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since June 19, 2001

Save The Males, by R.F. Doyle
  The Author is one of the founders of the Men's Movement.
  The book is available via download or in hard copy.
  It provides great value at a low price.


Sex and Politics, Q-S — Index to books, reviews and articles – about sex, politics and the patriarchy




  • Quest, Caroline, ed. — Liberating Women...from Modern Feminism [IEA]

  • Randall, I. Charles and Alba González Thompson , et al.— Focus on Algebra: An Integrated Approach, 843 pages, $56.00 (hardcover), published by Addison-Wesley (If you are worried about your children's chances to learn in school what is needed in life, you better read the review by Martin Gardner The New Math. It's an eye-opener for those who were away for a while from the education system.)

  • Reisman, Judith A. — KINSEY, CRIMES & CONSEQUENCES: The Red Queen & The Grand Scheme

By Judith A. Reisman, The Institute For Media Education, Arlington, Va, 326 pages; softcover; US$24.95 (The psychopath behind the sexual revolution);

Review by Kevin E. Abrams in the June 29, 1998 Internet edition of the Alberta Report: "Kinsey, Rockefeller and the Nazi doctors — Reisman's latest research on the man who seduced America presents sinister material"

Excerpts and a few graphs from the book

  • Reisman, Judith A.— Kinsey, Sex and Fraud. By Judith A. Reisman and Edward W. Eichel.

Dr. John H. Court & Dr. J. Gordon Muir, Editors.  Published by LochinvarHuntingtion House. Copyright, 1990.

Book review: The Indoctrination of a People, By Jonathan H.H. Bloedow

  • Riencourt, Amaury de — Sex and Power in History (New York, NY: Dell, 1974 — out of print) Interesting facts about the history of feminism, as far back as the beginning of history, not necessarily the way the feminists would have you believe. Review by Frank Zepezauer.

  • Robertson, Brian C. — There’s No Place Like Work : How Business, Government, and Our Obsession with Work Have Driven Parents From Home (Hardcover - 224 pages 1 Ed edition (January 15, 2000) Spence Pub; ISBN: 189062618X)

The history of modern feminism that the modern feminists never wanted you to know about.  Well into the seventies the majority of employers paid men family wages, to make sure that women were well looked after to enable them to raise children and to enjoy their hard-won freedom from the work place, something that they fought all through the 19th century to obtain.   It's too bad, they would still have that advantaged position they created for themselves, if only the modern feminists wouldn't have come along and demanded that women are to be made equal.

Review by Frank Zepezauer,
and another Review by Charles Colson.

  • Rowland, Robyn — Women Who Do & Women Who Don’t Join the Women’s Movement (ASIN: 0710202962, out of print)

Review :

Excerpt from the review:

While it may not be apparent to those people who rely on the mainstream media for their information, modern radical feminism [*] can hardly claim to be representative of all women. While Women’s Liberation was a genuine mass movement back in the 70’s when they fought for equal rights and the freedom to choose non-traditional roles, there has always been female opposition from both inside and outside feminist organisations to the more extreme stances taken by the radicals.

Robyn Rowland, a lecturer in Social Psychology and Women’s Studies at Deakin University, Australia, helped establish the Women’s Studies programme at Waikato University. She is editor of the 1984 book ‘Women Who Do & Women Who Don’t Join the Women’s Movement’, part two of which is subtitled ‘Feminists and Antifeminists.’

[* If the term "radical feminism" (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminism) is somewhat new to you, you need to expand your knowledge.  After all, radical feminism, the currently controlling faction of feminism, governs just about everything that is happening in your life.  See,

Carey Roberts column

Carey Roberts is an analyst and commentator on political correctness. His best-known work was an exposé on Marxism and radical feminism.

Carey Roberts' best-known work, his exposé on Marxism and radical feminism, is not necessarily easy to find, but this link will help with that. (Some of the URLs for the article series appear to keep changing.  For that reason the identified link leads to an Internet search for the series.  The first or second link in the return list will most likely lead you to the series.)]

