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since June 19, 2001

Save The Males, by R.F. Doyle
  The Author is one of the founders of the Men's Movement.
  The book is available via download or in hard copy.
  It provides great value at a low price.

After Prone to Violence had been published in 1982, shipped out for distribution and placed on the shelves in the book stores, the redfems so thoroughly pilfered the copies of the book that only 13 copies of the book remained in a few libraries in the whole world.
   As a result of that the publisher went into receivership.  That is an example of the power of feminist censorship in action.
   However, the book is now available on the Internet, and it has been put back into print.

Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family, by Stephen Baskerville.
   A major exposé on all facets of the divorce/custody machine — including child custody, constitutional rights, child support, domestic violence, child abuse, feminism, government fatherhood/marriage programs, and more.

   Click on this text for more about the author, this book, and to order your copy.


Sex and Politics — Index to books, reviews and articles – about sex, politics and the patriarchy

Bibliography, Links  (look in the bibliography for specific authors or works)


A few important items:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [Mention] New Book Coming: "Taken Into Custody"
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 23:13:57 -0500
From: Stephen Baskerville

Please forward this message to your lists.

I recently signed a contract with a current affairs publisher for a book tentatively [whose title is] Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family. This will be a major exposé on all facets of the divorce/custody machine -- including child custody, constitutional rights, child support, domestic violence, child abuse, feminism, government fatherhood/marriage programs, and more. It will document the politics behind the machinery -- the conflicts of interest, the corruption, the money, the extremist ideology -- and demonstrate why this is more than simple "gender bias" against fathers.

Taken Into Custody will be the most comprehensive and forthright exposé yet published by a major publishing house of the depredations of the divorce industry. I say this conscious that I am standing on the shoulders of others: Sanford Braver's Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths, Warren Farrell's Father and Child Reunion (among his other books), Jeffery Leving's Fathers Rights, Jed Abraham's From Courtship to Courtroom, Robert Seidenberg's The Fathers Emergency Guide to Divorce-Custody Battle, Richard Doyle's Save the Males, Judy Parejko's Stolen Vows, and others.

Without these pioneering efforts, I would never have been able to write this book. Yet these writers were either pressured by their publishers to tone down their language or forced to self-publish. This is the first book from a major publisher that has been permitted to speak the unvarnished truth about the divorce machinery: its destruction of families, its violations of the Constitution, its disregard for due process of law, its voracious appetite for children, parents, and families. This is no tirade however but a thoroughly documented study of the most repressive government machine ever created in the United States.

For examples of the kind of forthright account you can expect in this book, look at the published articles at www.stephenbaskerville.net.

Taken Into Custody is scheduled for publication in July for $24.95, but you can order it now for a special pre-publication price of $16.47 at Amazon.

I would be grateful if you would please place these links on your web sites and forward this message to everyone on your lists.

Stephen Baskerville


Taken Into Custody

Stephen Baskerville, PhD
American Coalition for Fathers & Children
1718 M Street, NW, Suite 187
Washington, DC 20036
800-978-DADS (3237)

For more than 70 articles and studies in mainstream publications on the abuses of the divorce industry, see www.stephenbaskerville.net.

Men . . . Women . . . need some ammunition in the battle of the sexes?
Find out What Men Know That Women Don't.  Eavesdrop on the secret codes of masculinity. Discover what makes men tick. Penetrate the brain-fog of masculine thinking. Peel the cerebral onion of guy-hood. Find out how to get your way with your man.

GUYS - here's a fishing trip down the river of your natural self. A vacation from "relationships".  A holiday from all things feminine.  A trout stream for your brain, naturally cleansed of "shopping", feminism and other female-borne viruses.  A chance to drain the blackened oil from your cerebral engine, and fill it with five clean quarts of good feelings about yourself.  Kick off your boots and wiggle your frozen toes on the fireplace of your masculine soul. You'll never be the same again.

How come this 550 page book only costs four bucks? Because it's a pre-publication edition - an experiment. The price will shoot up to $24 as soon as the hardcover edition comes out.

— Rich Zubaty

[Rich Zubaty's books can be ordered on-line. They are also listed and can be ordered at amazon.com]

From the rare book collection of the US Library of Congress, Votes for Women: Selections from the National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection, 1848-1921: 

Socialism, feminism, and suffragism, the terrible triplets, connected by the same umbilical cord, and fed from the same nursing bottle, by Benjamin V. Hubbard, 1854-

It is interesting to see the comment that is contained in the information about this book at the US Library of Congress:

NOTE: This book equates feminism and woman suffrage with both socialism and atheism. According to the author, feminism and the enfranchisement of women will destroy the family. The book also suggests that pregnant women who vote run the risk of bearing "physically imperfect or idiotic" children. 

There isn't really much wrong with what the book states.  Feminism, suffragism and socialism are all almost interchangeable, and, in view of the efforts by the feminists to make over traditional religions in "her" image, the observation about atheism isn't that far off.  Moreover, given the Marxist roots of feminism, the fact that many feminists are openly-confessed Marxists and that, for example, Betty Friedan was at least well into her thirties an active functionary of the communist left, a professional Marxist-Stalinist propagandist and a journalist for the communist-controlled Journal of the American Electrical Workers union, it shouldn't surprise anyone that much, if not most, of feminists ideology is nothing but communism disguised under a new name and with a special twist added: the vilification of men and of the majority of heterosexual women.
   As to the second part of the note, that aspect of the book isn't too far off either.  Let's concentrate on the outcome instead of on the process.  The feminist-promoted sexual promiscuity and destruction of marital fidelity most certainly has left its mark on many children. To mention a few concerns: 

  • Twenty percent of children to ostensibly stable monogamous unions are not the biological offspring of the alleged natural fathers.
  • The incidence of Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome (FAS) has reached epidemic proportions. 
  • A very large number of children are Crack-addicted at birth.
  • Untold numbers of children are being born already afflicted with AIDS or being HIV positive.
  • If anyone has fears that our children are becoming idiotic, it is little consolation that the feminist-dominated and controlled education system most certainly makes increasing numbers of children look and perform like idiots. 

