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since June 19, 2001


UN Population Policies, World Demographics, Job Fatalities and the Extermination of Men

pop.jpg (16909 bytes)
Source: Counting Down,
The New Scientist, October 2, 1999

The graph shown above identifies world population projections made by the UN.  Nothing in the graph shows what is the most likely alternative, although a clue can be had from the fact that one alternative estimated by the UN is not shown in the graph.  The UN also identified a third alternative: unabated exponential growth.   That alternative is clearly so far removed from reality that the UN would damage its reputation if it were to mention it or to even suggest that it is a possible alternative.

The reality of current population trends is:

  1. The number of children born annually in the world has not increased during the last two decades (about 1980 to 1999);

  2. The population increases we have seen during that interval were not so much because of an increasing numbers of children being born but because of improved living conditions, better food and better health care;

  3. The UN's low population projection is perhaps still too high.  The world population numbers have essentially leveled off, and we are not very likely to come close to the projected population size of more than 7 billion people by the year 2050.

  4. * Is the world overpopulated?

    If all of the world's people were located in the Province of Alberta (just a touch smaller in area than the State of Texas) and each were to have an equal share of all of the land in Alberta, then each of the world's people would have 98.6m2 of land to live on.

    Assuming that the average household consists of three people, a family of three would have enough space (3,184 ft2) for a moderately-sized house and a garden large enough to grow some of the food consumed by the family.

    • Alberta land area: 661,565 km2, 255,541 miles2
    • World population: 6,706,993,152 (Source: CIA World Factbook, July 2008 est.)

However wrong the UN's population statistics most likely are, they don't take into account one aspect that is being discussed in the following.

During the Second World War six million Jews and another six million people deemed to be sub-human were exterminated by the Nazis.  More than a million people – perhaps a third of them women and children  – were deliberately starved to death after World War II in POW camps of the Allied Forces (primarily in Russian camps, but in American camps as well). 
   Pol Pot murdered about 2 million Cambodians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Buddhist monks, anyone who was fluent in a foreign language – and, it seems, anyone who was not born or not educated in Cambodia.

Professor Rudolph Rummel from the University of Hawaii states at his DEMOCIDE web site:

...I then determined the lowest estimates and the highest estimates of democide, and arrived at what I call a "prudent" figure depending on various factors. I concluded hat during the twentieth century governments killed at least 80 million people and possibly as many as 300 million, but the most likely number is about 170 million.

According to sources cited by Professor Rummel, Stalin and some of the other communist leaders in Russia killed about 62 million people between 1917 and 1987.
    As identified by Professor Rummel, Mao tse Tung did something of the same magnitude in China.
    Professor Rummel doesn't make any distinction between specific types of people who were murdered by governments the world over.  He calls such atrocious actions by governments democide – the deliberate extermination of a people by its government.  However, looking at demographics and populations statistics from many different countries, the evidence of one fact is undeniable. 

We may want to call the mass murder of people democide, but there is one specific class of people who are being targeted for extermination the world over, in underdeveloped countries as well as in the developed ones.
    One specific class of people was and is being targeted for extinction or at least deadly persecution.  Looking at world demographics and at those of many individual countries, about 120 million of these people that now should be alive are missing, perhaps killed and included in the figures mentioned by Professor Rummel, but nevertheless special targets for persecution and extermination to a far greater extent than anybody else.

Who are these people against whom our own governments pursue a deliberate campaign of discrimination, denial of their human rights and of equal access to medical care, housing and health – forcing them into dangerous occupations that result in high risk of death and injury, stealing their assets and incarcerating overwhelming numbers of them in industrial prison complexes?

Who are these people?  Chinese dissidents?  Asians?  Vietnamese refugees?  Indigenous aboriginal people?  Blacks?

No – they are MEN!

The disfranchisement, persecution, incarceration and even the killing of men is a monopoly exercised not just by totalitarian regimes.  It is not democide, as it involves not whole peoples but mainly men.  It is gendercide – the deliberate killing of one sex – promoted by many governments of the world, primarily by the UN and the radical-feminist interest groups that influence and virtually control it.



In the US, every one-and-a-half minutes a man of working age dies. 
   US women of working age die at the rate of one every two minutes and 40 seconds.

American boys who haven't even reached working age yet die at the rate of one every 15 minutes and 30 seconds. 
   The corresponding rate for girls who haven't entered the work force yet is one death every 24 minutes.

U.S. males are being murdered at the rate of one every 34 minutes.
   Every two hours an American woman is being murdered.

Suicide is the cause of death of American boys and men at the rate of one every 21 minutes and 27 seconds. 
   Every hour and 27 minutes an American female meets her demise because she committed suicide.)

Accidents kill American males at the rate of one every four minutes and nine seconds. 
   Every seven minutes and 41 seconds an American woman dies as the result of an accident.

