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Response thrills report's author

Just so you know, Staff Sgt Darren Eastcott, who is quoted in this story, is the supervisor of the Edmonton Police Child Abuse Unit, the very one who consistently ignored the concerns I raised as they happened.  I doubt the attention of three Ministers will hurt the seriousness with which these matters are dealt with...

Louise Malenfant

Edmonton Sun


Thursday, September 27, 2001

Response thrills report's author

Hopes alleged problems get solved


A family advocate is optimistic after getting a response from Premier Ralph Klein to her report on allegations of police misconduct during child abuse investigations.

Louise Malenfant of Parents Helping Parents said Klein's letter, dated 12 days after she sent him a copy of a 12-page report outlining cases of alleged misconduct within the Edmonton Police Service's child abuse unit, gives her hope the alleged problem will be solved.

"I'm just absolutely thrilled," Malenfant said. "I couldn't have asked for a better response from the government."

Malenfant compiled the report over a year after reviewing court documents and interviewing witnesses in three alleged child abuse cases.

She claims that in one case, a cop allegedly told witnesses a man was guilty of molesting a child before the man was convicted of a crime.

Klein also sent a copy of his reply to Justice Minister Dave Hancock, Health Minister Gary Mar and Children's Services Minister Iris Evans.

"The ministers will be responding directly to you on behalf of the Government of Alberta," Klein wrote.

A spokesman for Evans said the minister hadn't yet seen the initial report, but Evans would be interested to read it.

Police spokesman Jeff Anderson said the EPS will co-operate with the province. The EPS has already launched an internal investigation of the report's allegations.

Staff Sgt. Darren Eastcott of the child abuse unit said he doesn't have a problem with anyone asking for a review, but Malenfant should have waited for the result of the internal police investigation before going to the province.

"Complain to us, let us look into it, let us deal with it, and then if you're not happy with it, take it to a level that involves the ministers," he said, adding he expects the ministers will wait for the police investigation results before responding.

Edmonton Sun

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Louise Malenfant

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Louise Malenfant passed away in 2006.  She is being missed.


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