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Who's Failing the Family? 

Who's Failing the Family?

A half-hour video by Erin Pizzey on Counterblast, BBC2

Erin Pizzey is a pioneer in the women's shelter movement.  In 1971 she founded the first modern battered women's refuge in the world, in Chiswick, London, England.  Her shelter movement became usurped by radical elements who latched on to the concept of battling domestic violence against women, propagandized it and exploited it as a cause for lavish, never-ending funding for their program for the planned destruction of the family.

Additional details about the history and context of domestic violence politics and about Erin Pizzey's role and attitude in them are accessible at Erin Pizzey's web page at http://fathersforlife.org/pizzey/pizzey.htm

Recently Erin Pizzey produced a film about these issues.  It was broadcast by BBC2 to an audience of 700,000 at 7:30 p.m., March 30, 1999.

Erin Pizzey's film is a half-hour program about the history of the propaganda of the domestic violence industry, meant to identify the falsehoods that the industry deliberately manufactured and presented for three decades now.  The film attempts to debunk many of the myths about domestic violence that are largely intended to manufacture victims and to secure funding for the promoters of the agenda of family-hostile forces.

Here are a couple of remarks that Erin Pizzey made about the airing of her film:

    BBC2 is the intellectual arm of the BBC TV in England.  It is like America's PBS but it has a big audience of intelligent and thinking people.  My program went out at 7.30 [p. m.]and the film unit COUNTERBLAST is a series of six programmes where people air their views and is considered very radical in terms of the license in a democracy for people to say what they want to say.

    The film went out on 30th March 1999.  The BBC own the copyright but you can use the film as long as people don't charge.  There is nothing to stop groups asking for donations though to raise money for themselves.

    ...lots of love — a commodity in short supply in this world of ours 

If you have any ideas on how Erin Pizzey's film can by publicized, please be so good and share them.
Copies of "Who's Failing the Family?" can be made available at $12.90(Can)/each.  That price will reimburse me for the cost of making copies of the video, but it doesn't include the cost of shipping and handling.  Donations are welcome.

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All the best,

Walter H. Schneider

More about Erin Pizzey
See also a related article published in The Scotsman 30.3.99.

Information from the first few frames of Who's Failing the Family:  

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