as
global warming. (The media kept that one a little quiet didn't they? it's true though – check it out for yourself.)

The truth of the matter is – that the so-called environmental crisis has been blown out of all proportion. The Earth is now cleaner, safer and healthier than it has been since the start of the industrial revolution – and the signs are that things will improve even further as population decreases and standards of living improve. We don't hear that kind of good news on the tube or in the newspapers do we?

Yes it's hard to believe I know but those nice politicians have been lying to us – and those upright, honest and basically decent people in the media.

So why the lies? The answer is basically this – social control.

In a world where religion, morality and the natural family are to be abolished, a new ‘morality’ is being constructed. This new global ethic – the ECO–CREED demands belief and fear of environmental holocausts to sustain it. Yes, it’s the same old heaven and hell image that terrified medieval peasants into toeing the line, but with a new multicultural, secular, green overcoat on!

The Deconstruction of the human society that has sustained us for thousands of years has been achieved in less than half a century by hi-jacking the agendas of the politically naive and the intellectually vulnerable. However, the most sinister and effective strategy of all has been to split human society down the middle – the time-honoured strategy of divide and conquer. How did they do it? By driving the wedge right down the middle – through the natural fault line that splits us.

The Aims of Gender Warfare.

Straight from the radical, revolutionary cradle of the 60's, the women's movement was the ideal vehicle – and millions of ordinary women and men bought it!

The personal was indeed political!

Pandering to the gullibility of the masses and whipped up by the media, masses of legislation was passed to 'empower' women. The public were suckered, failing to see that everyone's rights, both male and female were being eroded while the framework of the World State was being put into place. The UN was quickly made into an asylum for legions of lunatic gender warriors, financed by you, the tax-payer to do the job 'acceptably'. An ever-increasing deluge of female friendly, male-hating, anti-family laws filtered down, gaining mass acceptance throughout western society, transferring power, wealth and political clout into the destruction of our existing society. It didn't take long for that natural split to become a canyon so wide that hardly anyone dare cross it.

How? They redefined the basic unit of human society from man, woman and child to ‘a woman and her children’. They've put the framework in place for making all children the property of the World State and they have redefined women's human rights as superior to those of males. Why? Because there will be tough decisions to make. You can't order the abortions of millions of foetuses, or the sterilization of generations of males without the people’s consent, can you? These things can't be done without our agreement , can they? Don’t you believe it! International law is doing just that now.

(Files to print out posters like this one and others)

It’s too late my friends – while you've been watching the ball game or the soap opera ‘the sisters' have been busy spending your taxes at the UN and planning to turn you into soap. You think Beijing was a joke? We are already living in Hillary's village – is anyone laughing? Only Bill and Hillary, I imagine!

'The furtherance of women's rights is a central priority of American foreign policy."

— US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright. Jan. 1988

And it ain’t just feminism, folks!

The other Trojan Horses used to fool us and to sneak in legislation were the Environmental Movement, the New Age movement, along with new Godless creeds of Secular Humanism and Political Correctness enforced by the new heresies of racism and sexism.

The outright promotion of homosexuality and lesbianism has reached fever pitch and nothing dare be said against those who indulge in buggery or other deviant practices. Gay marriages are now being enforced by law while heterosexual union is legislated against. Christianity is now being replaced by pagan Goddess worship and in some cases practicing the Christian faith is regarded as a HATE CRIME.

Now the wars have started, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Indonesia – all UN invasions of sovereign territories – but there are no more sovereign nations and no more religions – wake up suckers – this is the New World Order, remember?

Here’s how it works;

Remember the equation – the confluence of aims can be expressed simply as A x B = X

A = Powerful
feminazi and Environmental NGOs + UN + World Bank + Multi-Nationals, and

B = Control of world economy + Control of population growth and social control + World State + Increase in sales and markets + Female domination and destruction of male power.

What is X? X = the destruction of existing society, that is, stable heterosexual union.

Can any of us now seriously believe that the coalitions and alliances against the heterosexual family are not aimed at destroying it?

That the billions of dollars thrown into the
feminazi coffers by our governments are there to bring about equality?

That the demoralisation, denigration and persecution of men and the family by the media and the legal process is not deliberate?

That the anti-family and anti-male abuses happening throughout western society are not part of a deliberate strategy?

That the lies about
population growth, global warming and the environmental crisis are a not genuine mistake?

    — The UN declared Century of Women –The Future Is Female.

We are not entering a Utopian age where all people will be united, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation – that is the acceptable face of the hype for the consumption of the gullible. What we are already seeing is that the heterosexual white male is already branded as the scapegoat for all of the world’s problems and ills. If he should protest or assert his own (inferior) human rights, he is of course branded as 'sexist' and 'racist' – both now world hate crimes in the New Inquisition.

Why is this happening? Why are heterosexual males and particularly white males being subjected to this pogrom? Up until recently, males were the vital component for bringing forth and protecting new human life. Now that's changed. Women no longer need men, even for procreation. Modern genetic science can do the job if need be, without all those nasty violent males around. Gays and lesbians don't procreate so they are being encouraged to flourish in the New World State. Black males are infinitely more resistant to being pushed around, but white males? They're used to dying for their families and their society – they've been doing it for countless generations. Ask the average white male to get himself sterilized and he'll happily comply. Tell him he has to give his kids and his house to his cheating ex wife and pay for the privilege of never seeing either again and he'll do that too. Let's face it – it's easy enough to get him to die for foreign oil!

Now, cast your minds back to the beginning of this article.
  • They are telling us there are too many mouths to feed – let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and suppose that for just one moment that it’s true – there really is an environmental and over population crisis. Let's imagine for just one moment that the world really is going to fry unless something drastic is done.
  • Think about this – who is going to be the easiest to get rid of? Who has already been rendered culturally extinct?

OK, you can panic now if you like, but the question is – what are you going to do about it?




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