  • Roiphe, Katie, Last Night in Paradise: Sex and Morals at the Century's End (Little, Brown, 1997)

  • Roiphe, Katie — The Morning After

  • Rotello, Gabriel , Sexual Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay Men (Dutton, 1997)

  • Rusinek, Bernd-A, and Wilfried Loth — Politics of Transformation: NS Elites in the West-German Post-War Society (In German: Verwandlungs-Politic: NS-Eliten in der Westdeutschen Nachkriegs-Gesellschaft; Wilfried Loth, Bernd-A. Rusinek (Hg.); Frankfurt/Main; New York: Campus Verlag; 1998; ISBN 3-593-35994-4) Comments and excerpts (in English)

  • Ruxton, Sandy and Adrienne Burgess  — Men and their Children - proposals for public policy - (1996)

  • Ryan, William — Blaming the Victim

  • Sacks, Glenn — Prisoners in Their Own Homes: Male Victims of Elder AbuseSanta Clarita Signal (10/29/01); From the article:

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, elder abuse has risen sharply over the past decade and a half,[*] and less than one in 10 cases of elder abuse are actually reported to authorities. Neglect is the most common form of abuse, comprising roughly half of all cases, followed by physical abuse (15 to 20%), emotional abuse (15%), and property destruction, theft, or financial exploitation (10%). The most likely abusers are adult children and spouses. Adjusting for the greater number of elderly women, men and women both abuse and are abused in equal proportion.

There are many different elder abuse scenarios but, according to researchers Karl Pillemer and David Finkelhor,[**] one of the more common ones is an elderly man being abused by his healthier (and perhaps younger) wife, or by a second wife, who often abuses with the assistance or complicity of her adult children. [Full story and links to articles by Glenn Sacks on similar topics]
*    Reported cases of elder abuse increased from 117,000 cases in 1986 to 293,000 cases in 1996, an increase by 150 percent. (Trends in Elder Abuse in Domestic Settings, NATIONAL CENTER ON ELDER ABUSE, Elder Abuse Information Series No. 2 (PDF 42kB))
** Karl Pillemer and David Finkelhor (1988), The Prevalence of Elder Abuse: A Random Sample Survey, The Gerontologist, 28: 51-57. ( Quoted in Trends in Elder Abuse in Domestic Settings, NATIONAL CENTER ON ELDER ABUSE, Elder Abuse Information Series No. 2  (PDF 42kB))

Note: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch produced an excellent series of articles on the topic of fatal elder abuse and neglect in US nursing homes (it is estimated that tens of tousands of cases happen each year), Neglected to Death (Oct. 12 - 19, 2002).  See abstract and commentary relating to the articles and to the problem of elder abuse and neglect in nursing home and hospitals.

  • Sarlo, Christopher A. — POVERTY IN CANADA, 2nd Edition, Fraser Institute, Vancouver, 290 pages; softcover; $19.95

(Review by Colby Cosh in the Aug 26, 1996 Internet edition of the Alberta Report)

  • Satinover, Jeffrey — Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth

  • Schlafly, Phyllis  Feminism über allesThe Liberator # 24-10/11 "Clinton in bed with them (too) Feminist’s Global Aspirations —   The Phyllis Schlafly Report.:   The United Nations...

  • Schlessinger, Laura — Ten Stupid Things Men do to Mess up Their Lives, Hardcover - 320 pages 1 edition (September 1997) Harpercollins; ISBN: 0060173084

  • Schwartz, Howard, S., Ph.D. — The Revolt of the Primitive: An Inquiry into the Roots of Political Correctness, (Praeger, May 2001, $64, Hardcover - 256 pages) Announcement by the author; Listed at Amazon.com; Reviews at amazon.com

  • Schwarz, Gudrun — Eine Frau an seiner Seite. Ehefrauen in der »SS-Sippengemeinschaft« (German text, Transl.: A Wife at his Side: Wives in the SS Clan-Community) was published by Hamburger Edition. (304 pages, 39 Illustrations, Hardcover, DM 58.-/ÖS 423.-/SFr 55.- , ISBN 3-930908-32-8, Published Oct. 1997).
    To order:  E-mail: Verlag@his-online.de (Synopsis — in English )

"A Wife at His Side is a contribution to the dismantling of the picture of woman as victim of circumstances, which — supported by research, justice and politics — could establish itself in German post-war society."

