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since June 19, 2001


Join the navy and flash the world

Sexual terrorism has destroyed the Canadian army.  In geopolitical terms this is of little account; the same cannot be said of the feminization of the U.S. armed forces.  Paul Craig Roberts reports in a June 10 syndicated column that the shortage of sailors in the U.S. navy has reached 18,000.  It seems it's just not a man's life anymore.  Mr. Roberts illustrates the new Navy with a tale of two punishments.

"Just contrast the fate of navy Lieutenant Frederica Spilman with that of Lt.  Patrick Callaghan.  Spilman posed nude for Playboy magazine, where she bared not only her buttocks but her breasts and displayed her pubic hair.  Her male commander was too terrified by her gender privileges to do more than issue a non-punitive letter of caution for her flagrant display of conduct unbecoming an officer.

"Callaghan replied to friendly jibes from a few navy friends by briefly dropping his jogging shorts and 'mooning' his teasers.  It was nothing but a good-natured goof witnessed only by Callaghan and his friends.  But Callaghan, a Ph.D. whose training in biological chemistry and toxicology made him immensely valuable to the navy, was arrested, forced to undergo psychiatric testing, taken to mast, charged with indecent exposure and conduct unbecoming an officer and found guilty -- and had his career destroyed."

--Kevin Michael Grace (Alberta Report, June 22, 1998, page 14)

I wonder, which of his "friends" turned him in?  Would he have been let off if he would have posed for Capital Xtra? -- So much for "freedom of expression."  Why does any man still bother to join the armed forces? It's "their" turn now!  Let them fight any invading armies by hugging them into submission.