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A brief history of Parents Helping Parents

2006 04 03

Louise Malenfant is no more

During the past weekend Louise Malenfant passed away at her home, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Louise Malenfant had devoted her life to mothers and fathers who lost their children due to injustices such as false abuse allegations.  She had been influential in her native Manitoba to get the bureaucracy to accept that false abuse allegations must not be used by anyone, be they individuals or members of the bureaucracy, to gain the upper hand in removing children from parents.

A few years ago Louise Malenfant moved to Alberta, with the aim to help bring about changes in the attitude of the bureaucracy here, such as those she had helped to create in Manitoba.  She has helped countless parents, mostly fathers, to regain reputations and contact with children of whom they had been robbed, and she prevented many innocent men from being punished for crimes they did not do.

Louise Malenfant will be missed by many.

Update 2006 05 04: A memorial service will be held in Kapuskasing, Ontario, June 15, 2006 (Details - obituary and guest book)

Guilt before proof
Edmonton City Police child abuse unit under investigation for alleged misconduct

The report that got things rolling

Cops will take report seriously — follow-up article in the Edmonton Sun, Sep. 26, 2001

Response thrills report's author — follow-up article in the Edmonton Sun, Sep. 27, 2001

Report Rocks Edmonton Child Abuse Police — Editorial in the Edmonton Sun, Sep. 30, 2001

Abuse experts reprimanded over exam!!

Dad's nightmare spurs family services reform

An amazing follow-up to the story:
Wrongly accused gets his due
$20,000 for falsely accused dad

(See also The right way to ask)

Dispute erupts at fathers rights group
Donna Laframboise, National Post, March 30, 2001

The board of directors of a Calgary fathers' rights group resigned en masse this week after a sister organization failed to eject from its midst a man who holds a criminal record for sexually exploiting a minor.

Scandal taints fathers' rights group,
Donna Laframboise, National Post, April 17, 2001

The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society is Alberta's largest non-custodial parents' lobby group. But between an executive's conviction for sexual exploitation of a minor and an activist's views on childhood sex, the group is self-destructing

The debate by Canadian fathers' rights activists

What about the children who consume porn and what good is their premature sexualization?  Do we need to encourage the production of more teenaged mothers and fathers for the Maury Show?  Perhaps,

...Ms. Malenfant is mistaken when she says, "You cannot legitimately speak on behalf of the falsely accused while holding the belief that sex in childhood is a good thing."  Actually, it is quite possible to hold the belief that sex between consenting minors is a good thing, and simultaneously to speak on behalf of those ADULTS falsely accused of sexual abuse of children.  The two issues are separate, and Ferrel is careful to separate them in his book, as you note in your article.

— David Shackleton, publisher of EVERYMAN Magazine,
in a letter to Donna Laframboise, April 19, 2001

Frustrated father fights abuse charges

Letter to the editor of the Edmonton Sun

Dad's vistitation rights reinstated

Mom gets led away in handcuffs

Boxing champion Hilton's grounds for appeal in case involving extraordinary testimony relating to accusations of child sexual abuse

Joni Mitchell

The reunion of Joni Mitchell and her daughter Kilauren Gibb, National Post story

Rain and snow on everyone,
The Report Newsmagazine, 2001 04 02, p. 35

Joni Mitchell's granddaughter is at the centre of a vicious custody battle

Men don't matter, The Report Newsmagazine, 2001 04 16, p. 35

A new study finds the ex parte order is a woman's best weapon prior to divorce
by Louise Malenfant

New boundaries for custody battles — The case that won the battle for fathers

One-stop divorce shops: A letter of support from a shelter is proven to be enough to win custody battles (Part 2 of 3)

Reviews launched of way child suspects interviewed

Social worker causes false allegation — False alarm bells sounded (The next article in the list is also related to the issue of false allegations.)

The right way to ask

The Report Newsmagazine, 2001 06 11, p. 25

By Louise Malenfant

Kids can lie, and that's one reason Edmonton is fixing the way it handles child-abuse complaints

Lawyers for kids a flawed idea (Calgary Herald, 2003 06 04)

Feminist Fury
Men's rights groups voice legitimate concerns, not hatred
Calgary Herald, 2003 06 19, p. A12

Reports and Studies

  • B.T. V. DR. C. JEKYLL
    Sexual Abuse Investigation in a Western Canadian Province, Part 1
    January 1995 (PDF file; 105kB)

Letters to Editors

The inquiry into the death of baby Jordan Heikamp

Judge-made family

Mark Lepine

Feminists, Masculinists, Blacklists, Neil Seeman (2003 06 04, National Post)


  • "Canadian courts clearly biased against fathers"

A letter to Premier Harris of Ontario, by a man who left Canada with his family and business on account of the rapid deterioration of the country due to feminist usurpation of political and judicial power  (1999 03 15)


What others say about Parents Helping Parents

Her home-town paper writes about Louise Malenfant

Posted 2001 02 13
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2001 09 27 (added link to second follow-up article in Edmonton Sun)
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2001 11 28 (entry for Ritual Abuse in Alberta)
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2002 03 07 (link to article about PHP in The Dryden Observer)
2002 03 14 (removed reference to ritual abuse case)
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2003 07 19 (updated the section on Reports and Studies)

Parents Helping Parents

Louise Malenfant

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Family Advocate, Parents Helping Parents

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Louise Malenfant passed away in 2006.  She is being missed.


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