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In Memory of Allen Wells

This set of web pages for Allen Wells has been recreated from web pages archived at http://web.archive.org

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Re: Affirmative action

From ads.com!ames!uakari.primate.wisc.edu!sdd.hp.com!spool.mu.edu!uunet!microsoft!allenwe Fri Feb 22 17:16:51 PST 1991
Article 26186 of soc.men:
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>From: allenwe@microsoft.UUCP (Allen WELLS)
Newsgroups: soc.men
Subject: Re: Affirmative action
Message-ID: <70756@microsoft.UUCP>
Date: 18 Feb 91 20:43:39 GMT
References: <6598028@lear.cs.duke.edu> > <1991Feb16.000452.5941@cbnewse.att.com> <666672122@lear.cs.duke.edu> <1991Feb18.024207.10135@nntp-server.caltech.edu>
Reply-To: allenwe@microsoft.UUCP (Allen WELLS)
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Organization: Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA
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In article <1991Feb18.024207.10135@nntp-server.caltech.edu> hmj@surya.UUCP (Helen Johnston) writes:
>Funny, I'm applying for jobs at universities right now, and no-one's
>asked me about my race yet...

I assume that you are going to at least have an interview with them?

I was just out recruiting, and found out that federal law has
changed since the last time I did this (about 8 years back).
Recruiters are required to make a 'visual survey', logging the
'apparent race' and gender of all applicants. I talked with an HR
person about this, and they do the same thing for all candidates
which come in without being recruited. This is all federally
mandated - and not just for universities.

So far, Microsoft has been able to just track this information
without using preferential hiring - but they have no idea how long
this will continue. They can be audited at any time, and they can
be required to use preferential hiring at the time of any audit.

Of course, if the present 'Civil Rights' bill goes through, religion
will also have to be tracked (which will eliminate the non-intrusive
'survey' option), and the chance of continuing to use
non-preferential hiring will likely disappear (my opinion, not an
official Microsoft pronouncement).
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Posted 2006 09 04