The quotes given above are based on information 
available at the US Center for Disease Control

4.4 million human males in the world lost their lives in 1997 due to anti-male discrimination. 

In the whole world, every seven seconds one male human life is being sacrificed on the altar of feminism.

The preceding two statements were derived 
from data made available at the International Database of 
the U.S. Bureau of the Census.



The official slaughter of males – the Male-Sacrificial-Premium (MSP) – is not just confined to wartime though. Now it has been made to operate just as effectively in peace and since the latter half of the last century there have been major efforts to up the MSP as an instrument of major social change. Just as male deaths create profits in wartime, so do they create wealth in peace. Not only that, the Male-Sacrificial-Premium is used to divert wealth – their own wealth to the 'non-combatant' section of human society – those who are absolved of any participation in the dirty business of warfare – except – as Ms Clinton says – as the ‘primary victims’.

Now, males do not just have the dubious privilege of being murdered by our governments for profit – they must have their children removed, be purged of the wealth they have created and their property confiscated as a matter of course. Soon no doubt, they will be shaved so that their body hair can be used to stuff mattresses and their dental fillings removed for scrap metal.

You think this is crazy? You think such statements are incredible?

Humanarchy, by Perseus


The information about population pyramids shown farther down indicates the loss of human lives – the lives of boys and men– that is the result of deliberate government policies in many countries of the world but specifically of the developed nations in which feminism has become firmly entrenched.

The information doesn't go back far enough to provide insight into the demographic consequences of the enormous loss of male lives that was part of the horror of the First World War. 

Great War

The Great War was a war between the Central European Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and allies on one side and the Triple Entente of Britain and the British Empire, France, and Russia and their allies (including the USA which entered in 1917), on the other side between 1914 and 1918.
   An estimated 10 million lives were lost and twice that number were wounded. It was fought on the eastern and western fronts, in the Middle East, in Africa, and at sea....

The Probert Encyclopaedia

The ten million lives lost in the First World War were almost exclusively the lives of men.

During the Second World War, too, it was primarily boys and men who suffered the largest extent of loss of lives.  The graphs accessible through the following table make that quite clear.  Notes directing your attention to specific circumstances and consequences are provided after the table. 

The year 1991 was chosen as the base line for the graphs, specifically to still include the age groups that suffered the largest losses in the Second World War.  Yes, the effects of the Second World War on the demographics of many nations, but especially some, is still very discernible today, most of all with respect to the much reduced size of the age groups of the men in some countries who were forced to participate in the whole-sale slaughter that was the Second World War.

Yet, the vilification of men prior to their extermination has progressed so far as to eradicate from the minds of our students and from the curricula of our education systems all evidence of the massive sacrifices made by men during the course of the Second World War and in its aftermath.

With the feminists of the world, even though it was often with tears in their eyes and much wailing that they sent their sons and husbands off to fight for home and country, the heroes of yester-year are today's bums.

See also:

Population Pyramids – for the World and for selected countries

The information accessible through the following table is from the International Database of the U.S. Bureau of the Census.

Selected Regions and Countries

Regions Countries
The World
Central America
North America
South America
Central Europe
Eastern Europe
Northern Europe
East Asia
South East Asia
West Asia
Central Africa
North Africa
South Africa
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom

The US population characteristics are covered in additional detail in a separate page.

Will the populations of China and India, comprising a little over one-third of the world population, outgrow the capacity of those countries to sustain themselves?  The answer will surprise many, but in a way that is quite likely unexpected.

The world population as per latest year available

The following countries were missing data for one or more variables and/or years:

Cook Islands, Micronesia, Federated States of Wallis and Futuna, and Western Sahara

— Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, International Database

The data from which the graph shown above was generated is contained in the following table.

World Population by Age Group  and  Sex


Age Group Males Females

Ratio M/F

0-4 312.890 297.522  1.052
5-9 307.054 291.407 1.054
10-14 312.889  297.042 1.053
15-19 288.057  273.964 1.051
20-24 265.334  251.582 1.055
25-29 256.323  245.992 1.042
30-34 239.910  235.066 1.021
35-39 213.365  211.050 1.011
40-44 186.398  183.253 1.017
45-49 165.965  164.575 1.008
50-54 133.108  132.427 1.005
55-59 103.996 105.405 0.987
60-64 89.948  95.164 0.945
65-69 71.560 79.372 0.902
70-74 53.735  65.127 0.825
75-79 33.373  46.231 0.722
80+ 25.404  45.288 0.561
All Ages 3,059.308 3,020.467 1.013
If we assume that the risk of death for the sexes in all age groups was equal, and that the ratio between male and female births should have been, say, an identical 1.053 for all age groups, then it would follow that 121 million more males should now be alive than there actually are.  That is the total of men and boys who had to leave their lives on the sacrificial altars of feminism, home and country, or perhaps simply because they were expendable.  They were expendable because they were male.
    That works out to an average of 1.2 million men who were thus sacrificed in the world each year, although it wouldn't be correct to state that so many do now lose their lives each year.  The current size of the annual sacrifice of male lives is far larger than that.