  • Sexton, Patricia — The Feminized Male

  • Sheldon, Rev. Louis P. — Homosexuals Recruit Public School Children, Activists use issues of “safety,” “tolerance,” and “homophobia” as tactics to promote homosexuality in our nation’s schools. By Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman, Traditional Values Coalition, Traditional Values, Vol 18, No. 11, Special Report

  • Simpson, B., P McCarthy, J Walker — Being There: Fathers After Divorce - (1995)

  • SIMPSON, PAUL (1997) Second Thoughts: Understanding the False Memory Crisis and How It Could Affect You.  Thomas.

Another excellent book written from a Christian perspective for therapists and families who want to reconcile after recovered memory therapy destroyed the family.

  • SMITH, SUSAN (I 995).  Survivor Psychology: The Dark Side of a Mental Health Mission.  Upton Books.

  • Socarides, Charles W.,  M.D. — Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far (Adam Margrave Books; ISBN: 0-9646642-5-9, BookZone price: $27.00, 10/01/95)

In this explosive book, Dr. Socarides, an early and persistent advocate of civil rights for homosexuals, dares to relate how gay politics has sold society on the notion that same-sex sex is "a normal variation, like left-handedness." Review and excerpt at NARTHReview by the publisher

Kevin Solway states at his web site:

"Welcome to The Thinking Man's Minefield (which doesn't exclude masculine women). If you are interested in thinking then I am happy to tell you that you have stumbled on a gold mine!"

And a gold mine it is, a gold mine of observations and logical reasoning that examine in great detail the differences between absolute truth and relative reality, between masculinity and feminism.

  • Sommer, Reena — Male and Female Perpetrated Partner Abuse: Testing a Diathesis-Stress Model,


Full Text (about 20 files, 1 MB in total, or close to 300 pages) of a doctoral dissertation on the dimensions of interspousal violence and the correlation between the history of perpetrators of violence — abuse by their family members in their childhood in their families of origin — and their tendency to commit violence against their spouses.  Within one generation, it appears, violence by women has increased enormously.  Women who witnessed their fathers being hit by their mothers are more than 12 times as likely to become violent abusers of their partners than those who didn't.  Violence by women now exceeds the frequency of violence by men in spousal relationships.  The full text of the study report.

  • Sowell, Thomas — Inside American Education

  • Sowell, Thomas — The Vision of the Anointed

  • Sutton, Antony C. —   THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY

  • Sutton, Antony C. — Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

  • Sutton, Antony C. — Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (New York: Arlington House Publishers, 1974) Review and excerpt

  • Sutton, Antony C. — Wall Street and FDR (New York: 1975 Arlington House; 1999 Buccaneer Books)

  • Sykes, Charles — Dumbing Down Our Kids

  • Szabo, Paul, Member of Parliament (Canada) — TRAGIC TOLERANCE … of Domestic Violence

"The 'Uncopyright'": Except for the material in this book specifically attributed to others, there is no copyright on its contents. Please share any other part of it with those who are or who should be interested."

—Paul Szabo, M.P., May 22, 1998

Paul Szabo's book is available on-line at http://www.fact.on.ca/tragic_t/tragic_t.htm


Posted 2001 12 07
2001 12 27 (added entry for Homosexuality: A Freedom too Far and for The Revolt of the Primitive)
2001 12 28 (added link to Prisoners in their own homes)
2002 10 20 (inserted reference to St. Louis Post-Dispatch series of articles on the killing of elderly in US nursing homes.)