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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Advice to Men

In Memory of Allen Wells

This set of web pages for Allen Wells has been recreated from web pages archived at http://web.archive.org

Key Page for Allen Wells

Re: Paying for Pleasure

Article 26425 of soc.men:
From: allenwe@microsoft.UUCP (Allen WELLS)
Newsgroups: soc.men
Subject: Re: Paying for Pleasure
Date: 15 Oct 90 15:48:55 GMT

In response to the comments:

The genetic tests are quite accurate, you know...

They are? I was under the impression that tests could conclusively prove that a man is not the father, but not prove that he is.

Blood tests have the properties you describe (though modern, more thorough blood tests narrow it down a lot more than the old ones).

Genetic tests are as accurate as fingerprints (with the exception of discriminating between identical twins). Genetic tests will prove decisively that a pair of people are or are not a child's parents.

Of course, the default is generally for the court to simply believe the woman. Blood tests usually have to be arranged by the alleged father and have to be paid for by him. Furthermore, a negative result is generally meaningless if he has already done or said anything that admitted paternity or accepted paternal responsibilities.

I have a strong suspicion that my son was sired by someone else, but I haven't bothered with testing because it wouldn't help me (child support wouldn't be cut) and it could certainly hurt me (possible decreased visitation and an immediate loss of any chance of custody, regardless of the test results).

---------- "I will do anything to go after the pocketbooks of those who have 
  Alien  |  been enjoying themselves for the last decade" - Dan Rostenkowski
---------- Microsoft has its own opinions.  These are all mine, but I share.

Allen Wells about his trial

Posted 2006 09 04