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Anthony Clemson

The contents of this web page were copied from a web page archived at http://web.archive.org

Anthony Clemson

Report from the Shropshire Star, 25 April 1995

CSA has been blamed by a family for the death of a Midlands man.

Father-of-two Anthony Clemson of Wolverhampton killed himself because he faced a staggering demand for money from the Child Support Agency. He was found hanging in London the day after receiving a letter ordering him to pay 105 a week maintenance to his estranged wife.

He faced the demand because delays in handling the case had meant he had run up arrears of nearly 8,000. Today his mother said she believed the CSA had pushed him too far: "Anthony would be alive today if it hadn't been for them," said 47-year-old Mrs Theresa Clemson of Shelley Road, Fordhouses. Mr Clemson lived there with his parents after separating from his wife, Helen. "He saw his daughters Sheryl, six, and Toni, four, at least once a week. He bought them clothes and things and took them out and into town, and made sure they didn't want for anything," said his mother.

She said the separation was acrimonious and he preferred to buy the girls things rather than pay maintenance through his wife. Mrs Clemson said that her son took home 173 a week from his job and paid her 25 board. Mr Clemson, who was found hanged on April 9, was buried at Bushbury Cemetery on 24 April 1995.

An inquest has been opened, the cause of death given as hanging. A CSA spokeswoman said the agency never commented on individual cases.


Posted 2006 09 04