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Letter to Premier Harris

"Canadian courts clearly biased against fathers"

Mar. 15, 1999


Mr. Mike Harris, Premier of the Province of Ontario

c/o The Ontario Legislature

Queens Park, Ont.

Dear Mr. Harris


I am a Canadian citizen and businessman born and raised in the St. Catherines area of Ontario. After living all my life in Canada, I am now in the process of relocating from Milton, Ontario to the United States, along with my wife, primarily because of better business employment opportunities and a higher standard of living there.

Before I left my home county I thought that I would share my thoughts on an issue that I know is painfully close to the hearts of many Canadian families, including my friends and neighbours still residing in Canada. The issue to which I refer to is the horrible state of Canada's family legal system. Canada's family courts are literally driving many good families to destruction, which is a disgrace to all Canadians!

Although I have been happily married for many years and have children of my own born Canadian, I find it shocking to see the harm being permitted to happen to many innocent children and their families. The courts clearly are biased against fathers, and unethical lawyers seem all too eager to tear families apart for money.

Because of the deplorable state of affairs of the family legal system in Canada, I worry about the future of my two sons who still live in Canada, should they for some reason find themselves caught in the system at some time in the future. After seeing good people ravaged by the separation and divorce process, those in my family know that families do not receive justice in Canada's family courts, with fathers especially being the losers.

It is clear to all intelligent people that most women win in family court and most fathers lose. Kids are being ripped away from good loving parents for no reason. Kids are being used as pawns to make lawyers and others in the legal industry rich. The system has entrenched inequality in order to ensure continued litigation. It seems based on the presumption that there is one winner who gets its all and one loser who comes under the control of the winner, thus guaranteeing conflict for a lifetime.

I know of a couple of cases where good loving fathers have been forced into poverty and literally destroyed by the court system. In many of these cases the courts have awarded power to vindictive and controlling mothers who end up making life hell for their former spouses and their children. The fact that women win most of the time only gives further incentive to vindictive mothers to go to court and to be as uncooperative as possible. I know of one case were a mother with a documented history of child abuse still got custody of the child she was abusing!

The bias in the system against fathers is rampant. Matters in Canada's family courts are bordering on the bizarre. Lawyers are destroying families using false allegations as part of their strategy to win. Everyone knows this is going on, yet the politicians and those controlling the system seem to do little to restore justice. While crimes against humanity are occurring in Canada's family courts, it seems that bureaucrats and other do-gooders take more interest in helping people in other countries come to Canada to live off the welfare system rather than dealing with issues causing the destruction of families right in their own backyard.

The legal system has created such a nightmare, that those caught in its web literally feel compelled to take the law into their own hands. The process of family law in Canada is literally pushing otherwise good parents into committing murder or in some cases suicide.

If Canada does not get its family justice and tax system in order there will be only more social problems and more conflict. Social and economic costs to society will be so massive that the very quality of life will be affected in future generations. As a middle class Canadian, I already feel that this issue affects the quality of life in Canada and has contributed to the breakdown of the family unit.

The only way to stop this insanity is to restore justice to the family courts. Men and women must be treated equally. Children should not belong to any one parent but to both. Take away the prize of sole custody and replace it with a system where mom and dad both get a chance to parent the children, and most of the messy divorces would disappear. This may not be good for the lawyer's pocketbooks, but it certainly will be good for the children, their families and Canadian society.

One of the benefits of living in the U.S.A. is that taxes are much lower to maintain a comparable standard of living. Maybe if less of Canada's resources were being wasted in needless persecution of families, then likely there would be less need of courthouses and other health care services related to the family destruction industry which in turn will save the government hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. This would allow Canada to cut its taxes, which in turn would bring a better standard of living for all its people.

Yours truly


cc: The President of the United States of America
        Jefferson Institute for Justice Studies, Washington, D.C.
        Jericho Education for Justice, Sacramento, CA 95814
        Institute of Justice for All, Philadelphia P.A.

National Center for Citizens Participating In the Administration of Justice, Inc., Boston M.A.

United States Justice Foundation, Escondido, CA

Posted 2003 06 19

Parents Helping Parents

Louise Malenfant

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Family Advocate, Parents Helping Parents

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Louise Malenfant passed away in 2006.  She is being missed.


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