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Letters to editors — Judge-made family

October 18, 2000

Judge-made family

Louise Malenfant

National Post

Re: Judges Rule Child Protection Has Priority over Parents' Rights, Oct. 14.

It is pretty obvious that Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dubé of the Supreme Court of Canada has never been present for one of the child welfare system's newborn baby apprehensions. There is nothing more morbidly disgusting than watching a social worker, accompanied by uniformed police officers, walk into a delivery room to tell a tired mother they are apprehending her newborn. One would think with hospital staff offering safety, such news could wait, but social workers seem to get a real charge out of doing it within minutes of birth. The inhumanity of the process is appalling.

Judge L'Heureux-Dubé also seems to be ignorant of the damage done to newborns who are deprived of human attachment at birth, and what that will do for their personality development. Studies have shown that children deprived of human attachment are far more likely to grow up socially alienated from successful means of goal attainment. The institution of child welfare power, which we have allowed to grow without accountability, is a story that future generations will read in horror. No doubt, they will be amazed, just as we now are at forced registration of native children in residential schools. By then, our sick child welfare system will have raised another generation or two with little hope for the future.

Louise Malenfant, Edmonton.

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Posted 2001 03 29

Parents Helping Parents

Louise Malenfant

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Family Advocate, Parents Helping Parents

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Louise Malenfant passed away in 2006.  She is being missed.


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