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Feminists, Masculinists, Blacklists, Neil Seeman

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Re: Feminists, Masculinists, Blacklists, Neil Seeman, June 4.

Unlike Mr. Seeman, who found his name on the recently published blacklist of "masculinists" in a study published by Status of Women Canada, I have been scratching my head and wondering how come I didn't make the list of feminist enemies.

I have been working for the past 10 years to counter unfair policies against men developed by the feminist elite. I have written papers on the disturbing "zero tolerance" policies that encourage police to assume all accused men are guilty when an allegation of abuse is made. I have written columns, been the subject of many articles and written countless letters to the editor demanding fairness for men in the face of hysterical gender policies designed to destroy men.

Heck, I've even been instrumental in getting a father custody of his children when a mother falsely accuses him of abuse. And unlike Mr. Seeman, my columns and stories on these issues have been published from Ontario to Alberta, in national and local papers, and they never deviate from saying feminists are not seeking equality for women, but are seeking domination, and doing a very successful job of it too!

I have noticed that many of the feminists still working their cause are well-paid consultants, as the average Canadian woman now recognizes that feminism goes too far and is destroying society by destroying the fathers, sons and male friends that we love. I guess that is why the Status of Women announced a grant of $640,000 to be paid to women's groups to allow them to counter the "masculinist" web sites, a tidy sum released in the same month the Status of Women study was released, March, 2003.

Perhaps, because I'm a female, a traitor to the feminist cause, the Status of Women report has decided not to give women like me any kind of recognition at all. Still, I have to ask, what does a girl have to do to get on this hate watch list anyway?

Louise Malenfant, family advocate, Parents Helping Parents, Calgary.

Posted 2003 06 19

Parents Helping Parents

Louise Malenfant

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Family Advocate, Parents Helping Parents

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Louise Malenfant passed away in 2006.  She is being missed.


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