Full text at the US Library of the Congress

The greatest danger to civilization is not overpopulation; that is due to the increasing life expectancies and is already tapering off.  No, the greatest dangers facing civilization are the rapidly growing demographic sector of the elderly, the declining birth rates that cause countries like Japan, Germany and Italy to experience population losses in the order of 30 percent with every successive generation, and the escalating unwillingness of people to have children or to raise children in whole, permanent families.  However, all developed countries now have birth rates that are below replacement levels.  (See also: Parents' rights a demographic issue, by COLIN P.A. JONES, Special to The Japan Times, Tuesday, July 18, 2006)

Any nation stands or falls with its families.

— Rosalie Henke,
a faithful wife and widow, mother and grandmother, and my sister

Any nation, the German too, that doesn't have women and men who are willing to become parents and to raise their children cooperatively in permanent family relationships will dissolve into nothing.

— Karin Jäckel, mother, Ph.D., in
The Wife at his Side:
'Mere' Housewives in the Looking-glass of Feminism

Any pro-family activist, anyone who even slightly agrees with the preceding statements and would like to come to understand the often open but at best barely hidden hostility of feminists against families or wishes to trace the causes of the escalating destruction of the traditional nuclear family, check:

  • The Gender Agenda, a book that explains the sinister strategy — firmly rooted in communist ideology — for the destruction of our families and the role that the U.N. and the seemingly innocent word gender play in it.  The Gender Agenda is a book that chronicles the successful efforts of radical extremist feminists in using various U.N. conventions to further their insidious agenda: Rio de Janero, Brazil; Cairo, Egypt, and Beijing, China. (Not covered in the book are Human Habitat II, at Istanbul, Turkey, and the discussions in Rome, Italy  relating to the International Criminal Court — both very much targets, too, of the destructive and sinister gender agenda of the redfems)

    Related links: Feminism and the UN — Tales from the quest for global domination by family-hostile radical extremists.  See also

  • Matriarchy in USSR — off-site

No Child Aboard, by Displaced Dads — A CD with 12 hard-hitting songs about family break-up, set to rock music. Lyrics and ordering information, Notes relating to songs, Research references.
    If you have a P.A. system that you use for your demonstrations and want to attract attention when you are not using it for speeches, the music on this CD is just the thing to do it with.

Hot off the press:
advice for fathers on shared parenting issues
Fathers, Children, Family & Community -
A Programming Manual for Counsellors, Parent Educators and Family Advocates

After a long world-wide boycott, organized by extremist feminists: 
Now back in print: Prone to Violence

A book on gender issues that the publishers don't want to touch: If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make the Rules, by Jack Kammer, author of Good Will Toward Men

References on Sex Differences

The Great Disruption : Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order, by Francis Fukuyama

THE THINKING MAN'S MINEFIELD: For those magnificent individuals who seek the eternal, by Kevin Solway, January 1996

I Remember Babylon — a frightening view of the future (?) described in 1960 by engineer and science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke.

If you are a fiscal conservative and would like to receive:

The Federalist Brief and The Federalist Digest

They'll be mailed to you for free each week by e-mail.

SUBSCRIBE: Link at — http://www.Federalist.com/forminfo.asp

OR if you don't have Web access, send a blank e-mail to:

<fedlist-subscribe@thefed.com> and you will be subscribed automatically.

The Federalist is a Town Hall Citizen Organization.  It's affiliated with The Heritage Foundation the organization that produced and published:

These are three reports that absolutely must be read by anyone concerned about the future of his country.  If he is an American, it's because his country is being destroyed.  If he's not an American, it's because his country will be destroyed if his country adopts the "American Way" of the destruction of its families.


The beginnings of this bibliography were largely compiled by Mark Rowley from NZ — with additions made by me.

Mark Rowley identified that some of the references are to material that is from theInstitute of Economic Affairs, Health and Welfare Unit UK (referred to below as IEA) The IEA can be reached at http://www.civil-society.org.uk/   — WHS

Mark’s note:  In addition, I like pretty much anything you can find at the Family Research Council search site, the Heritage Foundation [http://seldy.townhall.com:80/heritage/], the Independent Women's Forum, most of what Cathy Young and Dennis Byrne write, fair chunks of the Alberta Report [http://albertareport.com] etc etc.  But here's my list:


Additional references are accessible at the following links:

  • For references on issues of the sexes — predominantly domestic violence issues, discrimination, feminist myths and their debunking, plus a large number of articles, and of references and links to other sources — refer to David Throop’s Men’s Issues Page at <http://www.vix.com/men/>.

  • (from Lindsay Jackel): . . .a review of several books on the family . . . can be found at http://www.nybooks.com/nyrev/WWWfeatdisplay.cgi?1998071615F

See also:

How Dramatically Did Women’s Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government? by John R. Lott, Jr., and Larry Kenny, Law School, University of Chicago; John M. Olin Law & Economics Working paper No. 60 2nd Series.

The paper can be downloaded without charge (209 kB PDF file)

The Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection (Abstract)

If you have problems downloading the paper, let me know, and I'll send you a copy.

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