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Tony Cummings (U.K.)

The contents of this web page were copied from a web page archived at http://web.archive.org

Tony Cummings (U.K.)

A soldier being pursued by the Child Support Agency was found hanging in his bedroom, an inquest at Warrington heard. Kingsman Tony Cummings had been contacted by the CSA after a woman claimed he was the father of her child, the inquest was told. Mr Cummings, aged 22, of Greenbridge Road, Runcom, was found by his mother hanging from a hook in his bedroom while on leave.

The inquest heard that Mr Cummings had been seeing a girl for two years and was very happy. But then he had a 'one night stand' with another woman. He joined the army soon after and split up with his girlfriend. But the other woman then began to contact him claiming he was the father of her child.

He attended an interview with the CSA with his father and afterwards seemed to be very depressed and unhappy.

While on leave he had seemed fairly cheerful and had been out drinking with his father. He returned home and went upstairs. A short time later his mother went up to turn his stereo off and found him hanging from a metal hook in the ceiling with pictures and old letters from his girlfriend. A fellow soldier, Stephen Birchall, said: "Tony was worried about the amount of money he would have to pay to the CSA."


Posted 2006 09 04