It is a reasonable assumption to extrapolate from the number of excess annual male casualties in the US to the whole world.  Doing so for the total cumulative excess male fatalities will provide an estimate for the cumulative total in the world of about 140 million extra male lives lost, over and above the losses that affected both sexes to equal extents.  That  is not too far off from the more accurate calculation of 121 million male lives lost in all age groups alive now for the total existence of their lives.  Let's do that then.

In the US, in 1997, in the age range 0 to 74 years – the range that is not predominantly affected by deaths from old-age related diseases, 211,094 more males died than females.  If we assume that conditions in the remaining 95 percent of the world population are not any better than they are in the US – the land of the free and of democratic rights – then in one year alone, the year 1997, 4.2 million male members of humanity died as a result of various forms of anti-male discrimination.  That figure must yet be adjusted upwards by another five percent, because in the first year of their lives, boys outnumber girls by 5.3 percent.  That gives a figure of 4.4 million male lives lost in excess of female lives lost in 1997.

4.4 million males in the world lost their lives in 1997 due to anti-male discrimination.
   In the whole world, every seven seconds one male life is being sacrificed on the altar of feminism.

That statement is the result of a very conservative estimate of the overall impact of affirmative action on male lives in the world.  Going by the data available at the CIA World Factbook for the year 2000, more accurate calculations are possible.  Assuming that the sex ratios at birth that are identified by the CIA for the year 2000 were identical throughout the birth years of the individuals now alive:

As of 2000, a total of 277,997,860 male lives in the world had been lost to the total world population then alive, because men and boys experience far greater levels of risk to lives than those that girls and women are exposed to.

Impact of Affirmative Action on Population in Selected Countries

The mortality rates (per 100,000 pop.) for US males and females presently range from 192 for boys in the first year of life (156 for girls) to 17,462 in the 85-years-and-over age group for men (14,492 for women that age).

There are many reasons why the very real, excessively large number of male deaths occurred.  Broadly, they are:
  • Murder, especially mass murder, something that men are far more likely to suffer than women. (See the post-war losses experienced by the male age group 64 and over in Poland and Germany.  Much of the decline in the size of those age groups is due to men perishing in prison-of-war camps and due to deportations to Russia);

The preceding graph doesn't tell the whole story.  It is a great tragedy that primarily the younger sectors of the male population are driven to suicide.  See (US) Youth Suicide and Divorce/ Single Parent Homes.  The suicide rates for the older male age groups are far higher than the corresponding female suicide rates.

See also Single Parent Homes and Suicide

  • Suicide rates for men are far higher than those for women, especially in Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, and in all countries that were part of the communist block – countries in which the deliberate destruction of the natural family has made the largest inroads of all countries in the world;

Click on the following chart if you wish to see more comprehensive tables.

  • Higher job hazards encountered by men – women quite plainly don't do the dirty and dangerous jobs.  That's a male domain.  Men are far more expendable; and

  • Lastly, the inferior level of health care available to men.

It is now time to shift the focus from the unwarranted bias in paying attention to "female suffering" to the real and so much more often fatal suffering experienced by all men of the world.  When that is done, men will be able to begin to enjoy longer average life spans that will approach those experienced by women.


One consequence of the loss of male lives during World War II resulted in a remarkable impact on subsequent population sizes.  The sharp decline in the size of the age groups 50-54 and 55-59 in many countries reflects the inability of absent or dead men to father children.  (E. g.: France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.)
    The reduction in the numbers of men of marriageable age during the war years had long-lasting effects, well until a new crop of marriageable men came of age in the fifties.

War is a very deadly but effective population control measure: no men – no fathers, no  children, no families.

See also:

See also: The 1989 Montreal Massacre in the context of men’s sacrifices, 2008 12 07, by Professor Jeffrey Asher.

World Population Control — U.S. Strategy and UN Policy Program

An overview compiled from various sources, based on various opinions relating to the consequences of the U.S.-promoted culture of death resulting from National Security Study Memorandum 200, by Henry A. Kissinger, National Security Council, Washington, D.C. 20506, April 24, 1974.

The Population Control Holocaust, by Robert Zubrin

Around the world, the population control movement has resulted in billions of lost or ruined lives. We cannot stop at merely rebutting the pseudoscience and recounting the crimes of the population controllers. We must also expose and confront the underlying antihumanist ideology.

Summary of essay

Full essay

Feminism For Male College Students — A Short Guide to the Truth, by Angry Harry (Off-Site)

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